Zane Seipler’s Blog about Andy Zinke Seems to Find More Evidence of Politicking on Taxpayers’ Dime

If Undersheriff Andy Zinke is posting on his campaign Facebook page during office hours, does that mean he is violating the law?

By firing Zane Seipler for a second time, the Keith Nygren-Zinke team have provided Seipler with a lot of free time.

Seipler reported findings of office hour Facebook posting on his blog, “McHenry County Sheriff’s Race 2014,” today.

You can find the article about the Facebook posting findings here.

Below is a Zinke campaign Facebook posting on July 1, 2013.  It is about an upcoming Meet & Greet at Two Tails Market & Eatery on July 18th in Woodstock.

Here is a Monday, July 1st Zinke Campaign Facebook posting about a Woodstock Meet & Greet.

Here is a Monday, July 1st Zinke Campaign Facebook posting about a Woodstock Meet & Greet.

But look at the time it was posted.

The post about the Meet & Greet was made at 2:03 PM on Monday, July 1st.

The post about the Woodstock Meet & Greet was made at 2:03 PM on Monday, July 1st.

Wouldn’t you think that campaigning on office time would be illegal in McHenry County?

Thursday at 3 PM, my complaint against Zinke’s sending an email to County Board members during work hours will be heard by the McHenry County Ethics Commission in the Administration Building.

Ironic, isn’t it, that Zinke seems to have advanced his campaign during office time before he sent that email.

If you want to find information you won’t find anywhere else about the Sheriff’s Office, perhaps you will consider bookmarking Seipler’s website.


Zane Seipler’s Blog about Andy Zinke Seems to Find More Evidence of Politicking on Taxpayers’ Dime — 37 Comments

  1. Here we go again reaching to discredit Andrew Zinke by claiming he is politicking on taxpayers’ dime again.

    It is most probable that Andrew Zinke made his postings on his lunch break, which makes it HIS time and NOT the taxpayers’ dime.

    Also is it possible that someone else posted this information on his Facebook for him.

    Zane Seipler is just a bitter loser that needs to find peace within himself and move on.

  2. Don’t you all think instead of attempting to discredit Andrew Zinke with childish tactics we should focused on the real problems in our county, such as Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi.

  3. On July 10, 2013, the Undersheriff of McHenry County, the #2 man on the county police force, seriously emailed the COUNTY BOARD the picture of himself flipping off the public during a parade in a county police vehicle, then defended himself with the following ludicrous statement?

    “Other than to acknowledge that I was apparently holding the roof of a vehicle with my middle finger instead of all my fingers, there isn’t much more to say.”

    That’s even more unbelievable than him flipping off the public.

    Well McHenry County Board, now you have a decision to make.

    Will you in your official capacity allow the COUNTY POLICE to flip off the public in a COUNTY POLICE
    VEHICLE with no consequence?

    Apparently the COUNTY SHERIFF has taken no action.

    Here’s the email header.

    From: Andrew Zinke
    To: [McHenry County Board Members]
    Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 3:40 PM
    Subject: Photograph

    Here’s the blog posting.

    Do Pictures Lie? Zinke “Victimized” by “a Local Blogger”? – You Decide

    Posted on 07/10/2013 by Cal Skinner

    Well here’s your McHenry County Board Members, their picture and a phone number for each is in the link.

    Paula Yensen (District 5).
    Mary McClellan (District 3).
    Sandy Salgado (District 4).
    Sue Draffkorn (District 4).
    Yvonne Barnes (District 1).
    Chairwoman Tina Hill (District 5).
    Donna Kurtz (District 2).
    Mary McCann (District 6).
    Jim Heisler (District 2).
    Ersel Schuster (District 6).
    Michael Skala (District 5).
    Diane Evertsen (District 6).
    John Hammerand (District 4).
    Joseph Gottemoller (District 3).
    Nick Provenzano (District 3).
    Anna May Miller (District 1).
    Michele Aavang (District 6).
    John Jung, Jr. (District 5).
    Ken Koehler (District 2).
    Carolyn Schofield (District 2).
    Bob Martens, Sr. (District 4).
    Bob Novak (District 1).
    Michael Walkup (District 3).
    Nick Chirikos (District 1).

    McHenry County, the all American county in America’s heartland where the police flip off the public.

  4. Listen here “Fukoku” and “Sum” everyone knows you work for the Mchenry County Sheriffs Department and you are just making a bad attempt to discredit Zane Seipler.

    He should have never been fired and you know it…

    I hear your favorite TV shows are the “Lets Make Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    Again, Mr Bianchi is not Mr Corruption himself and if I were Mr Bianchi I would be evaluating that statement from a civil law perspective…

    GROW UP……..

  5. So the Asian Connection is calling it for Zinke.

    Do you two realize how ridicules your monikers are?

    Making a prediction right now, I win the arbitration, get my job back and win the Federal Lawsuit Trial.

    After reading these two maroons posts the last couple of weeks I find myself confused and conflicted.

    This batch of Andy commentors are just sub par.

    Nygren’s guys had something that Andy’s are just missing.

    I find myself longing for the intellectual banter of, dare I say it, Sir Pumkin Pyle.

    At least he quoted Shakespeare and Longfellow.

    These guys have no style, no wit.

    No character.

    Common guys this is a show, County wide baby, thousands of readers are focused on this.

    Let’s step it up.

    I mean you took Asian type names, let’s hear some Confucius, Sun Tsu or Chan Zen.

    Anyway, even if he was on “lunch” he can’t use county computers to go on Facebook and post to his political website.

    But thanks for confirming that he did “Kim”.

    It’s also against G.O.’s to be using county computers to post to Facebook.

    Check my blog tomorrow or Friday and I’ll blow the “He was at lunch” argument out of the water.

    And I’ll provide pictures and evidence which develops a thing called “probable cause”.

    I just wonder why the other county law enforcement agency doesn’t recognize the situation and do something.

    It really is disheartening.

    Oh well, what can you do.

    It’s nice to see that Andy is such a fan of the American flag.

    The post just exhumed truth and a sense of genuine attachment.

    I think it sounds more genuine when Andy is calling patrol deputies “F-ing worthless idiots” or that he doesn’t care that the majority of the department doesn’t support him, “I’m still going to win handily”.

    “I’m going to win handily”, Nygren must have him repeating that phrase in the mirror at night as to convince himself that it’s not complete bullsh#t.

    You know Andy, just because you (or Nygren)say it, doesn’t make it real.

    And a true man of the people never shows that type of arrogance in public or to possible supporters.

    Then again a true man of the people doesn’t flip the bird to the people of the Crystal Lake while participating in their parade.

    And no he didn’t call me a “F-ing worthless idiot”.

    I think we all know what would of happened if he did. (Large Muscle Group exercises for the Upper Body).

    I’m waiting to receive my letter from Andy telling me to cease and desist or else.

    He sent one of those to a buddy of mine because he was commenting about him on the NWH.

    I’ll write a post telling him to shove it up his gigantic pooper.

  6. Listen Duncan,

    Let’s Make a Deal and Price is Right are two very good day time television programs.

    Do not slander their names.

    More importantly, Duncan, YOU make egregious claims on this blog almost daily about identities.

    How bout we stick to the issues.

    I’m not a Sheriff, I don’t know Zinke, and I’m not “making a bad attempt to discredit” anyone.

    I’m stating facts.

    The fact is, this…is…speculation.

    Speculation is a conclusion, opinion, or theory reached by conjecture.

    Conjecture is an inference or judgment based on inconclusive or incomplete evidence; guesswork.

    Now that we both understand where each other is coming from, no need for name calling! 🙂

    Here are the facts: This posting and much of the fervor surrounding Zinke is politically motivated, not fact driven.

    Yellow journalism and sensationalism – i.e. “OMG?! Did Zinke Flip Off

  7. Woops, entered my comment to early.

    I wanted to finish with, “OMG did zinke flip of so and so.”

    That’s not good reporting.

  8. Pics do not lie.

    When one shows the finger out and away from the window in a series, it is NOT resting.

    Had witnesses there to view it.

    It is really just typical Andy behavior.

    He has a history.


    The posts are on his CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE web site, NOT HIS PERSONAL web page, which I’m sure that Duncan and a few others have asked to be “friended”, and Zinke agreed to “friend” them. Agree with Fukoku-try and vent on something important guys-you just sound silly.

    Be quiet and let people think you’re crazy, rather than opening your mouths and removing all doubt.

  10. “AZSUPPORTER” eventually the truth will be revealed about all of the games some of our paid Government officials have been playing..

    And, I would watch what you say “AZSUPPORTER” because I would have no trouble bringing you into court for a civil matter that would include a lengthy deposition…

    Then you will have to tell all…

    I have not asked to be friended on any Campaign Committee…..

    I wouldn’t associate myself with Andy Zinke or Keith Nygren “NOT EVER”

    Better be careful because you could end up sharing a cell next to Greg Pyle in Federal prison….

    He is a pedophile that Nygren refused to fire and left on the payroll even after he was arrested.

    Instead, he let Zane Seipler go when he was trying to do the right thing….

  11. I agree.

    It is not Andy posting every single Facebook post to his campaign website.

    By no means is it some committee member, unless an on-duty deputy is now a committee member.

    We know exactly who it is that is posting during working hours from her county computer.

    Read my blog in the near future and I’ll lay out some more “Things that make you go Hmm”.

    There may even be a time stamped picture that shows her typing at the exact moment Zinke for Sheriff is posting.

    We’ll see.

  12. Is the Prim crowd really so blind as to think all campaign work is done by the candidate himself?

    Also curious if you guys have heard of smartphones yet?

    I can Facebook post while walking to my car for lunch…heck anyone with any type of technology skills at all could link all the postings from your blog to their facebook in while using the restroom and still get a game of angry birds in…welcome to the 21st century.

  13. Sum Ting Wong is correct, the facts are the facts! As for Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi to consider evaluating civil law, I would love it.

    That would give me the opportunity to unconceal the real Louis Bianchi of his true identity.

    I can expose his underhanded dealings and money exchanging with Dr. Salvi and Jack Pickup.

    I wonder how much Mr. Corruption received cutting that deal with Jack Pickup by reducing a Class 4 felony to misdemeanor harassment for sexual exploitation to a minor.

    This PIG, a Des Plaines former teacher is sexting messages to an eighth grade girl and Mr. Corruption lets him, like so many others, walk free.

    I think I finally figured out what Mr. Corruption does all day in his office.

    He watches his favorite TV shows “Lets Make Deal” and “The Price is Right.” \\

    We all know he does not do his job and bleeds the taxpayers for doing absolutely nothing while he lines his pockets with corrupted money.

    Just ask that eighth grade girl how she feels about being SOLD OUT by Mr. Corruption, Uncle Louis.

    It’s not hard to follow the trail of the concealed Taylor Street Boys if you open your eyes to the truth.

    Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi supports Bill Prim, former police commander of the Des Plaines Police Department for McHenry County Sheriff.

    Jack Pickup, a Des Plaines teacher that also worked for Senator Dan Duffy’s election campaign, which publicly endorses Bill Prim for McHenry County Sheriff.

    The fruits of corruption don’t fall far from the corrupted tree.

    Dispute these facts Duncan!

  14. Cal,
    It is interesting that your silence about other blogs targeting candidates families has escalated into outright promoting those blogs.

    I get you don’t like Zinke, but really thought you were above promoting sites targeting family members.

  15. Go away “aretheyserious” AKA Andy C we all know your a Zinke supporter..

    Your only goal is to save Andy Zinke and his regime from going down the tubes…

    Zinke gave his middle finger at a public parade….

    He used a Sheriffs vehicle for campaigning in a public parade.


    Andy Zinke should be held accountable for his actions…..GUILTY….

  16. Duncan is that all you have to say, I am not surprised considering you cannot dispute the facts.

    I am also pleased that you finally figured it out that aretheyserious is an Andrew Zinke supporter.

    You did that all by yourself, good job Duncan!

  17. Fukoku…How much do you have to pay to play “The Price is Right” and “Lets Make a Deal”????????

    You should know the answer to that question.

    I have read the Jack Pickup file.

    He was convicted on a charge.

    Again, you have twisted the facts..It doesn’t surprise me, because that is what Zinke and his followers have done all along..


    Further, you make it sound like Jack Pickup got off completely because of a deal in the works or some pay off.

    Not true..If there was a pay off he would have been released on all of the charges and that did not happen…

    Next time, you may want to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth..That is if your capable..

  18. 1st of all how did Louis Bianchi get dragged into this ?

    It feels like 1st grade teaching for Fukoku and Sum Ting.

    Facts are facts..Zinke flipped off during a family parade in Crystal Lake a man taking pictures ( Cal Skinner).

    Zinke invited the public to come and see him at the parade, on his political face book page, but while driving MCSO owned squad…big no no.

    Zinke used the day shift Commanders squad 509 to drive in the parade, and flip people off…what an idiot.

    Zinke caused the day shift Commander to be unable to perform his Patrol duties while Zinke drove around flipping people off. .should be demoted.

    Zinke used county owned email system, to promote his failing political campaign plea to the County Board..should be fired..

    Zinke operates a MCSO squad in the McHenry City Fiesta day parade while taking a non-MCSO person in the vehicle with him..Should be fired.

    Zinke and Nygren are identical, and they both are going to swirl down the sewer system together like two pieces of from defecation.

    2014 I will cast my vote for Bill Prim for McHenry County Sheriff based on his his credentials, experience, devotion to the Law Enforcement, his willingness to end and not be involved in the corruption that has plaque our community .

  19. Well, Duncan, you are trying too hard in trying to play attorney that you are making a damn fool out of yourself. Let me educate you, there is a BIG difference between a Class 4 felony from a misdemeanor charge. It’s obvious that you did not know that, so please stop embarrassing yourself.

    As for Twice Fired, I read your blog once and it was terribly constructed as I struggled to understand your chicken scratch. I can understand your bitterness against Sheriff Nygren because you challenged him in the 2010 Republican primary election for Sheriff of McHenry County and you suffered a humiliating defeat. However, you can’t blame him for being terminated; you did that all by yourself.

    You may have forgotten, or you are trying to forget that you were terminated for violating the department’s general orders when you lied under oath, which U.S. District Judge Kapala called your testimony a “fabricated narrative that conveniently explained what had transpired.”

    Your credibility has been clearly obliterated as you are now known to be a liar, just like that crap you write in your blog about Undersheriff Andrew Zinke. All Lies!

  20. So “The Fact state” writes to state his/her opinion that:

    “Zinke used county owned email system, to promote his failing political campaign plea to the County Board..should be fired..”

    …and then voices support for a campaign that everyone knows used a Police Department Fax for official campaign documents…Hypocrite much?

  21. “Fukoku” you serve no purpose on this blog. You have already established that you are a liar..You might want to put your running shoes on now, before the feds come in and get you. Remember, you can run but you can’t hide… You twist and turn everything to fit your own reality….You live in a fantasy world….ZINKE IS GUILTY….GUILTY….. GUILTY and so is his wife for using the F bomb at a public parade. Their actions clearly, represent a lack of character as individuals and as a family…..That finger will go down in the history books for Mchenry County politics “FOREVER” No one will ever forget it. Bet Zinke will be the first political candidate in Mchenry County history to lose a race because of he and his wife’s behavior at a public parade…It is interesting that Zinke was the only one in the parade supporting him. Bill Prim had many people volunteering and supporting him. Prim has no problem getting people to rally for him.

  22. 4 8 16 23 42 – I wonder if DHARMA would hold a meet and great for all of the sheriff candidates?

  23. Zane seems like one angry dude.

    Cal, you better keep him on your good side as you sure wouldn’t want him starting a blog with implications and accusations targeting you and your family.

  24. Zinke is a current member of MCSO.

    He has demonstrated time and time again his total ignorance of General Orders, County laws, and State Election laws.

    He was taught by Keith Nygren.

    Just like Nygren, Zinke refuses to see the difference between his Official Capacity and his failed political candidate position.

    The tax payers of McHenry County WILL not tolerate this.

    We deserve a Sheriffs Office free of wrong doings.

    The men and woman of MCSO deserve this as well. Everyday these men and women risk their lives for us tax payers.

    The least we can do for them is to guarantee them that they will have the right leader behind them, allowing them to do the job without living in fear of retaliation and threats from Zinke.

    The public is beginning to see the true likes of Zinke-Nygren, and the public is going to vote for Mr. Bill Prim in 2014 for the hard working Deputies, Correctional Officers, and others to be the next Sheriff of McHenry County.

  25. Oh the irony. Handle of “the facts state”, but once the facts point out your blatant factual hypocrisy your response is just a rant/tantrum.

    So weren’t you saying something like…anyone whose campaign uses govt equipment for campaign purposes should not be part of the Sheriff’s department?

    Or does that bit of “integrity” only depend on who you like or not?

  26. Well Duncan, there you go again with your imaginary threats.

    You are indeed entertaining as you are so full of hot air you can fly a hot air balloon around the world on your hot air alone.

    When the feds come over I will simply open the door and invite them in so we all can have a good laugh about how hilarious you are over drinks.

    We will all have some good food and maybe watch a little of Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi favorite TV shows “Lets Make Deal” and “The Price is Right.”

    You feel I serve no purpose on this blog, I disagree, however I can understand how you feel because I exposed you and the truth hurts.

    You make the same imaginary threats to anyone that disagrees with you as if you have this power to follow through with these make-believe threats.

    You are trying to sell it to us, but we are just not buying it.

  27. “Fukoku”

    You are a “CUCKOO” fly away…….

    You go ahead and have your friends the feds over for something to eat and go head and watch your favorite TV shows “Lets Make a Deal and “The Price is Right”

    It is what you do best.

    But just remember not all the feds are your friends….

    Whitey Bulger had 6 agents letting him off the hook.

    One Federal agent was so thankful he gave Whitey Bulger a Case of plastic explosives.

    Now where is Whitey Bulger?

    He is on trial fighting for his life…

    You “Fokuko” and your Sheriffs buddies are not as invincible as you think you are…..

    It is just a matter of time…

  28. but serious. As you aware, MCSO has written General Orders.

    The amount of tax payers money used to make MCSO “Calea Approved” means natta to a person like you.

    I am not writing or talking about anything on this blog for the benefit of a candidate running for Sheriff.

    I want no gain or purpose from this.

    So, try and stay focused here with me.

    A current member of MCSO violates multiple clear, written General Orders himself multiple times, How does this look to not only us, but the subordinates of MCSO,THE HARD WORKING MCSO EMPLOYEES.

    What does this tell them ?

    That just because you are the clown or Walrus that its ok to violate laws ?

    Duncan has some good points.

    He is trying to express those by Andy’s own words or pictures.

    It’s true, he is his own wrecking ball for his failing run for Sheriff.

    He can’t keep it together now, God only knows what he would do if he was Sheriff…..

    The MCSO squads would read “Rita Security” on the sides of them,probably on a crooked sign too.

  29. “The facts state” As you are obviously not going to address your blatant hypocritical stance on alleged use of Govt equipment by a campaign…

    Could you at least please clear up which general orders you are accusing whom of breaking and how?

    I mean with that nickname some facts instead of rants would represent a nice change.

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