Northwest Herald Not Happy with Tina Hill’s “Rocky Start”

Tina Hill

Tina Hill

Generally the Northwest Herald is quite protective of establishment figures in McHenry County.

But Sunday’s editorial calls out McHenry County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill out in no uncertain terms for her 708 Board nomination bypass of the Public Health and Human Resources Committee.

The editorial says she comes off “as heavy-handed and power hungry, and the move raises questions about her motivations.”

And the NWH advises members to vote against Cathy Ferguson, Hill’s choice to fill a vacancy on the McHenry County Mental Health Board, because of Hill’s circumvention of the committee process.

With regard to Hill’s intention of replacing Pioneer Center Sandy Salgado with former Family Services Executive Director Bob Martens, the editorial writers conclude,

“If Salgado’s representation on the Public Health and Human Services Committee is a conflict, certainly Martens’ is as well.”

Tonight’s “Best Show in Town” begins at 7 in Woodstock’s McHenry County Administrative Center.


Northwest Herald Not Happy with Tina Hill’s “Rocky Start” — 5 Comments

  1. The Board’s defeat of Scott Summers was pretty overwhelming, 18-6.

    Sounds like the committee was out of touch with the community.

    Maybe Tina is off to a “rocky start” but couldn’t that be said about any rookie.

    I say, give Tina a chance, she is a native politician and has a good grasp of all of the issues in McHenry County.

    Can’t think of a County Board Chairman that did not have some “rocky” times during his/her chairmanship, sorta goes with the territory.

  2. Tina has not had an independent thought since childhood.

    She is a “do girl” for the people we need to get rid of.

    Jim you are beyond pathetic.

  3. Jim B, I’d say that the County Board was totally out-of-touch with the community with its 6-18 vote against Scott Summers.

    The County Board ignored Summers’ education, experience and qualifications and tossed him because he isn’t a Republican.

    The PH&HS Committee made its recommendation 4-3.

    The Northwest Herald decided to call that “squeaking through”, which was unfair to Scott Summers and unfair to the Committee.

    The vote was 4-3.

    The paper didn’t need to slant its story unfairly. Opinions belong in editorials, not in news articles.

    Nice try, but Tina Hill isn’t a “rookie”.

    Every move is calculated.

    What she is now finding is that her calculations are off.

    Some of tonight’s business should go quickly.

    Shoot down Hill’s plan to dump Salgado from the PH&HS Committee, and vote NO on Cathy Ferguson for two reasons:

    1) Hill’s attempt to ram the appointment through; and

    2) there are others with better qualifications for appointment to the Mental Health Board.

  4. Gus, you are a wannabe politician with a well known ax to grind.

    Tina is a rookie just like all before her in their first year of chairmanship.

    She was elected over 2 other candidates.

    I say, let’s wait and see.

    Maybe she is right, maybe she is wrong but the whole Board will vote soon and we’ll see where we go from there.

  5. Tina a rookie!!!

    How long has she been involved and on the county board.?

    It all goes back to her father being a pal of Al Jourdan.

    How many moons for your earth, Jim?

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