Donna Kurtz Comments on Ersel Schuster’s Commentary about Proposed Rule Changes

Donna Kurtz

Donna Kurtz

This comment was posted under the piece by McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster and is reprinted with permission of the author Donna Kurtz, another Board member:

Mrs. Schuster has been a tireless voice for good government by addressing the County Board rules since I became a board member in 2010.

Her advocacy of ethically sound governance is demonstrated once again with this through review of the recommendations supported by a majority of the County Board members on the Management Services Committee.

At this time it appears that the full board will vote on these recommended changes to either reject, or support in their entirety, or partially at the 7pm August 20th County Board Meeting.  [The meeting will be August 6th.]

Of course approving these Board rule changes in their entirety provides the framework to restore fundamental checks and balances essential to maintaining efficient and effective government.Most Illinoisans understand this, especially in light of U of I Institute for Government and Public Affairs findings that Illinois, at both the State & Local levels, is the third most corrupt state in the nation and that information released by the Justice Department, “provided new evidence of reforms needed to reduce rampant corruption in Illinois”.

Unfortunately badly needed reforms promoting ethical, transparent, and accountable government have yet to be allowed and accepted by the State.

However, that should not stop much needed reforms from being implemented at the County level. Talk to your county board member about this issue.

Your support will be essential!!

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