Randy Hultgren Participates in IRS Political Abuse Press Conference

A press release from Congressman Randy Hultgren:

Hultgren Statement on IRS Politically Motivated Scrutiny of Conservative Organizations

WASHINGTON, DC- Congressman Randy Hultgren (IL-14) responded to the long awaited admission by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that they targeted conservative-leaning groups during the 2012 campaign.

On April 23, 2012, Congressman Hultgren joined a number of his colleagues in writing a letter to IRS Commissioner Shulman, requesting more information about how and why certain nonprofit organizations were targeted for unnecessary and burdensome paperwork.

Randy Hultgren was one of those at this press conference.

From left to right- Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Congressman Bill Flores (R-TX), Congressman Randy Hultgren (R-IL), Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and speaking is Jordan Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice.

While this issue was ignored by the agency and the press for nearly a year, the IRS has finally admitted wrongdoing in this case.

The admission came after internal investigations by the Treasury Department uncovered how the IRS brought improper scrutiny on social welfare nonprofit organizations that simply stated their view on the proper role of government or focused their public awareness efforts on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Congressman Hultgren responded with the following statement:

“As if we needed further evidence of the extreme lengths this President and his Administration are willing to go in order to put their political interests above all else, this most recent scandal involving the IRS removes all doubt,” said Hultgren. “Using a taxpayer-funded government entity to target and harass private citizens and groups exercising their First Amendment rights is beyond reprehensible. The President should clean house at the IRS and hold those responsible accountable for their actions, including the White House officials who knew and allowed it to happen.”

“These actions by the IRS exacerbate the deep distrust many Americans already hold toward the agency and complicate efforts to enact comprehensive tax reform. We have a tax code that is already too complicated, and the Administration is now using it as a weapon to suppress free speech.”

“When the Department of Justice is accused of illegally obtaining telephone records to pressure journalists, EPA is being accused of giving preferential treatment for FOIA requests, and the State Department is actively withholding information and suppressing whistleblowers regarding Benghazi, the American people need answers. These actions are all emblematic of the growing arrogance and disregard for the law seen by this Administration.”


Randy Hultgren Participates in IRS Political Abuse Press Conference — 1 Comment

  1. Benghazi – Big Brother Doesn’t Have Your Back.

    IRS – Big Brother is Harassing You.

    AP – Big Brother Does Whatever It Feels Like Doing.

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