First Electric Newspaper Learns Undersheriff Andy Zinke Misconduct Exoneration Made by Campaign Supporter Sheriff Keith Nygren

As The First Electric Newspaper notes, " A picture of Undersheriff Andy Zinke was added to the McHenry County Sheriff's website shortly after he announced his candidacy to succeed Keith Nygren."

As The First Electric Newspaper notes, “A picture of Undersheriff Andy Zinke was added to the McHenry County Sheriff’s website shortly after he announced his candidacy to succeed Keith Nygren.”

When the announcement was made to the Northwest Herald that Underheriff Andy Zinke had been cleared of wrongdoing when he told a subject about a Drug Enforcement Administration probe, it sounded more than a little fishy.

Pete Gonigam, who publishes The First Electric Newspaper, filed a Freedom of Information request with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department asking for the report.  He didn’t get a copy of the report exonerating Zinke so he appealed to the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Division.

This Friday article gives the details of Gonigam’s quest.

To no one’s surprise, Sheriff Kieth Nygren himself decided Zinke had done nothing wrong.

Nygren, of course, is supporting Zinke for the Republican nomination for Sheriff next spring.

Will Nygren provide the documents the Attorney General says are warranted by the Freedom of Information request?

I’m sure The First Electric Newspaper will keep us informed.


First Electric Newspaper Learns Undersheriff Andy Zinke Misconduct Exoneration Made by Campaign Supporter Sheriff Keith Nygren — 14 Comments

  1. I’m going to go with “No” he won’t.

    He has said before that it was an internal matter, and the State’s Attorney has said that the law was not broken.

    From reading the article on FEN, the AG said they SHOULD, but cannot be forced to release the report.

  2. AZ give it up. I looks really bad.

    No one buys Nygren’s internal investigations.

    If you are one of “his people” you did nothing wrong.

    If you are not, you are hung out to dry.

    If you have nothing to hide you give up the paper work.

    This smells to high heaven.

  3. Andy and Keith haven’t passed the smell test for a long time . . .

  4. We’re going to find out that there wasn’t any “real” investigation.

    After all, when you have “friendlies” looking around for dirt, they won’t even get their fingertips dirty.

    An outside, fully-independent agency should have been called in.

    I can’t think of anything more serious that the enormous “mistake” Zinke made.

    It was a career-ending “mistake” (except if you’re on the A-Team at MCSD).

    He is effectively running the Department, because Nygren is never around.

    This means that anyone doing the digging was below Zinke in the chain-of-command.

    There used to be an organizational chart on If it is still there, I can’t find it.

    Did Leist tell the AG’s Public Access Bureau that he reports to Nygren, not Zinke?

    That’s meaningless, when Nygren is never around.

    Is Leist really a trained investigation?

    Since when?

  5. Sure, pay an independent, third party, fully funded, fully funded organization +$50k to determine Zinke broke no law…

    Of course Nygren conducted the investigation, remember–he is the head of the sheriff’s office…who else would have conducted it? Zane? Philpott?

    This is the same ‘investigation’, the feds and the State Atty refused to pursue, but hey, conspiracy theorists need something to point at….

  6. really? took the words right out of my mouth.

    No one is saying that Zinke will win the next election hands down, but you’re basically wasteing your breath on this one.

  7. When are we going to learn?

    We the people have the power to change everything at election time.

    Enough is enough .

    We have lived in Mchenry County since 1977 and right when we think we have heard it all Nygren and Zinke step up to the plate again and again and again..

  8. He wasn’t even accused of breaking a law.

    If the anti sheriff crowd was to have their way and a bunch of taxpayer money was wasted on politically motivated investigation, what would they even investigate?

    Nothing was done is secret and nothing done was illegal.

    Of course Nygren adjudicated the complaint, that is what the voters of this county elected him to do.

    Just because the anti sheriff crowd is still throwing tantrums doesn’t mean our elected Sheriff isn’t with in his rights to be the Sheriff.

  9. Poster number 8, you must be an insider with the Nygren Group . . . that Group has a history and many people are watching . . . for those in Mchenry County who know the history of Nygren and his friends, we are watching . . . now if you are one of those “Birds”, let us know, I don’t think you want to be part of that flock.

  10. God Damnit. Somebody keeps stealing my god damned handle. There are only a billion words you could use as a handle, how about finding another one … asshole.

    I mean really? I know I am that good, but pick your own handle … or continue to be a butt munch.


    Original Watching

  11. Nygren Supporter Not Nygren Supporter
    AZSupporter back at you says
    really? (fake) Watching
    Gus Philpott
    Duncan McHenry ( a fake)
    Another Watcher

    It just doesn’t seem like a fair fight, you can put me on the side of against you all.

    That ought to even it up.

  12. Well that didn’t work out well.

    Turns out AZ and really? are the only two Nygren supporters…. the others of you, well, not so much.

  13. Gee, that I’m a Nygren supporter and a Zinke surporter was so hard to figure out?

    I voted for Nygren, and I’ll probably vote for Zinke too.

    Just because I don’t see all the stuff hiding behind a tree that you all do; so what.

    Where I work (NOT at MCSD) doesn’t matter.

    I just don’t see or believe that the “black ops” helicopters are there, and not just in your imagination.

    Enough of my tax payer money has been spent on crappy special prosecutors chasing their tails in vain.

    This bulls__p is just that. No LAW broken? Nothing to investigate.

    BTW, My handle is an ARIZONA SUPPORTER-so you can stop reading into something that isn’t there (like THAT’S gonna happen)

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