Natural Gas Odor Comes from Routine NICOR Maintenance in Burton’s Bridge and Bad Atmosphic Conditions

NICOR Smell Gas symbolI first learned of the gas smell when my wife called from her office in the Advocate Good Shepherd Building across from the Pingree Road Metra Train Station in Crystal Lake.

She told me the building had been evacuated because of the odor.

First out of the box with a press release was the Prairie Grove Police Department.  They wrote:

“Reports of Natural GAS Smells: Please be advised NICOR GAS is currently working on a GAS LINE within the proximity of Route 176 and Bay View Beach Road.”

Next was the Crystal Lake Fire Department, which sent the following:

Natural Gas Odor throughout Crystal Lake

The Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Department has been receiving numerous calls of a natural gas odor throughout the City. These calls have been widespread to all areas of the City.

Fire staff has been in contact with representatives from NiCor and have identified the cause of the odor as maintenance work being performed at their facility on Route 176 near Burton’s Bridge.

NiCor staff advised that the maintenance work being performed is routine and should pose no hazard.

Atmospheric conditions today have kept the odor closer to the ground which is contrary to the dissipation that normally occurs with this work.

As of 12:45, NiCor staff advised that the maintenance work is complete and we anticipate the odor to dissipate shortly.

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