Concealed Carry Leader Endorses Bill Prim for Sheriff

A press release from GOP McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim:


McHenry County Right to Carry Association President Mickey Schuch today enthusiastically threw his support behind Bill Prim, Republican Candidate for McHenry County Sheriff in 2014.

Mickey issued the following statement:

“I would like to inform all the members of the McHenry County Right to Carry Association, and indeed all of McHenry County patriots and supporters of Second Amendment rights, that I am supporting Bill Prim for Sheriff in next year’s primary and general elections.

“This is my personal endorsement, and is the result of my research into the positions of all the candidates and multiple meetings and conversations with them.

“On the issues of importance to MCR2CA, Bill is squarely in our corner and unafraid to say so. He firmly supports concealed carry, and believes HB183 is a good start but does not, indeed, go far enough in clearing away the debris of decades of wrong-headed gun control and legislative blockades surrounding the exercise of our constitutional rights.

“As Sheriff, Bill will be a man of action, working to instruct and assist the people of our county in how best to appreciate and exercise their constitutional right to bear arms, I can assure you. He knows that it is one thing to pass a law, but something else to actively support that law as it plays out. You and I know that some Sheriffs in Illinois will seek to short-circuit concealed carry as it is rolled out this year and next. Bill will not be among that group, but will instead see to it that the law is actively fostered in the law enforcement community.

“In every other respect, Bill is head-and-shoulders above the other candidates, including duration and variety of law enforcement experience; work on significant cases; cooperation with other federal, state and local agencies; willingness to cut needless bureaucracy; and obtaining drug asset forfeiture funds in order to lessen the taxpayer burden.

“It’s great to see someone who thinks the way we do running for public office. I look forward to the opportunity to casting my ballot for Bill Prim.”

Bill Prim had the following to say about Mickey’s endorsement: “It’s an honor to have the support of Mickey. He fights for freedom, especially when it comes to the Second Amendment which I strongly support.”

Mickey intends to do all he can to help Bill Prim get elected.

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Bill Prim

Bill Prim

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh

The word is out that former Congressman Joe Walsh, now a WIND talk show host, is inviting people to his home located in the subdivision north of the McHenry Outdoor Theater to meet Bill Prim, one of two men who seek to be the Republican nominee for Sheriff next year.

The address is 2210 N.Woodlawn Drive and the event is from 4-6 on Saturday afternoon.

Follow the signs on Chapel Hill Road.


Concealed Carry Leader Endorses Bill Prim for Sheriff — 15 Comments

  1. I also strongly support the second amendment and have donated greatly to the cause and don’t like Prim’s supporters tactics at all.

    That being said it is hardly news that some small local private group that list Gus Philpott as an officer announces that they support Prim.

    Holy obvious Batman.

  2. Breaking news for tomorrow…Gus Philpot and some of his friends don’t like the Sheriff.

    I think there are plenty of people who support the 2nd amendment but don’t support targeting candidates family members.

  3. Oh Kimmy stop your whining with the family member BS.

    If you drop the F-bomb and flip the bird at a crowded parade you are going to get some unwanted attention.

    Nobody has attacked the family except the porn star sister.

    IF your hubby were to become sheriff, things would only get worse on the blogs.

    With public office comes public scrutiny.

  4. Now there’s a surprise! McHenry Co CCW who BTW has Gus Philpot as the head flag bearer and major Nygren hater, now endorses Prim.

    The primary is a year away yet everyone acts like it is right around the corner.

    Boy will everyone be turned on their ear when a couple other qualified people, wisely waiting in the wings decide to run.

    While Prim is attacking Zinke and A.Z fires back, soon both will be out of ammo.

    People get tired of the same old crap rehashed over and over.

    The fighting can only help anyone else that is smart enough to sit back and let the children play.

    My vote is for NONE OF THE ABOVE.

  5. Haters gonna hate – a bunch of anonymous posters posting the same stuff. Its old… kind of like sheriff and the undersheriff.

    This is not to say everything old is bad (corrupt) but in this case its time for a reboot in the sheriff’s office.

    I’ll be working for Bill Prim.

    I am not paid by Bill – haven’t received a dime.

    I just think he is the right man for the job.

    I’ll sign my name to this – I can take the arrows, stones, and spears.

    I am not afraid… like some new and frequent posters here.

    Andrew Gasser
    Algonquin 4 Precinct Committeeman

  6. Mr Gasser,

    You are quite safe signing your name,no one on Mr. Zinke’s side of this debate would target your family or fail to speak out against those who do.

    Until the Prim side can claim the same thing I won’t expose my family. And no I am not a family member of Zinke’s or a govt. employee.

    If you want to know where my passion in these debates comes from…Think of having a teenage daughter who is a passenger in a car, now that car is pulled over, the friend she is with unbeknownst to her doesn’t have a license, a very large man in a uniform tells you that you should change seats, claim to have been driving and sign a document saying you were driving.

    He wants to give the boy you are with a “break” but apparently doesn’t give two craps about the innocent girl in the passenger seat.

    She comes home scared to death and crying that such dishonest can happen to her at the hands of a police officer.

    That is the story I am stuck with, and am constantly aghast at those who feel that is acceptable because they don’t like that cops boss.

    That is what I see Mr. Prim supporting and I don’t want my daughter or anyone else’s to live in a county where that is acceptable.

    So not willing to bend when females related to a candidate are targeted and people like yourself shrug it off as just the kind of thing good ole boys do…I will own that, will you?

    Have a good day.

  7. I’ve met the girl “aretheyserious” is referring to.

    Don’t be surprised if the “ticket” story changes when the trial comes.

    From what I understand she thinks the cop is one of the nicest cops ever.

    Her family and mine are close and that is why I am a fan of that particular cop.

    Seems she felt a little pressure from some of the others involved.

    I’m just saying, don’t be surprised.

  8. If these guys didn’t know about Bill Prim’s involvement in the DesPlaines PD scandals when they agreed to support him, that would be one thing, but now they know. And now Bill Prim seems to have lawyered-up and says he’s got nothing else to say concerning his involvement in these abuses of prisoners?

    We’ll see…

  9. I think Oscar has hit the nail on the head.

    The judge in the arbitrator ruled in Zane’s favor.

  10. PS – The bs story about the Zane ticket will and has come to light, Oscar.


    Tired of hearing that crap story.

    I remember the video of Nygren with the NWH say Seipler “Gave an innocent girl a ticket”

    The paper and public sucked the Nygren LIE.

  11. Oscar…as you know there is more than one “girl” in question with this officer.

    And to be clear I’m talking about the false citation issue.

  12. uhhhh guys…Zane was found to have issued the false citations.

    It isn’t a fact in question. right?

    His argument was not that he did not do it just that his punishment was to harsh. right?

    Are you living in an alternative world where you really don’t believe that happened.

    As you are saying something is a lie, could you be a bit more specific?

    I suppose I can repost the ruling if you Prim guys are going to pull an Obama and try to change simple facts.

  13. Mr. Gasser,

    While you are putting your self out as the example of virtue and openness, Can we get your clear opinion on if you support or condemn the tactic of targeting a candidates family?

    The obvious assumption is that it is a political tactic you are comfortable with.

    Oh and count me in as another that would happy to sign my name if I felt only I and not my family would be targeted by some here.

  14. butseriouslynow…

    Seriously…NOW you need to rest….

    I have witnessed an around the clock onslaught that I have never seen before on this or any other blog …even during the heat of the Grafton Township fiasco….

    you are like the person with one foot on the pier and the other on the boat and like in a cartoon you don’t realize the boat has left you suspended in mid air without foundation…

    you need to get some sleep and prepare yourself for the cause and for your candidate as you continue this sad stand…than any of the respondents…

    If you step away you may see that….

    If you could be connected to the candidate you will have inadvertantly really put the hurt on him…so please wait til tomorrow….sleep and come back to this forum with a clear head…

  15. the fact that last comment posted at 9:11 was ironically an accident

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