McSweeney, Wheeler Call for Metra Chairman’s Resignation

Press releasees from both State Rep. David McSweeney and State Rep. Barbara Wheeler call for Metra Chairman Brad O’Halloran’s resignation. First, McSweeney’s release:

Rep. McSweeney Joins Call for Metra Chairman’s Resignation

CARY – State Representative David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) joined the call today for the immediate resignation of Metra Chairman Brad O’Halloran in the wake of the agency’s recent controversy surrounding the exorbitant payout to the agency’s departing chief executive officer.

Dave McSweeney

Dave McSweeney

“I represent McHenry, Cook, Lake and Kane Counties and my constituents are paying taxes to support Metra.

“We need to immediately stop the clear mismanagement at Metra,” said McSweeney.

“While we don’t know everything, the facts we do know are intolerable enough to warrant a change in the Metra Board’s leadership.”

Specifically, McSweeney has signed on as Lead Co-Sponsor of House Resolution 521, which calls for the selection of a new Metra chairman in the interest of transparency and accountability within the second largest commuter rail agency in the nation.

The resolution, filed by State Representative David Harris (R -Arlington Heights), lays out the case for the action highlighting the importance of Metra to the area and the reasonable expectation that both the taxpayers of Illinois as well as the paying customers should have their money used prudently.

The resolution also criticizes the agency’s deliberate withholding of the circumstances surrounding the firing of Alex Clifford and initial resistance towards transparency.

“I applaud Representative Harris for filing this legislation, and I stand by this resolution 100%,” added McSweeney.  “Accountability can’t be something we just talk about in government; it must be something we live by.”

Now, Wheeler’s press release:

State Representative Barbara Wheeler Demands Resignation of Metra Board Chairman

Crystal Lake, IL … In response to the unfolding scandal involving Metra, State Rep. Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) has called for the resignation of the Chairman of the Metra Board of Directors, Brad O’Halloran.

Barbara Wheeler

Barbara Wheeler

“It is time that we the taxpayers hold the people in charge responsible for the mishandling of a very messy situation,” stated Rep. Wheeler.

“It is unacceptable to use public dollars in secret maneuvers that are politically motivated. It is time for Chairman O’Halloran to resign his position so that Metra can move forward.”

Recently, a behind-closed-doors severance package agreement was handed to the outgoing Metra Executive Director.

This arrangement has been described as a ‘golden parachute’ and a deal ‘shrouded in secrecy’ due to the Metra Board of Directors’ attempts to keep the package from the public eye.

“As a member of the Mass Transit Committee, I have kept a close eye on the unraveling of the facts and details behind the situation at Metra,” explained Rep. Wheeler.

“The negligence displayed by the Board of Directors is disheartening as my constituents are footing the financial burden of the mismanagement of Metra.”

Representative Wheeler, has signed on as a co-sponsor of a recently filed resolution, House Resolution 521, which officially calls for the resignation of the Metra Chairman and the selection of a new chairman byt the Metra Board of Directors. The Resolution also acknowledges a related situation involving a fired Metra employee and overall attempts to block transparency.


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