Jack Franks Calls for a Republican Governor, Sun-Times Reports Incorrectly

Maybe an updated version of the billboard posted by Jack Schaffer's Liberty Outdoor Advertising will appear during the 2014 election season.

Maybe an updated version of the billboard posted by Jack Schaffer’s Liberty Outdoor Advertising will appear during the 2014 election season.

After I wrote this story, based on the on-line version of the Chicago Sun-Times story, the Sun-Times retracted the paragraph about Franks, as follows:

“Correction: A quote in the initial online version of this story was incorrectly attributed to state Rep. Jack Franks. Franks did not make those remarks initially quoted in the story.”

Now, I’m wondering who did make the comment shown below.

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When reading the following statement found in the Chicago Sun-Times from McHenry County Democrat Jack Franks, one should remember than he did not support Pat Quinn for Governor in the Democratic Party primary:

“It is mind-boggling, irresponsible and unconscionable that a completely, Democrat-dominated state government cannot solve pension reform.

“What this state needs badly is a Republican governor so there is a two-party system again. Illinois needs a Republican governor who can lead and work with a Democrat-controlled Legislature to move this state forward.”

Of course, another way to get a check and balance would be for a Republican to replace Franks, who has voted to put Mike Madigan in charge every term Franks has been in office.

One as cynical as I might suggest that Franks is just trying to undercut Republican support for the opponent he most surely will have in 2014.


Jack Franks Calls for a Republican Governor, Sun-Times Reports Incorrectly — 8 Comments

  1. I think potential candidates are just crawling out from under their rocks (Brady is calling for a special session), to head off the pending bad news this week from Wall Street.

    Illinois bond status ranks dead last and is about to go junk.

    These characters are just jockeying for the ‘I tried to do something’, campaign speech platitude.

  2. Paul Greenlee:

    You are a laugh.

    You use that same line EVERY time you talk about Jack Franks.

    You act as thought “knowing his constituency”, which is basically saying he is a total phony, is a virtue.


    This issue is VINTAGE FRANKS.

    He makes arguments precisely to appease EVERYONE.

    The result?

    Intellectually, no one really knows what Franks truly believes.

    That is his purpose in this endeavor.

    The press loves this as they love any skilled politician who “sneaks around the truth”.

    The press generally adore politicians’ ability to deny truths that everyone KNOWS are true.

    This is issue is a prime example.

    If you still like Jack Franks after this quintessential Jack Franks response/no-response, you are a Franks-Groupie and you are basically intellectually dead.

    Congratulations Paul !

  3. Skeptic:

    Awww…I’m going to cry myself to sleep over your comments.

    Guys like you apparently look for ways to be offended and go out of their way to be same.

    Jack gets re-elected time and again.

    He knows his constituents, what is wrong with saying that?

    Now, if you think that means I concur with Jack, support him or anything like that, re-read my comments.

    The same comments you say I make over and over again, which suggests cyberstalking there, Glenn Close.

    He knows who votes for him and what he needs to say to be elected.

    Attribute to that whatever you want.

    I am more amazed that the voters of his district are that gullible.

    Brain dead?

    I’ll measure my brain waves, Skeptic, against your flat line any day.

  4. Oh and Skeptic, now that the tears have cleared my mind:

    Your comments are typical of the problem with the local, county state and national party:

    Republicans are more interested in eating their young or each other, than in winning.

    Not a Jack fan, but your blind hatred of the man is part of the GOP problem.

    You hate the opponent so much, that you continually underestimate him.

    You underestimate him and he prevails time and again.

    Plus you underestimate the lack of local leadership in putting up a fight against Jack.

    This lack of accountability allows him to say what he wants and shore up his candidacy.

    John O’Neill was thrown to the wolves against Jack with no real support.

    Tonya Franklin, like her or not, never got the chance to challenge.


    I will tell you why, Skeptic.

    The local leadership (term used loosely) provided by Mike Tryon, Pam Althoff and others has failed.

    They don’t allow a challenge to Jack.

    They don’t fund a voice against him (you don’t have to use vitriol against Jack; facts are his enemy).

    Empty suit Tryon, empty pantsuit Althoff and the local cabal don’t want a change.

    So Jack can throw out whatever self-serving comment he wants, the locals eat it up and vote him in.

    Again and again.

    Sorry you don’t see that.

    But I’m the brain dead one?

    Now I think I will laugh myself to bed.

    With a rational, reasonable opposing voice like yours, McHenry County is in fine hands.

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