“Are We That Stupid?”

That’s columnist George Will’s question on TV today when discussing that it was underlings at IRS who targeted groups with “Tea Party,””Patriot” or “9-12” in their names for audits.

During the run-up of the 2012 Presidential election.

Will points out that similar targeting by President Richard M. Nixon was included in his impeachment resolution.

Nixon called it his “enemies list.”

“Nothing happening here. Keep moving, folks.”


“Are We That Stupid?” — 3 Comments

  1. Had Richard Nixon been president today, nobody would have been able to impeach him.

    Too many partisan goons around.

    Nobody will even think of impeaching Obama.

    Plus, I doubt he is recording any tapes.

  2. Amazing.

    Harassment once again for political reasons without any analytical facts to rationally “segregate data” to look for real problems or illegal activity.

    And of course, two wrongs make a right, because someone else did it.

    Is the mainstream media bringing it up so it can quickly be buried?

  3. Fast and Furious.

    Benghazi. Scapegoating an innocent man into prison over a non-existent riot over a video,

    IRS harassing Jews and Conservatives.

    Obama seizing AP phone records and tapping their phones.

    DHS hording billions of rounds of bullets.

    Obama trying to ram gun bans down America’s throat.

    Obama lies about Obamacare.

    Obama lies about not raising taxes.

    Obama still lying about Benghazi.

    Obama is on the way towards impeachment and removal.

    Nixon’s 2-bit burglary of Watergate became a coverup, became official misconduct involving the IRS. Became exposing of his enemies list and so on until Nixon resigned. It may take the same for Obama.

    But no amount of Saul Alinsky tactics are going to prevent Obama’s downfall.

    He’s finished. And so is Clinton.

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