Public Health Committee Four Nominate Jeff Thorsen for 708 Board as Minority Three Boycott Meeting

Jeff Thorsen

Jeff Thorsen

Chaired by Donna Kurtz a majority of four nominated Crystal Lake City Councilman, banker and holder of an MBA Jeff Thorsen to fill the vacancy on the 708 Mental Health Board.

A vacancy remains because an 18-6 majority vote on the McHenry County Board refused to ratify the nomination of former McHenry County College Board President and 2012 Democratic Party Board candidate Scott Summers for the post.

Voting for Thorsen were Kurtz, John Hammerand, Sandy Salgado and Mike Walkup.

The other three members of the committee–Paula Yensen, Anna May Miller and Mary McCann–boycotted the meeting.

Following the eighteen “No” votes, Chairwoman Tina Hill informed the Board that she would submit her own choice to fill the vacancy.

After the Public Health Committee vote Hill was asked by Mike Walkup whether she would put the nomination on the agenda for the County Board’s May 21st meeting and she said she would not be putting the name up for the County Board’s consideration.

Mike Walkup

Mike Walkup

Then Walkup said,

“The Chair promised us in her State of the County speech that this would be a new day.

“Instead she has now plunged us into darkness.

“I suggest that everyone make sure they have extra batteries for their flashlights because it will be a long, dark night.”

John Hammerand asked why anyone should attend committee meetings.

Others considered for the post by the Committee members were

  • Danijela Sanberg
  • Charles Wheeler
  • Catheryn Perfetti
  • Cathy Ferguson
  • David Barber

After the vote Sandy Salgado said she was not leaving the committee voluntarily. Salgado is employed by Pioneer Center.

Those opposing the nomination were

Scott Summers while he served on the McHenry County College Board.

Scott Summers

  • Michele Aavang
  • Yvonne Barnes
  • Sue Drafkorn
  • Joe Gottemoller
  • Jim Heisler
  • Tina Hill
  • John Jung
  • Ken Koehler
  • Bob Martens
  • Mary McCann
  • Mary McClellan
  • Anna May Miller
  • Bob Nowak
  • Nick Provenzano
  • Ersel Schuster
  • Carolyn Schofield
  • Mike Skala
  • Paula Yensen

In favor were

  • Nick Chirikos
  • Diane Evertsen
  • John Hammerand
  • Donna Kurtz
  • Sandy Salgado
  • Mike Walkup

None of the opponents offered a word as to why they were voting against Summers.


Public Health Committee Four Nominate Jeff Thorsen for 708 Board as Minority Three Boycott Meeting — 8 Comments

  1. County Board members Paula Yensen, Anna May Miller and Mary McCann boycotted the meeting?


    That’s responsible.

    Are they just bowing before Tina Hill and not wanting to incur her wrath?

    The least they could have done was show up and, if they had some objection to further recommendations by the Committee, so state.

    I’m beginning to wonder why anyone would want to serve on any board or commission, or even on the County Board itself!

  2. Tina Hill has a Hitler complex.

    She is not allowing the people we voted in to represent to do their job.

    What is with the dictator garbage??

  3. I took an unfair shot at Mary McCann today, without first checking to learn the reason for her absence.

    She was chairing the Finance and Audit Committee meeting in the next room.

    That meeting ran 1:00PM.

    John Hammerand and Donna Kurtz are both on the Finance and Audit Committee but did not join that Committee meeting at the conclusion of the Public Health & Human Services Committee Special Meeting.

    Thanks to the reader who explained my error to me.

  4. With so many extra County Board members attending, is it possible that an Open Meetings Act violation occurred?

    Not by the Committee, but by the County Board because of the attendance of Hill, Koehler, Martens, Evertsen and Schuster?

  5. It would not be in violation of the open meetings act as long as they followed the proper procedures for calling a committe meeting and notifying the public.

    The entire County Board could show up and it would be fine, as long as the public is notified properly.

    The other boardmembers would have no authority to vote on anything and they cant try and meet as a board to conduct business, but they can all sit in on the meeting.

  6. Paula Yensen, Anna May Miller and Mary McCann all have their collective lips glued to Hill’s glutimus maximus.

    Watch. listen and learn.

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