Why Politicians Parade?

There’s at least one person commenting on the article about the politicians in McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade contenting that Andy Zinke was not there for political reasons.

That person(s) certainly has little experience in politics.

Anything a public official or candidate makes a public appearance he or she is campaigning.

Andy Zinke puts his name on the side of the only vehicle from the Sheriff's Department in the Fiesta Days Parade.

Andy Zinke puts his name on the side of the only vehicle from the Sheriff’s Department in the Fiesta Days Parade.

And someone bought that sign saying, “Andrew Zinke, Undersheriff.”

It first showed up at last year’s Fiesta Days Parade in McHenry.  But last year it was affixed straight, not on an angle.

Look at the screen shot of the Facebook page below.

It’s a post from “Zinke for Sheriff McHenry County 2014” and says,

“Hope to see you today at McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade!  Beautiful weather, come on out. Parade starts at 1:30.  More info visit:…”

How could anyone think that Zinke’s appearance was political?

Andy Zinke Facebook Post about his appearance in McHenry's Fiesta Days Parade.

Andy Zinke Facebook post about his appearance in McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade.

Zane Seipler’s blog, “McHenry County Sheriff’s Race 2014,” has an interesting section relating to Zinke’s appearance from the Sheriff’s Department’s Standing Orders in an article entitled, “Things That Make You Go HMM.”


Why Politicians Parade? — 15 Comments

  1. Are County taxpayers really going have to go down this petty road again?

    I sure seems like we are going down that ugly Dalby/Bianchi path again.

  2. Hold on Cal.

    I was not contesting that Zinke wasn’t campaigning.

    I won’t be dull enough to try and argue that people don’t vote on Name ID almost exclusively – hence why establishment candidates normally win – which is why it benefits Zinke to be in the parade with his magnetic placard sign.

    I was talking about that it was NOT illegal for him to use the county vehicle in the parade with his name placard on it.

    Now, I know that I have no experience in politics, but I do have experience researching and according to the Board of Election Rules it is OK for a member of the Sheriff’s Department to use a county vehicle in the parade so long as he is not the elected official in the parade.

    That was my point.

    So, you can try all your special pleading and name calling and demeaning me behind keys on a message board, but I’m right.

  3. Sheriff Keith Nygren was in a squad car at Crystal Lake’s 4th of July Parade in 2011.

    He did not have his name on the side of the vehicle.

    You can see the photo in this article.

  4. Kieth didn’t have his name on the vehicle.

    He was representing the Department as a whole.

    No foul play.

    And as far as the Facebook posting goes.

    Zinke doesn’t say, “Come see me at the McHenry Fiesta Days Parade,” it says “Hope to see you.”

    This is, at the very least free publicity by Zinke for the Fiesta Days.

    But we are getting in the weeds here people.

    Let us look back at the forest and realize that campaigning will happen, people run for office, let us focus on the issues and what these people stand for instead of playing armchair referees and making the incorrect calls.

    As well, quit the yellow journalism.

    No one flicked anyone off at a parade.

    No one violated campaign laws.

    C’mon people. This is America.

    Let’s take part in the Democracy, not quell it.

    Isn’t that what this blog always says? “There should never be an uncontested race and people should have a choice.”

    Well, you are getting what you asked for: Zinke is a choice.

  5. Parades are a very important indicator to see how much of a following a campaign has in terms of grass roots volunteers.

    A candidate’s message that inspires many regular voters to volunteer their time on a nice weekend to be in a parade and pass out information shows a candidate who will likely win an election.

    Prim has had enthusiastic volunteers at every parade in McHenry County.

    We’ll see them in force for Algonquin’s Founders’ Days parade on Saturday.

    With few exceptions (and Zinke’s middle finger incident is one of them), elections are not won or lost in summertime parades.

  6. Take down the date.

    I am calling the election for Zinke.

    I know, I have done this so many times you have to be asking yourself how do I do it?

    Oh well, stick a fork in it.

  7. Yep Zinke might as well call its quits.

    It is not looking good for Andy Zinke..

    He is ‘DONE” as a politician…….

    As a potential Sheriff….

    Guess the tax payers are looking forward to a newer and better Government in Mchenry County….

    No more illegal shipments in Rita Corporation…or any other loading dock in Mchenry County…….

    Time to vote folks for the right candidate and it’s “NOT” Andy Zinke……

  8. Prim, Zinke and Harrison have to pass petitions to get the required amount of signatures, in order to run for office . . . then the fun will begin, to verify the names.

  9. Oncoming.

    The Founders Day does not allow political candidates that are not already elected officials to enter.

    Andy can be there again as a representative of the Sheriff’s Dept.

    Harrison and Prim cannot.

    So do not look at the absence the wrong way.

  10. The Clown Andy is running for Sheriff of McHenry County?

    He must of had a wet dream of being the top law enforcement officer in the county.

    Andy has a proven track record at McHenry County, for disobeying and violating well established McHenry County Sheriff Office written General Orders.

    So it doesn’t matter if this violation is criminal in nature, it violates several General Orders.

    This Andy guy is not a leader, he is a violator.

    For sure he will not get my vote.

  11. @FYI

    You are correct, but it’s the flesh-pressing before and after the parade that will show you grass roots activity.

    Before the parade, candidates can pass out their information.

    Just not during the parade.

    Prim and Harrison can do meet & greet with elected officials at line-up prior to the parade.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Sheriff Nygren has Zinke accompany him to the VIP breakfast prior to the parade at Port Edward’s.

    Zinke would not merit an invitation on his own since he’s not an elected official.

    The real unpredictable unknown for Founders’ this year is the parade is at a completely alternate location, due to Western Bypass construction in downtown, including Towne Park.

    First time ever Founders’ Days is at Algonquin Lakes.

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