Scott Summers Gets Committee Nod for 708 Board Vacancy

Scott Summers

Scott Summers

Former McHenry County College Board President and unsuccessful Democratic Party candidate for County Board in District 6 Scott Summers applied for a Mental Health Board spot after the election, but didn’t get selected.

When another vacancy occurred, he applied again.

This time Summers, who was condemned by his MCC Board colleagues for joining with Public Health and Human Services Committee head Donna Kurtz when the two decided that the $25 million minor league baseball stadium was not a good idea, got the nod.

Voting for him was Kurtz, John Hammerand, Sandy Salgado and Mike Walkup.

Voting in opposition were Mary McCann, Paula Yensen and Anna May Miller.


Scott Summers Gets Committee Nod for 708 Board Vacancy — 8 Comments

  1. Perhaps some of the above board members should be checked for

    “mental health.”

    Choosing a “liberal” to the Mental Health 708

    Board is like signing blank checks and giving them to a teenager.

    Another bang up job by our elected officials.

  2. This “liberal” was the one with the fiscal sense to stop a $25 million boondoggle by McHenry County College.

    Are you implying that “conservatives” would have thought this baseball fantasy a prudent use of taxpayer dollars?

    Perhaps the project was not conservative enough, and a $43 million health club/classroom expansion is more to your liking.

    Now that is what I call Minor League.

    Mr. Summers has displayed the courage to stand up to naysayers and Board insiders alike, even at the expense of the loss of his position.

    He is principled, educated and forthright, a good choice for the Mental Health Board, and can hit the political “low and inside” pitch.

  3. Perhaps you should all look to the “conservative” Ms. Kurtz who served with him on the college board and recruited him.

    Or that the “watch dog of the Taxpayer except when it impacts him” Hammerrand voted in favor of him.

    What a joke.

  4. I applaud such a brillant choice for a candidate in Scott Summers, for a seat on the Mental Health Board.

    I thank you sir for your willingness to serve because it will take every level of expertise you have (which clearly is substantial in that you are both a seasoned attorney and hold an MBA) to clean that board up. You will be challenged by the old forces that want corruption and nepotism to prevail.

    Yensen gets a pass right now for actually challenging Frank Gosser.

    However, Miller and McCann have blocked every sensible vote to make sure the tax payers continue to be rail roaded and taken to the cleaners.

    The old regime is so invested in whatever it is that everyone is hiding, that Tina Hill called all of her political chits in and risked her political career just to keep Lee Ellis and the Frank Gosser’s lock on the Mental Health Board.

    If she blocks you at the next County Board meeting, it will be confirmed to those who are watching, that she should not be re-elected.

    Again, thank you Mr. Summers.

  5. If Mr. Summers is endorsed by Donna Kurtz, then he is endorsed by me and most of the taxpayers who have watched her and her actions.

    She clearly demonstrates full committment to the community that elected her and has done so with integrity, passion, and intelligence.

    he won her re-election by overwhelming numbers.

    Tina Hill won by a hair in hers. McCann, Miller, and Yensin, along with Hill, had better start realizing there is a new wind a blowing.

    Lies, political manipulations, and treating the public as a nuisance to be disregarded, is over.

    In researching Mr. Summers, we should be honored that he is willing to step into this cesspool of a mess that is the Mental Health Board.

  6. Scott Summers is a great candidate!

    Enough said.

    Who could possibly match his credentials, his courage, and his willingness to do what is right on that board to clean up the mess made by Ellis, Gosser, Shroll, Lewis, and those behind the scenes.

    Great job Health and Human services committee.

  7. I’m with those who favor a Mental Health Board that has intelligence, common sense, the interest of the community, and the credentials to radically change the direction it has gone in for the last four years.

    Mr. Summers is my choice to add to the new members who represent hope for change.

    Our community and the community agencies that should be supported to care for the needs of the it, now have a chance.

  8. I am thrilled that a man of such character and commitment to the community was chosen by the PHHS.

    Scott Summers is a perfect match to the new members of the MHB board.

    In the last two MHB meeting, Rob Routzan has already demonstrated superior leadership and knowledge of how things should work and brings superior business skills to that board, He has got to stop the current Interim Director Shroll and the attorney (who charges $250 an hr ) from wearing down new board members by deluging them with trivial paper and agenda’s and time (one meeting lasted 5 hrs).

    Summers certainly has the capacity to put an end to that nonsense as well.

    The citizens of this county are the clear winners is the selection of Scott Summers.

    Thank you Donna Kurtz, John Hammerand, Sandy Salgado, and Mike Walkup.

    And equally so,, no thank you to Yentsin, McCann and Miller in your efforts to block extremely qualified candidates.

    There are many who are just getting fed up with your political interests over doing what is best for the citizens of this county,

    Above all, thank you Mr Summers for your willingness to serve.

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