Survey of Republican Primary Voters Shows Rutherford with Strong Lead

Battleground Polling logoRemember that poll I wrote about getting yesterday?

Turns out it was not from a candidate.

The “Mark” recorded the questions for Battleground Polling.

Here are some results.

Looking at the 2014 Illinois Republican Party candidates for Governor, who would you support to represent the GOP in the 2014 General Election?

  • State Senator Bill Brady 19%
  • State Senator Kirk Dillard 14%
  • State Treasurer Dan Rutherford 27%
  • WLS Radio Personality Dan Proft 13%
  • Businessman Bruce Rauner 5%
  • Other 22%

Here’s the candidate breakout for conservatives to social moderates:

Poll GOP Battleground 5-29-13 who various ideologies support
The ideological make-up of the Republican primary election:
What type of Republican would you describe yourself as?

  • Conservative 63%
  • Moderate 18%
  • Fiscal Conservative 15%
  • Social Moderate 4%

Are you currently a member of a Tea Party Organization?

  • Yes 15%
  • No 85%

Thanks to Warner Todd Huston for pointing me to this information.


Survey of Republican Primary Voters Shows Rutherford with Strong Lead — 2 Comments

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    By the way this is the first I’ve heard of Battleground Polling.

    “Battleground Polling is an independent media company that provides sophisticated, targeted survey research
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