Crystal Lake District 47 Grade School Board Has Three New Members

D47 Bd 5-13 top 3Just like McHenry County College, Elementary School 47’s Board has a major infusion of new blood.

Virginia Visin retired.

Incumbents Rob Routzahn and Ruth Scifo ran for re-election.

Pretty similar to the MCC Board of Trustees’ contest.

A former principal, Betsy Les was the third of what I have dubbed “the incumbent slate” for the District 47 Board.

Running from the outside were Donna Ricci and Eileen Palsgrove.

Les had lots of signs, four-by-four foot and regular yard signs.

Routzahn and Scifo shared yard signs. There were a good number.

I saw one joint sign for Ricci and Palsgrove.

Donna Ricca

Donna Ricci

D47 Bd 5-13 bottom 4Of the candidates, I only heard one in campaign mode.

That was Donna Ricci.

She asked for and received permission to speak to the Nunda Township Republican candidates’ night crowd.

Besides that and the signs, the only campaigning I saw was a post card.

It was sent on behalf of Ricci and Palsgrove by the Pro-Life Victory Committee.

I assume the Crystal Lake Elementary Teachers Association, CLETA, informed its members of its favorites.

The list used was probably the same one that Arne Waltmire used for his McHenry County College campaign mailing that hit my precinct on the Saturday before the election.

Waltmire is the Regional Director of the Illinois Education Association, but he came in seventh of nine candidates in the MCC Board of Trustees race.


Crystal Lake District 47 Grade School Board Has Three New Members — 3 Comments

  1. Cal:

    Hate to nitpik, but it’s Donna Ricci. Great family, great choice for the board.

    Here’s to hoping that Donna, Eileen and the kind and level-headed Jeff Foster will asset the citizens’ control over the district.

  2. Oops. “Assert” not “asset”. One would be the other, though.

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