McHenry County Democratic Party Ends Up with almost $15,000 at the End of the Second Quarter of 2013

The McHenry County Democratic Party raised $16,015 during the second quarter of this year and ended June with $14,703.92 in the bank.

Will the two McHenry County Board Democrats try to cut the levy this year to match Democratic Patry State Rep. Jack Franks' legislative proposal?

Two of the large contributors to the McHenry County Democratic Party were County Board member Paula Yensen and former Board member Kathy Bergan Schmidt.

Those making contributions which were reported (required if in excess of $150) follow:

  • $1,000 – Paula Yensen, Self Employed, Lake In The Hills
  • $850 – Kathleen Bergan-Schmidt, Crystal Lake
  • $900 – Irene Raven, Network Engineer, AT&T, McHenry
  • $800 – Michael Bissett, Lake in the Hills
  • $800 – Donald Metivier, CEO, The Sports Shop Inc., Spring Grove
  • $800 – Sheet Metal Worker’s International Assoc. Local 73 PAC, Hillside
  • $560 – Painters District Council 30, Aurora
  • $500 – John Bartman, Marengo
  • $500 – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 117 PAC, Crystal Lake
  • $420 – Debbie Chirikos, Algonquin
  • $400 – Laborers international Union local 1035, Marengo
  • $320 – Andrew Georgi Jr., Hebron
  • $320 – Loreen Keller, Crystal Lake
  • $320 – Patrick Ouimet, Chicago
  • $240 – Carpenters Local 2087 PAC, Crystal Lake
  • $240 – Samuel Melei, Crystal Lake
  • $160 – Denise Barretto, LITH
  • $160 – Rebert Beltran, McHenry
  • $160 – Judi Clement, Lakewood
  • $160 – John Darger, Crystal Lake
  • $160 – Ralph Gigregor, Crystal Lake
  • $160 – Susan Glad, Gurnee
  • $160 – Kasthuri Henry, Huntley
  • $160 – Maurice Hill, Crystal Lake
  • $160 – Susan Hooker, Crystal Lake
  • $160 – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 117 PAC, Crystal Lake
  • $160 – Terry Kappel, McHenry
  • $160 – Mary Mahady, McHenry
  • $160 – Mary McCann, Woodstock
  • $160 – James McTague, Cary
  • $160 – Anna May Miller, Cary
  • $160 – Michael Mueller, Woodstock
  • $160 – Norma Nerstron, Green Oaks
  • $160 – William Nowaskey, Woodstock
  • $160 – Marylou Nunamaker, Fox River Grove
  • $160 – Chester Olench, Fox River Grove
  • $160 – Dorothy Pfeuffer, Naperville
  • $160 – Nancy Shepherdson, Barrington
  • $160 – Ernst Sirois, Crystal Lake
  • $160 – Douglas Smith, Woodstock
  • $160 – Barbara Sutton, Bull Valley
  • $160 – Arne Waltmire, McHenry


McHenry County Democratic Party Ends Up with almost $15,000 at the End of the Second Quarter of 2013 — 10 Comments

  1. Anna Miller and Mary Mc Cann Are supposed To be Republicans.

    At least they ran for the County Board as Republicans but donated to the Democrat party.

    Seems very interesting, no?

  2. Question for Mike Tryon and other McHenry County Republicans: You would not let Tonya Franklin run as a Republican but you support Anna Mae Miller and Mary McCann as Republicans when they financially support Democrats?

    I look forward to removal of the (R) on future Miller and McCann campaigns.

  3. Ok, Mike Tryon, answer that one.

    Aren’t the Millers supporting Andy Zinke???

    Yup, they are.

  4. More conflict of interest?

    I notice that tonight’s McHenry County Board has yet another Zoning change request for the Hong enterprise on Hwy. 176.

    Will McCann publicly recuse herself because she receives campaign funding from the Hongs?

    No report yet this month for McCann – did she get more money from the Hongs in the last quarter?

    It was bad enough that Miller is involved in discussions with the non-dedicated roads group while she works as a highly paid employee for Algonquin Township!

  5. These represent tickets purchases to the Annual dinner.

    Paula was recognized, I assume they came to show support.

  6. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
    In all seriousness, when you work together on committees or want your projects to pass, you need to have some friends on the board. Perhaps the democrats attend some republicans fundraisers as well?

  7. I think the Millers should change their purpose for their campaign committee from:

    “Purpose: Elect Roberts J Miller, Algonquin Twp Highway Commissioner & Anna May Miller, McHenry County Board member, and to elect other good Republican candidates to office.” to include a reference to supporting Democrats.

  8. I buy the argument about the Yensen support dinner ticket and the keep your enemies close statement…those crafty Dems made the price 160 for this very reason…

    In the sceme of things it doesn’t make a Repulican a dem for attending a dinner…stay focused people don’t get sucked in over a dinner ticket.

    Don’t chase that windmill

  9. Chasing windmills?

    The issue is not the dinner ticket, the issue is the fact that people running as Republicans GAVE money to the Dem machine.

    It makes no difference what the dinner was for, the money went to the Dem machine.

    I don’t see McCann donating to the Republicans or supporting any Republican functions!

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