Pam Althoff Sums Up Legislative Session – Part 9

A press release from State Senator Pam Althoff:

End of Session Review

Diverting Road Dollars

Rt 31 viewed from Rt 14 bridge leaves

While Route 31 remains two lanes from Crystal Lake to McHenry and there is a two-lane bottleneck between Virginia Street Rakow Roads, the Democrats continue to divert highway dollars elsewhere.

The Illinois Secretary of Transportation has acknowledged that by the end of the FY14-FY19 Multi-Year Plan, over one-third of all state roads will be in unacceptable condition and has estimated that Illinois needs a Road Program of at least $2.8 billion to maintain our transportation system.

Shortly before the budget was adopted, Illinois’ Auditor General released an audit of the Road Fund that concluded that over the last 10 years, less than half of the money raised from the gas tax and motor vehicle fees, was spent on direct road construction.

Yet, for the third straight year, the budget shifts General Funds costs to the Road Fund – in fiscal year 14 to the tune of $59 million.

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