McHenry County Ethics Commission Will Hear Complaint about Undersheriff Andy Zinke’s Using Office Email for Political Purposes

Andy Zinke at the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade.

Andy Zinke at the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade.

I mailed the complaint last week and the McHenry County Ethics Commission will hold its hearing next Thursday:

The ETHICS COMMISSION has scheduled a meeting for Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. to conduct a hearing to determine sufficiency of a complaint and probable cause examination of a complaint filed by Complainant, Cal Skinner, Jr. alleging a Section 3 Prohibited Political Activities Violation of the McHenry County Ethics Ordinance by Respondent, Andrew Zinke, and to conduct business as necessary and appropriate.

The meeting will be held at: McHenry County Government Center Administration Building – 667 Ware Road, Woodstock, IL 60098

For those of you who have not read the email from Zinke’s Sheriff’s Department account about which I complained, you can do so in the articles below:

All the photos taken of Zinke at the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade are also show in the McHenry County Blog article.

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McHenry County Ethics Commission Will Hear Complaint about Undersheriff Andy Zinke’s Using Office Email for Political Purposes — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you Cal for the really unnecessary waste of more of the tax payers money for your hearing in this continuing blog-based witch hunt.


  2. Nice to see the “damage control squad” expressing their true feelings.

    Obviously, integrity, respect and honesty have no place in their candidate’s political platform.

  3. @AZsupporter:

    That’s a twisted way to look at it. No personal accountability whatsoever for the under-sheriff.

    I’m no PR expert, but here’s how Andy can make this go away and come out looking great in the process:

    1. Send out a public statement denying that it was an improper use of county resources. He is entitled to engage in PR on behalf of the Sheriff’s Department, and when a high ranking officer is “smeared” by a member of the press it is an acceptable use of public resources to correct the “smear.”

    2. Apologize for the the fact that the email could have been construed as campaigning on the public dime. Here is a great opportunity to cite his high ethical standards and to reassure the public that he would not misuse county resources.

    3. Apologize for the gesture. Even though he was not flipping the crowd the bird, he is ashamed that looked like he was. Another great opportunity to emphasize the fact that he’s looked up to by the children of this county and that he hates to let them down.

    But, instead of doing the right thing, he has chumps like you making him look even worse by failing to accept responsibility.

    P.S.–Andy if you’re listening, what are you doing driving in a parade anyways?

    The whole point of being a politician in a parade is to shake hands and hand out tchotchkes (Zinke for Sheriff mini American flag, anyone?).

    Unless you’re behind the wheel of MARV, your vehicle impresses no one and makes you look lazy.

  4. Cal, thank you for filing the complaint.

    It is essential that public officials understand, observe and respect our laws.

    It seems that too many of them think they are above the law.

  5. Way to go Cal……Someone has to hold our public officials accountable….

  6. …and the blind eye to the Prim’s campaign’s use of government equipment for official campaign documents continues….

    The only thing worse than the pettiness of this attack is the hypocritical nature in it’s double standard.

    Petty and hypocritical…you Prim guys keep preaching your “integrity” and “honesty” cute words that don’t have any correlation to these actual actions.

  7. A Cundiff Take a Hike!

    We all know who ‘butseriouslynow” is.

    You are a loyal Zinke fan…

    I hear your an avid TV watcher for Lets Make a Deal and The Price is Right.

    Record them and you can watch all day.

    Oh I’m sorry you have already been doing that, even on work time hours…

    Get the analogy?

    If you don’t feeling sorry for you…..

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