Critique of MCC Trustee Cynthia Kisser Draws Denial

On July 12, the following letter from Lakewood resident Steve Willson was published in the Northwest Herald:
McHenry County College is streaming its board meetings. (Kudos to Trustee Tom Wilbeck for this idea.)

It’s the best reality show on TV. Every voter in the county should watch to see what comes out of some trustees’ mouths.

For example, imagine you were a business and you got some very negative feedback on commercials you were running for the appearance of impropriety. Would you say, “Keep running it!” or would you change the campaign?

MCC wants to spend $40,000 on radio ads to build its brand. Several trustees commented that they had received a lot of strongly negative feedback on the current campaign, which included a full-page color newspaper ad for President Vicky Smith three days before her contract was up for renewal, an ad for the elected board president and an ad featuring the wife of another board candidate.

Those trustees said they would support a radio ad campaign if it focused on classes and the current campaign was dumped.

Cynthia Kisser

Cynthia Kisser

Not Trustee Cynthia Kisser.If some people are offended, well, and I quote, “That’s just their opinion.”

She went on to say that those ads were needed to counter misinformation about Smith, about the health sciences program and about the health club.

I kid you not.

With no irony at all, she flat out said the ads were political, and she was fine with spending taxpayer money on that.

Tune in next time, folks. It’s bloopers on steroids.

Steve Willson

In a Letter to the Editor today, Cynthia Kisser writes Willsons’ letter, entitled, “Must see TV,” “did not accurately summarize comments made by me.”

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