McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke’s Giving the Finger in Crystal Lake Parade Brings Comments

Buried in the middle of yesterday’s McHenry County Blog’s article on politicians and public officials in the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade is a photo of the Man Sheriff Keith Nygren has endorsed to succeed himself.

It’s Andrew Zinke.

Here’s another photo of the man in a taxpayer-paid Sheriff’s Department vehicle:

Andrew Zinke gives the finger to Crystal Lake crowd.

Andrew Zinke gives the finger to Crystal Lake crowd.

Here are the comments on the other article as of 11 Sunday night:


Politicians Appear at Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade — 10 Comments

  1. Zinke ought to be arrested for disorderly conduct.

    I was certainly alarmed and disturbed by his behavior.

    Giving you the middle finger.


    As for Bill Prim, now thats a class act, our tax payers can count on.

    Lou Bianchi, another professional man of integrity our tax payers can count on……

    Have had an opportunity to speak to Lou Bianch- First impression, a truly Professional and Honest guy……..too bad he was railroaded by Nygren and his entourage…….

  2. It is great to see how classy our current Undersheriff Andy Zinke is.

    I was at the parade and witnessed him “fingering” Cal Skinner.


    I also personally witnessed his wife, a Sgt. at another county Sheriff’s office, use profanity (the “F” word) while shouting at a volunteer walking in the parade.

    Evidently Andy, and his wife, truly learned well from the tyrant Keith Nygren.

  3. I also noticed, as did several other elderly people in the crowd who commented, that Undersheriff Andy Zinke was not wearing his seat belt.

    Not only is that a violation of the Illinois Compiled Statues Chapter 625 (Illinois vehicle code) but it is also a violation of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office general orders – “no sworn deputy will drive a county owned vehicle without wearing their seat belts.”

    Great job Andy.

    Way to lead by example.

    Maybe you weren’t giving just Cal Skinner “the finger” but those who pay your salary and those who are pulled over and given traffic tickets by you and your deputies for violating the law.

    You are truly a great leader – NOT.

    Nygren has trained you well – rules and laws are for everyone else but you.

  4. The “TRUTH” will set you free Andy…from the Sheriffs Department, not from the shackles of Federal Prison…Citizens arrest!……

  5. Interesting family, the Zinkes. Had an opportunity to see the parade and Mrs. Zinke yelling as the Prim group came by “Get a fu%$ing job.”

    Nice language in front of all of those families with kids all around.

    Was really great when the people at the next house were appalled and boo’d the Mrs. and her friends.

  6. Just as I told all you good folks that former Deputy Sheriff Greg Pyle was very disturbed and a risk behind a badge.

    It turned out I was correct. Pyle is now sitting behind bars in Federal Custody.

    Take a good look at Zinke giving a highly disrespectful gesture to the Crystal Lake community.

    I am telling you AGAIN, the man behind that badge is “Bad News!”

    Just think of what his ego will allow him to do should he ever become sheriff and the keeper or your children’s safety??

    Some may have found my previous blogging about Nygren and the photos I posted about the Zinke family distasteful. However, just as I warned you about Pyle, I am warning you about Zinke!

    Cal captured the “True Andrew Zinke” in action. What do you tax payers feel about your tax dollars funding the vehicle Zinke just disgraced himself from and the honor of the badge that is supposed to symbolize “To Serve and Protect!”

    Just like Pyle, Andy, you just proved that the ‘Tin Foil Hat’ belongs on you, not I!

    Bill Prim showed true class walking with family and friends.

    Andy do you have any friends that walked for you. We know why you can’t have family ‘stripping,’ I mean walking, for you!

    Mr. States Attorney Lou Bianchi, again, you showed class. I must admit, you like like your ready to go 12 rounds. You look great and fit to take on a man who will experience a TKO at your hands!

  7. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Zinke family….

    Guess his wife needs to also GROW UP!

    Sure hate to see what their kids have becomes as a result of their parents…….

    Talk about some really bad parental role models…

  8. I would think the City of Crystal Lake and the McHenry County Board would have something to say about this . . . the Parade was well represented.

    The City and the County should expel Zink from any more public appearances.

    Too late for an apology from Kim or Zinke . . . their gang signs are showing and should not be tolerated.

  9. There were no judges in the parade.

    What happened to Nygren’s favorite Judge Gordon Graham? He almost always makes his appearance…

    Bet the Northwest Herald says nothing about “Zinke family antics”…

    And, those two wear the badge?

    They ruin it for all the decent police officers out there.

    Nothing like making the brethren of your own profession look bad.

  10. OMG!! That middle-finger salute by Undersheriff Andrew Zinke is going to make a great political mailer/walk piece or two after the first of the year.

    What a piece of work that Andy Zinke is!

    May the McHenry County Board do something about that disgusting gesture.

    And just think, in about a week, we’ll see 2nd quarter fundraising numbers.

    Given Zinke’s attitude, looks like Sheriff candidate Bill Prim is going to look a lot better, financially, than the other 2 guys.


McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke’s Giving the Finger in Crystal Lake Parade Brings Comments — 36 Comments

  1. Obviously any public employee flipping off the public in a police vehicle in a parade should be written up and is certainly not suitable for public office.

    Send him home for a week without pay.

  2. Being that I live in the South Suburbs, I don’t hear about the goings on in McHenry County, but I have to chime in.

    @David, it disturbs me you are still bringing up Greg Pyle.

    Although I do not know him, I know his ex-wife and kids.

    What have you done to help them through this ordeal?

    It is ashame what Sgt. Pyle has done, but all that ever gets said is about the offender, not the victims.

    I have know her since Kindergarten, she is a class act, and has tried without the help of the City, County, State or Government to try and put her life back together.

    It is a shame that most of you up in the area are so worried about the criminal and not about the victims, or, should I say, innocent victims.

    Crystal Lake, McHenry County, and the State of Illinois all ought to be ashamed.

  3. The County Board should reprimand Zinke for this.

    Oh, wait, what was I thinking? Under Tina Hill’s “leadership”? Nothing to see here, folks.

    Obviously Cal and the good government folks are hitting some nerves.

    Kudos to them.

  4. The wife is known for her opinionated outbursts.

    Nunda picnic last year she cut loose again in public.

    No wonder we are known around the state as McHillbilly County and McCrook.

    Remember elections have consequences.

    Hey McHenry County College – how about the pride you have in your graduate, Zinke?

    You like to brag about him.

  5. Andy and Kim Zinke are a public relations “DISASTER”

    Self control is something you learn when your 2 not as an adult..

    They both need to face some serious consequences for their behavior…

    And, everyone should demand accountability…………

    The public, the County Board, The City of Crystal Lake, The Sheriffs Department, our State senators and more. There should be accountability across the board in the State of Illinois….

    This behavior should not be tolerated by any public official…

  6. Crystal Lake had one of the best 4th of July parades around . . . something is wrong if the Northwest Herald does not cover it.

    I agree Duncan Mchenry . . . we need accountability.

    Maybe a survey should be done in the State of Illinois, asking the politicians to put in their comments regarding this behavior.

  7. Oh my…so Prim supporters have been launching vile attacks at Zinke’s wifes family online and they are shocked that they get a response.

    Come on Prim supporters if you are going to be OK with the nasty attacks on the guys family you are going to have to grow a bit of a thicker skin if you get a little back.

    You guys remind me of the playground bully’s…call the other kid a bunch of names and don’t get the response you want, then go after his family and cry to the teacher when he says something back.

  8. So yes Prim crowd hold your heads high…you went after the guys family and got a response…you should all be proud.

    Don’t fear however, your families are safe from the same type of vile online attacks as most of us here in this county would not stoop to that even in retaliation.

  9. aretheyserious It is clear you are a Nygren, Zinke loyalist.

    There is no excuse for their behavior.


    Stop justifying, enabling and empowering the “Zinke Family Antics”.

    There is no excuse…………

    GROW UP!…

    Andy and Kim Zinke are public officials and they need to act accordingly..

    Or, Maybe they just need to turn in their badges……

    Or, they could just resign….

    If they act like that in public, one has to wonder how they behave, on the job, as police officers…

    Now isn’t that a “SCARY” thought?….

  10. I was wondering how the Zinke’s were going to try and spin this.

    Who picked on their family?

    Are you talking about the porn star sister?

    When your sister is a bona fide porn star and you invite her to your Zinke for Sheriff fundraisers, she comments on your campaign Facebook, you have to expect that you’re going to be attacked for it.

    I didn’t see any attacks on Mrs. Zinke until it was reported that she was yelling the F-word at Scott Milliman as he walked in the parade.

    The neighbors next to her actually boo-ed her.

    The whole story is so surreal.

  11. He is a paid employee and wants to be sheriff.

    With that type of Childish behavior,I wouldn’t trust him as a crossing guard.


    That is sign language which I feel falls under verbal assault.

    He should be arrested.

    Arrested for failure to wear a seat belt.

    There are two charges.

    The States Attorney should be proactive and move on this now!

  12. Maybe Zinke was using his middle finger to catch the top of the window frame to better hold his arm up. After all that is the longest finger on your hands.

    After all he is a professional isn’t he?

    Now as for his wife; Oh Well.

    What a pair.

  13. I’d expect this behavior from a THUG to a WHISTELBLOWER!

    Hah, obviously he and his cohorts can’t handle the heat so they should resign from the kitchen.


  14. Wow, Oscar I didn’t know his sister is in porn!

    Maybe that’s why we’re getting the finger.

    He surely doesn’t want to show his FACE!!!

    Hahahah what a disgrace he and his boss are. It’s time our Mayberry get some Morals and throw these bums OUT!!!

    I’ve got to google the porno thing for a good laugh.

    Wow what the hell did their parents do to them to turn out such trash? ? ?

  15. Northwest Herald isn’t going to cover this.

    They’re run by a bunch of Liberal Pansies who would be afraid of the establishment OR PART OF IT.

    That’s why the McHenry County Murders aren’t covered either.

    Everyone should buy the books: Murder in McHenry County to see what our lovely (*choke, puke, cough) sherif and his cronies have been up to.

    IT’S A DISGRACE and they should all be in jail!

  16. I like the screen name.

    “Karenena” I’m a fan too.

    Very Funny.

  17. Are you comment-ers joking?

    Zinke is just resting his arm.

    If the above comments are for real, you all are looking for reasons to attack Zinke.

    I’ve made it clear that I’m no fan of Nygren on this Blog, but the comments on this picture suggest irrational hatred.

    Stick to the issues.

  18. thanks oscar.

    I googled the porn sister and came up with nothing. Do you have a name, or link?

    thanks in advance.

  19. Maybe his judgement was impaired?

    Zinke’s Tahoe was parked in front of Duke’s Ale House for three hours prior to the parade.

    Just askin’.

  20. I knew they were going to say this, “He was resting his arm.”

    Why hasn’t the NWH run any stories about yesterday’s parade.

    That just proves how in the pocket the NWH is for Nygren and the boys.

    They can’t afford the comments that will show up.

    Google “Porn”, “Kaitlyn”, “Furst”.

    She is actually the sister-IN-LAW of Undersheriff Zinke.

    They are close though.

    She attends his fundraisers and chats on Facebook.

  21. Zinke knew exactly what he was doing, Skeptic.

    He does not like Cal.

    Zinke is a crude individual and has displayed this kind of behavior in public as well as verbally.

    His wife has, as well.

    Yelling the F bomb in front of families and kids everywhere.

    This is the way they are!!!

  22. Prim supporters online have launched nasty attacks against the guys family, and now what to cry because they apparently got told calmly to F… off?

    Seems like a calm response to the nasty personal attacks targeting his family from Prim’s supporters.

    I say if Prim’s supporters keep targeting families they are going to have to grow some thicker skin and stop crying if they get told off now and then.

  23. still cracking me up… “we launched political attacks using his wife and family and he calmly let us know we should F… off, somebody arrest him” Call the Waaaahhhhhmbulance.

    We the voters have seen Cook County politics of targeting candidates families and you may be just a little surprised how many would like to flip off the people who use that tactic.

    I say Bravo.

    If you attack a man’s family you really shouldn’t complain if all he does is calmly gives you the bird. Grow up and take some consequence along with your gutter politics.

    I say Zinke should wear this proudly and simply calmly state that as long as Prim’s supporters are attacking him it’s ok but as long as they keep attacking his family they can indeed f… off.

  24. butseriouslynow, keep making comments, you really have the Kim and Andy way of thinking, down pretty well.

    You might be doing someone a favor here.

  25. Introducing “butseriouslynow” from the Ringling Brothers and Zinke/Nygren Circus…

    He is one of the brothers folks…

    Yep one of Nygren and Zinkes recruits……..

    “Zinke Antics” is their best circus side show act….

    Taking tickets now…..

    No it was not appropriate to use a public platform such as a parade, where there are kids and families around, to act like a clown from the Zinke/Nygren Circus……..

    It does not belong on our public streets……

    Keep your tongue in your mouth, when you are around impressionable young kids…….

    It is not about politics, it is about doing what is right for the sake of our children.

    You ought to know better Andy and Kim, you do have young children.

  26. @Skeptic: Even if he is just resting his arm, I’d like to hope that our sheriff would be more “situationally aware.”

    Last time I checked, being completely oblivious to your surroundings is bad-news-tennis-shoes for a law enforcement officer.

  27. Don’t think for a minute Andy didn’t know what he was doing.

    He was flipping Cal the bird and he was probably laughing about it at the time.

    This was sure the wrong time to show his true colors.

    You see, Andy is one of the most arrogant people I have ever met and as phones as they come.

    The vast majority of employees at MCSO can’t stand him but they have no choice but to put up with him. I hope he and his sidekick Angela only have one more year left.

    It is time to give the men and women at the Sheriifs department a good leader, and it ain’t Andy

  28. What attacks on his family?

    Are you talking about the porn star?

    I’m sure she’s taken it far worse and a lot deeper.

    If you question the truth in that check out her videos, I have. A LOT DEEPER!!

    If we were launching attacks at his wife, we would be talking about her knife wielding incident while working as a detective at MCSO, that got her canned, not her porn star sister taking it deep.

  29. ABZ- Thank you again for being the shining example of exactly why those supporting such attacks as yours may just deserve a calm flipping of the bird.

    You Prim guys tacitly link and support that kind of gutter attack on the Zinke’s family and then cry and whine that he calmly lets you know that you can F… off for your support of such attacks.

    Take your blinders off the attacks on the family are vile, and quite frankly you deserve at least a calm flipping off.

    Leave the families out of it.

  30. I believe “butseriously” is Mrs. Kim Zinke.

    Only a sister would so staunchly defend Kaitlyn Furst (Adult Film Actress)and her profession.

    I know that having a family member that is socially unacceptable in a conservative political race is difficult but downplaying the issue only makes her sound naive.

    “butseriously” needs to understand that Christian conservatives in this county frown upon associating with those involved in the Adult Film Industry.

    We feel that it degrades women and undermines family values.

    We absolutely feel that it is an issue that needs to be addressed by Candidate Zinke because, I for one, question the values of the man if he freely associates with those in the Adult Film Industry.

    I question his common sense and judgement if he believes that, in this county, people don’t consider it an issue.

    I question his alleged Christian beliefs. Has he made an attempt to change the path of his wayward sister-in-law?

    Or does he sit at the dinner table condoning her lifestyle and lying to his children about Aunt Katy’s profession?

    This isn’t L.A. where they accept the degenerates as our leaders and role models.

    Here we try to show them the error of their ways and keep them from influencing our elected officials.

    This county does not need leaders who welcome the Adult Film Industry into their homes.

    Sometimes hard lines have to be drawn, even with family.

    I for one won’t attend a Zinke event if there is a possibility that I will associating with those I find to be morally “questionable”.

  31. That’s a classic.

    He’s resting his arm (with his middle finger stretched out in the flipping off position.)

    Maybe SNL will pick it up.

    I needed a good laugh.

  32. Oh so now it is the Christian thing to do to attack his family because a relative of his may have engaged in acts you disapprove of?

    So ABZ’s comment above is what the Prim crowd consider Christian values?

    I think you need to re-read that bible if you think that is the answer to WWJD.

    But thank you for clearing up that the Prim team will continue to support or keep silent about the nasty attacks on the Zinke family.

    You should all be proud of your support of such behavior.

  33. This is obviously an unintentional gesture, come on people get a life and stop trying to ruin others lives..

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