Pipeline Being Repaired in Bull Valley

Lots of pipelines run throughout McHenry County.

Pipelines running though McHenry County.

Pipelines running though McHenry County.  One running Northwest to Southeast through Bull Valley is being repaired.

About a week ago, work began in a field two hundred feet north of the Boone Creek Golf Course on Mason Hill Road and about 500 feet from Boone Creek.

There's a long trench in the cornfield north of the Boone Creek Golf Club.

There’s a long trench in the cornfield north of the Boone Creek Golf Club.

The problem is located between Bull Valley and Mason Hill Roads.

A close-up of the water at the bottom of the area where an Enbridge pipeline is being repaired in McHenry County.

A close-up of the water at the bottom of the area where an Enbridge pipeline is being repaired in McHenry County.

A friend of McHenry County Blogs reports,

It is “the size of 10 parking spaces.

“It is half full of green water that looks like they pump out everyday as it fills up.”

Where is the pipeline problem?

One can clearly see where the pipeline runs on this Mapquest aerial image. Look at the line running from Northwest to the Southeast. The arrow is approximately where the pipeline repair is occurring.

The red arrow points to the approximate location of the pipeline work.

The red arrow points to the approximate location of the pipeline work.

A part of the U.S. Department of Transportation is the watch dog. Here is what I received from the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration:

“According to the information you provided, the pipeline you ask about appears to be an Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership owned/operated line which transports crude oils from Superior, Wisconsin to Griffith, Indiana.

“PHMSA does not require pipeline operators to provide notice to the agency in advance of conducting routine repairs on a pipeline.

“In addition, depending on local laws, notifications may not be required to local authorities for routine repairs unless the operator is required to obtain a permit to conduct excavation activities to impact a roadway or other public owned infrastructure or facility.

“For more information about Enbridge pipelines, including past failures, visit the Operator Information page of our Stakeholder Communications website for Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership.”

I was referred to the Federal agency by Illinois EPA Emergency Response employee Kendra Dickerson.

She told me, “When companies work on pipelines they don’t have to notify the EPA. They coordinate with the Pipeline Safety and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.”


Pipeline Being Repaired in Bull Valley — 8 Comments

  1. The green water doesn’t look too healthy.

    I wonder to what destination is the green water pumped.

  2. I wonder what’s in that green water and if they found a leak and that’s why they are making the repair?

    The green lines in the map, at least some of them, are natural gas pipelines.

    The red lines in the map are part of the Enbridge Lakehead System, Line 14 and Line 6A, which carries typically crude oil whose ultimate destination is typically an oil refinery.

    The Enbridge Lakehead System has had a number of notable leaks, spills, and accidents in Mokena, IL (November 20, 2012); New Lenox (March 3, 2012); Grand Marsh, WI (July 27, 2011); Romeoville, IL (September 9, 2010); and Marshall, MI (July 25, 2010).

    The oil refineries in the Chicago area are the BP Whiting Refinery in Whiting, IN, the Citgo Lemont Refinery in Lemont, IL, and the Exxon Mobil Joliet Refinery in Joliet, IL.

    There are numerous pumping stations, mixing stations, terminals, and tank farms between the oil fields and
    the refineries.

    Enbridge bought Lakehead.

  3. June 2017.

    My roomate and I are noticing yellow water in Wonder Lake McHenry county way too often then hydrant flushing.

    I keep thinking of Flint Michigan.

    Does it have anything to do with this pipeline repair?

    Please advise.

  4. Probably not an isolated incident so someone may know the story.

    The county relies on well water (not Lake Michigan water) so there’s a conscious effort to monitor water quality in the county.

    The county has collected water samples from all over the county over time.

    Others to contact:

    – McHenry County Health Department > Environmental Health > Groundwater Protection / Contamination


    – Elected county board members in that County Board district.

    – Elected State Representative and Senator.

    – Village of Wonder Lake, if within city limits.

    – McHenry County Defenders

    – Sierra Club Illinois Chapter, Cindy Skrukrud (McHenry County), Clean Water Program Director

    – Township. Most of Wonder Lake is in McHenry or Greenwood Township.

    If not sure of your elected officials, contact the McHenry County Clerk.

    Keep some samples of water with date and time collected.

    Observe what happens to the water.

    For instance, maybe particles fall to the bottom of the container and the water clears up.

  5. Wait a minute! Isn’t EPA and this long laundry list of tax-supported government agencies too much of big government? Wake up libertarians, get government out of the way; let freedom and the invisible hand of free markets and capitalism take care of it. If this does not work, we always have churches and charitable organizations there as last recourses for help and assistance if everybody gets poisoned and sick from contaminated water. Or not? 2018, are you here yet? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. Let me play Mark for a moment. (But unlike Mark, I will connect the dots for you.)

    Susan Rice’s personal wealth — estimated to be as high as $43-million — is tied up in oil producers, pipeline operators and other Canadian energy companies. Financial disclosure documents show the couple has at least $1.25-million invested in four of Canada’s biggest oil and energy companies, including Enbridge, Encana and Suncor.

    Managed by the BC Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC), the Teachers’ Pension Plan invests in Pearson, Enbridge, British American Tobacco, Haliburton, and other corporations associated with environmental destruction, sweatshop labour, and weapons manufacturing.

    (This is important because United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Nancy Cambell’s pig-farm pension fund (bcIMC) and its holdings in Serco – the U.K. operator of the NPL stratum 0 cesium clock – to time-stamped images of a stratum snuff-film trade in which insiders allegedly bet on the time victims would take to be processed through a wood chipper at the Pickton pig farm in British Columbia.)

    In other words: This is a very dirty company.

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