Tribune Runs Story on Candidate Zinke’s Finger Photo and Skinner’s Email Ethics Complaint

Sheriff's candidate Andy Zinke at Crystal Lake's Independence Day Parade.

Sheriff’s candidate Andy Zinke at Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade.  Zinke seems to think that posting this photo lessened “the dignity of our county, our community.”

The first sentence is “The long arm of the law looms even larger with the middle finger extended.”

Zinke pooh-poohs his gesture in the Chicago Tribune article.

You can read the whole story here.

See all five photos taken of Zinke at the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade, plus his email on his offie account to McHenry County Board members here.


Tribune Runs Story on Candidate Zinke’s Finger Photo and Skinner’s Email Ethics Complaint — 98 Comments

  1. It is Zinke’s MO.

    Cal, you are not the only victim of “the finger”.

    Who else would be married to a woman that screams the F bomb out at public, crowded parade? She was screaming it at opponents floats and got the attention of MANY.

    Anyone – open your car window, rest your elbow in the window and take your middle finger, put it up and keep the other fingers down.

    See how “resting” it feels.

  2. Article seems more dismissive of the blog, not to mention the total absense of Harrison and his campaign.

    No one reads the Trib any more anyhow.

    I’m surrprised that they even mentioned this as a story, unless Cal, in his trend to back other than Zinke, called them to advise them of his displeasure directed at MCSO and the comission’s ruling against his complaint.

    Now you have a “major” newspaper dismissing complaints too.

    Keep trying Cal; you’ll find someone to listen and read your blog.

  3. Though I am not a supporter of Zinke, he is NOT “giving the finger”.

    The notion is ridiculous.

    Also, the Chicago Tribune is a loser paper and Robert McCoppin is an absolute dolt.

    He is a flunkie from a loser liberal arts school and has a peculiar liking for writing about crap.

  4. Zinke did purposely and with intent give his finger to Cal.

    He was completely aware of his actions that day.

    How could he not be?

    His wife also dropped the F bomb at the public parade.

    Her goal was to alarm and disturb the person and persons her words were aimed at.

    If she had not intended to alarm specific individuals, she simply would have chosen different words.

    She did not.

    She alarmed and disturbed everyone around her at the parade that day..

    This is stuff grade school kids are suppose to learn.

    It begins with “Personal Responsibility” and being held “Accountable” for your actions.

    This clearly demonstrates a sense of empowerment, entitlement and clear lack of responsibility by Kim and Andy Zinke.

    They could both use a “Time Out” in a Mchenry County Jail cell. ..

    This is not the man I want to be Sheriff…

    Nor would I want Kim Zinke influencing decisions Andy ZInke may have to make, while acting as our Sheriff.

    Now thats a scary thought…

    Time for change in the Mchenry County Political system.

    And, change begins at election time. It is up to the tax payers to get out and vote…

    Bill Prim is the only sensible choice…

  5. More class from Prim supporters…attack the family and then if you get any response from the candidates wife use her alleged response to your gutter attacks as justification for your gutter attacks.

    How about some issues other than targeting his wife, kids, and extended family?

    I think the thing that I find kind of scary is that the Prim crowd actually seems to be increasingly excited that targeting the family may have got a couple of responses for the Zinke family. Truly disgusting on so many levels.

    I did hear in the last campaign cycle that Prim donated to a Democratic candidate, right?

    I suppose if you follow the links his supporters seem like the types that were probably supportive of the attacks on Romney and Palin’s families in the past few cycles.

    Such attacks are never OK.

  6. “butseriouslynow” Just stating the facts.

    No one can deny that Kim Zinke dropped the f bomb at the parade.

    She upset many, many people.

    Please explain why they let her go from the Mchenry County Sheriffs Department.

    Could it be for something similar, like an incident related to Kim Zinkes lack of self control?

    Tell the tax payers they would really like to know.

    Just because Andy is Running for Sheriff, does not mean that he and/or his family can’t be held accountable for their actions.

    That qualifies as entitlement and a refusal to accept personal responsibility for their actions.

    Andy and Kim have no entitlement and no right to be treated differently than others just because they both wear the badge.

    Have been told that Andy has his colleagues watching the blogs everyday to see what people are saying about him.

    Frankly, they should be doing the job they are paid to do , by the tax payers of this community..

  7. Keep up the justification for targeting the Wife, extended family and even the kids were dragged into comments in the past week.

    Is that really the issue the Prim Crowd have? It’s Zinke’s families fault we are targeting them?

    You guys must have been a blast on the playground as kids. I can see it now. Prim supporter in grade school- “you know those 5 kids shouldn’t by targeting that Scotty’s sister just because they don’t like Scotty…on second thought after that last kick she did call one of them a name so she deserves it”

    Class, pure class.

  8. “butseriously” No one takes you “Seriously” Andy Zinke is a public official running for office as the Sheriff of Mchenry County.

    He is currently, Undersheriff and wears the badge.

    He is held to a higher standard.

    But he and his wife act like children.

    That has nothing to do with politics, that has to do with who they are and how they act.

    They clearly, demonstrated their true colors the day of the parade..

    Even if I wasn’t a Prim supporter, Andy and Kim Zinkes behavior is bad, unprofessional and just down right childish.

    If anyone else in this community had given someone the finger or dropped the f bomb at a public parade, they would have been arrested for “DISORDERLY CONDUCT”

    And, you know it.

    By the way, I have not targeted the Porn Star Sister.

    The porn star sister put her self out there for all the world to see.


  9. Of course in this case it seems the goal of targeting the family is getting a response and then whining about it, making the targeting all that more cowardly.

    In this case, the wife of the candidate could more than handle the circling cowardly bully’s.

    Alas, that probably is why the Prim crowd is targeting her family so they can then curl up in a ball, cry, sue and file such petty complaints as above.

    pure class.

  10. Kim Zinke put herself out there and so did Andy Zinke…

    The crowd did not ask or compel him or her to act the way they did…

    Kim Zinke acted on her own and Andy Zinke made the decision to act the way he did…

    They made their choices….

    Clearly, Kim and Andy lack personal self control….

    Sounds like I am talking about children.

    They act like children.

    Now do we want children running the Sherff’s office.


  11. By the way the whole allegedly flipping the bird in public gets anyone arrested thing is hilarious.

    I’ve seen it a massive sporting events, concerts, local softball games, jokingly by a group to each other at a local bar…

    Is this the reason for jail overcrowding all these people have been arrested?

    Either way I never thought we would actually get to the point where allegedly local “Republicans” were actually spending so much time justifying why it is OK to target candidates family.

    Prim supporters are working awfully hard to justify why it is OK to target a candidates family.

    To many of us it simply is despicable.

  12. So Duncan are you actually saying we would rather have people who would target the family of someone they don’t like running the Sheriff’s department…than having someone who may be to “mean” to those who target families of political opponents?

    You would love the old Soviet Union they would actually hold family members in prison when they they didn’t like someones actions…and if anyone dared speak up for them off to prison with them too.

    I myself have always preferred a system where people talked about issues and left the families out of it.

  13. The way Andy and Kim Zinke handled the situation was wrong, immature and childish.

    If they have a problem because they think someone is targeting their family, a public parade where Andy gave the finger and Kim dropped the f bomb is not appropriate. “GROW UP” They made their own choices..

  14. butseriouslynow, if children behaved like the Zinke’s, in school, during class time . . . what would happen?

    I think you should go back to school and learn some self-respect and dignity and then maybe you could be appropriate in your way of thinking.

  15. But serious; you’re wasting your breath (or typing in this case) having an argurment or a battle of witts with an unarmed person, Duncan.

    IF he/she, or anyone else at this parade, was SOOOOOOOO upset that Zinke “alarmed and disturbed” anyone, or his wife was using language he/she found offensive, there were, I’m sure, police from other agencies there he/she could have run up to and made a criminal complaint, which she/he did NOT DO.

    Nor did anyone else, for that matter, make a report to the police.

    Seems to me, and he/she already doesn’t like me, that maybe he/she was the target of the alleged profanity, much like Gus was offended by Nygren “looking” at him at Jewel.

    At least Gus had the “stones” to go to the police station and make a report, even IF they ignored him and did nothing but call aand ask questions of somebody at MCSO.

    One side or the other is going to be wrong in the next election.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

  16. AZsupporter, are you on any kind of medication? Just wondered!

  17. The pettiness of the supporters of Mr. Prim seems to grow by the day.

    The reality is even if your accusations are true, you were only able to get a pretty minor response to your targeting of the family.

    Your zeal and excitability over your anticipation of getting a response on your attacks are getting a bit ahead of the fact that you are still arguing that it is OK with the average decent citizen that you targeted the family in the first place.

    It just seems very telling the the main issue that Prim supporters can seem to concentrate on is the Mrs. Zinke was not nice enough to us after we targeted her family.

    Your being despicable cowards is all the continued targeting of the family proves.

  18. Just because a police report was not filed, does not mean that it did not happen..please return to grade school………..and learn how to play on the play ground..

    Oh thats right, you should be out in your squad car writing tickets….

    Andy is so afraid of losing the election he has to have his own officers patrolling Mchenry County Blog to do ‘DAMAGE CONTROL”

    Andy whats the matter your not man enough to stand up for yourself?

    Oh thats right you and your wife are embarrassed.

    And, you should be….

    Just because you wear the badge does not mean you are always right.

    Take a good long look at the Gary Gauger case….

    That is Bev Hendle’s, Gary Pack and Eugene Lowerys legacy….

    They should be so proud of themselves, for sending an innocent man to jail and death row……….

  19. I guess it is a bit of a surprise how hard the Prim supporters are hanging on to justifying their targeting Zinke’s family.

    I mean are we really having a debate on if it is admirable to attack a candidates family?


  20. Yea, my wife says I’m bother-some too;I tell her that she’s just too easy to bother.

    Since I’m retired, I don’t listen to, or worry about, a boss.

    How about you, Duncan, working, or just being a drag on the community?

    Police reports, sometimes, if they’re serious enough adn not just a whinner, lend credibility to a complaint, NOT a blog.

    Love you guys/gals; something has to entertain me, and this blog fills the spot just fine.

  21. “azsupporter” are you retired or just being a drag on the community?

    We all know police reports are not always truthful.

    Remember, racial profiling within the MCSO?

    Police officers have the ability to contrive and misrepresent any information they so choose.

    that does not mean they all do it, just the dishonest ones…

    They were instructed by their superiors to lie…lie…lie…

    Who were the superiors???????????

  22. This is entertaining AZsupporter.

    They actually believe their focus on Zinke’s family and the zeal they have in targeting them makes Zinke look bad and not them.

    They do seem happy in their zeal, perhaps ignorance truly is bliss.

    It is also truly entertaining to see the waffling from attacking the family, trying so hard to act like they got more reaction then they actually did from that targeting, crying and playing the victim over allegedly being told off over the family targeting, justifying targeting the family, and then saying everyone should ignore their attacks as that would somehow be the “adult” thing to do…

    No matter the amount of justification and faux celebration it starts with Prim supporters targeting the guys family and follows with those targeting the family crying that someone said something mean back to them.

    We should call them the WAAAAHHHHHmbulance.

  23. ‘butseriouslymow” Don’t you have some tickets to write or some false arrests to make?…

    You have attempted to take the focus off the misdeeds of Kim and Andy Zinke “NOT WORKING” He gave the finger and she used the f bomb at the parade…….

    They are GUILTY…..GUILTY……..GUILTY……..

  24. butseriouslynow,.

    Why don’t you crawl out from under Andy’s desk, (but becareful you dont hit your head )and tell him how you feel. After all, it was He that did it to himself, and she as the classy wife did it to herself and the clown because she was representing him in public.

    Sorry that Andy screwed your “wet dreams” of him ever becoming Sheriff, but for those that really know him, knew he would do it to himself.

    He has always been know for his premature idiot lying acts, false accusations, and of course his choice of hanging with the wrong crowd…

    And speaking of swallowing, here’s a last thought for you,…

    If you look at the pictures of his sister in law, the porn star, how many different pieces of property owned by MCSO are seen in these pictures…

    Go on now little boy, run and take a look, and start counting..

  25. “Crawl out from under Andy’s desk”…

    Oh the class and family values on display from team Prim again.

    Keep it classy Team Prim.

    At some point you may want to consider your ties with the multiple online personalities of a certain twice fired Deputy.

    Not exactly stable that one.

  26. I get you guys really think you have something on if Mrs. Zinke told a few of you to F…. Off.

    First of all I don’t trust that you are not greatly exaggerating what happened.

    Come one, think of it from a non-partial view…

    You are part of a group that has launched vile attacks at her family (some “Einstein” even started bringing the kids into it).

    If you are going to go after a candidates family that way we are all suppose to believe you wouldn’t even think of exaggerating a contact with that family.

    Please, as a group you haven’t really shown their is an moral line you will stop at in the campaign yet.

    Finally, if it did even happen…lets refer back to the fact that you are part of a group launching personal and vile attacks on her family…

    Should you really be crying that the wife of a candidate whose family you targeted told you off. You come off as petty at best.

    Their are many fine and upstanding Mom’s in our community who would have told you off had you targeted their families…it’s not exactly something you should take pride in.

  27. ‘butseriouslynow” Officer don’t you have some false arrests to go make.

    Or, maybe you would just prefer to play your favorite day time TV shows “Lets Make a Deal” or “The Price is Right” ……

    “Come on down its time to play Lets Make a Deal the Price is Right”….

    you know what I mean officer?

    Sell any land next to the court house lately?

    Or was that Pack and Nygrens doing?

    You tell me.

    In fact, everyone would like to hear what you have to say regarding that deal..

    .Was the Deal and the Price Right?

    What did that deal cost the tax payers?????????????????????

  28. Wow…Team Prim, coming a bit unhinged today.

    Ok, ok…you went after the guys family and “claim” to have gotten a response.

    So stop crying about it, and give yourselves a proud pat on the back.

    This really has been an example of the best politics has to offer.

    Maybe you guys can go back to calling Palin’s kids names…that was awesome too.

  29. Told you this was too easy-stuck on a “one hit wonder”.

    BTW, I believe that the land next to the courthouse Duncan is referring to was the former law office of Mr. Harrison, another FINE upstanding member of the race to insure that Zinke doesn’t win-he’s so sure of himself, he withdrew from the Republican race to allow Prim and Zinke to draw first blood ( as it were) and then try and run against the winner.

    Don’t have to spend so much money, and then gets to use the fire and brimstone that the two REAL camps can muster to throw against eachother.

    I’ll stick with what I know to be the truth in MY mind, and not what you all thinks is the truth in your minds.

    As I’ve said before, time will tell, and one of us will be right and one of us will not.

    I, and a few other non-paranoid people believe we know who’ll win in the end.

  30. What a waste of time and money!! Enough already!!

    You guys have been beating a dead horse!! This family has gone through enough!!

    GO ZINKE!!

    He deserves to win!!

  31. Now Now officers don’t you have a pair of Andy Zinke’s shoes to polish or another blog to review?

    Getting a little paranoid are you?

    Well thats understandable, because you wont be invincible forever….

    I hear Blago is doing just fine in Federal Prison…

  32. I am not an officer Duncan.

    I am just wasting my time reading your crap.

    You are obsessed with this race!!

    You also LOVE attention!!

    That’s pretty obvious!

    It’s Friday night, go live a little, Duncan!

  33. AZ supporter and butseriously keep whining about an attack on Zinke’s family.

    Kim is fair game based on her actions at the parade and being a second mouth eating off the public.

    You guys keep whining about attacking “the family” but all I have ever seen is Andy and Kim comments, nothing else.

    If the porn star posted on Andy’s Facebook, she interjects herself into the argument.

    I have seen nothing else.

    But you guys must come from the Goebbels or liberal media school where when you post a lie often enough, it becomes fact.

    And as a Zinke critic, I’ve not brought anything but the childish acts of the Zinnke’s into an argument.

    You want them as your public “servants”?

    To quote the name of a mindless anonymous blogger, butseriously?

  34. So her allegedly responding to the attacks is why she was fair game for the attacks that led to her response…HUH…Do you really claim that as a logical justification for going after the family?

    Also Paul, you will have to go through the comments and catch yourself up a bit.

    Not only have the kids been dragged into Team Prim’s nastiness one of your cohorts even called out a Zinke’s supporters daughter by name for heaven knows what reason.

  35. So has the Sheriff’s race really come down to whether or not it is acceptable to target a candidates family and what reaction to that is acceptable?

    This is a Republican primary, unless I am mistaken?

    When was whether a Candidates family “fair game” ever even a point to debate?

    Some, of you seem very lost in the emotions of this thing.

  36. Bottom line is Andy and Kim need to be professional despite what might be said about them but they couldn’t do that.

    Andy flips Cal the bird and Kim drops the F bomb in front of citizens and kids.

    You know, a lot of nasty stuff was said about Keith and his wife during his last campaign and neither of them ever stooped to the low the Zinkes did publicly.

    That’s part of being a cop, and since both of them are cops, they have no excuses for their terrible public behavior.

    As you can tell, I hope Andy loses the election, but leave his kids and in laws out of it!

  37. Yes “uptohere” a lot of nasty stuff was thrown and Keith in the last election, that is politics I guess.

    However, some downright disgusting stuff was posted about Keith’s wife in the last election.

    That was not OK.

    Keith was admirable in not responding to the garbage attacks towards his wife, ironically made by some of the same people.

    The problem now is that seems to have made some “people” actually accept that Wives of candidates are fair game…and are now stretching it to the extended families, kids and even the kids of supporters.

    At some point someone has to stand up to these bullies targeting families instead of just standing behind them.

    I am sorry if you think these families should just continue to quietly “take it” or that the women and kids “asked for it”, but you will never get many to agree that family’s are simply “fair game” for personal attacks.

  38. What happened to fuk and some ting wong.

    Must say, most of the pro Zinke comments sound like him anyway.

  39. So one candidate has a wife that defends her family with words you don’t like…and one still hasn’t explained why he did not stop repeated brutal citizen beat downs.

    No wonder the only thing you Prim guys want to talk about is how or how not the Zinke’s should treat those targeting their extended family and kids.

    Stay Classy, team Prim.

  40. The one thing I hope remains consistent is that this remains a static debate.

    Rest assured some in the Prim Camp have left one or two people behind that were not fans.

    Their are some floating some troubling stories of a rather personal nature out there, I truly hope the Zinke crowd maintains discipline and takes the high road to keep the family’s out of the targeting.

    I would be very depressed if a Republican Primary is allowed to continue down this road and both sides were to engage in the ugly targeting of families.

  41. What goes around comes around.

    Zinke has set a precedent upheld by the ethics commission.

    Should be ok for the public to rest their middle finger on the roof of their car when they pass McHenry County Police or anyone else in McHenry County.

    McHenry County, Home of the Middle Finger.

  42. Paul Greenlee,

    Is the Prim Campaign now officially saying that RITA corp and the Goode family were “moving drugs” and “targets of an investigation”? I haven’t seen any evidence of that…talk about libel and slander.

    Other than that you are just another guy desperately justifying why targeting the candidates wife, extended family and kids is a really cool thing to do.

    I stay anonymous to protect my family from those like you who would think it is cool to attack them rather than debate me. One would think that entering the political debate could be done with some level of respectful discourse without your family becoming targets of bully’s yet everyday here supporters of Prim do not show that common level of decency.

  43. Paul Greenlee

    “butseriouslynow” Is a Mchenry County Sheriffs officer. He hopes that stating his beliefs over and over again he will convince the public. He is like a broken record..He hasn’t convinced anyone of anything relevant except that there is always an excuse for Andy and Kim Behavior. Zane’s blog lists the names of the officers blogging on this site on behalf of Andy and Kim Zinke. They are just trying to do damage control…There is no excuse for Andy giving the finger or Kim Zinke dropping the f bomb at a public parade..

  44. butseriously: You are just a coward and I will call you out now as such. Attacked by me? Please oh please go through here and point out ANYTHING you can categorize as an attack by me. You guys yell and yell, hoping someone believes your lies. As far as Zinke and RITA, it is public record that a complaint was filed and investigated over Andy’s communication of this nature. Fact trumps libel/slander.

    Desperation? Seriously? Look, I am not connected with the Prim campaign in any way, shape or form. But, coward and intellectual vapid individual that you are, you cannot point out that supports voting FOR Andy. You anonymous internet tough guys. Now go have another doughnut. Geez, I can’t believe I am slumming with you. Must be late.

  45. Excuse the grammar. I should have said “intellectually vapid”.

  46. Wow! A nearly 50-comment exchange for the McHenry County sheriff’s race, and it’s only early August!? Can hardly wait ’til the late fall when petitions are filed for the entertaining exchanges between the Zinke supporters and the Prim supporters.

    But the real test of muscle will come when the next financial disclosure reports are made public in mid October. Hope all of you folks are putting your money where your mouth/keyboard is.

  47. Sorry not a Deputy and don’t work for any government agency.


    Probably best that you were much more careful in your wording in your second post about RITA. No proof as been forwarded that they or Mr. Goode were anything other than a witness or victim of the crime.

    Their was a laughable complaint that did not even have the good sense to accuse anyone of doing anything illegal sent by a disgruntled employee complaining that a superior officer didn’t follow his direction or ask his permission.

    Yes I believe you are targeting RITA and Mr. Goode and implying they are were guilty of a crime for political reasons.

    Perhaps you have some proof to back up the implications they were guilty of something but the absence of that your implications seem to be pure political targeting.

    You seem to lack some serious self awareness.

    And yes I believe if I was to put my name out their you and your cohorts would similarly attempt to target my family.

    It is a pattern here that can’t really be disputed as much justification goes into why family’s are fair targets here.

  48. oncoming storm,

    I suspect Mr. Prim will win the money contest by a pretty far margin.

    It is no secret McHenry County elected offices are a big target for big money from outside the county.

    Isn’t Mr. Prim’s campaign managers previous experience in the county for a Democratic candidate?

    Isn’t Mr. Prim’s history of donations to candidates in this county before this run only donations to Democratic candidates?

    Isn’t all Mr. Prim’s experience in Cook County.

    I predict a big money advantage for Mr. Prim, much from business outside our county.

    I also predict many who voted Democrat in the last county election will cross over form Mr. Prim.

    Some of the commenters who support Mr. Prim have been big democratic supporters in the past. \\

    I also predict most who supported the Democrat in the last race will cross over into the Republican primary to support Mr. Prim.

    If elected it would not terribly surprise me that a part switch (after further reflection) would be in the future.

  49. I seriously doubt a police officer flipping off the public will get elected to a higher office.

  50. I was present at the Crystal Lake Parade on Dole Ave. when Mrs. Zinke screamed out the obscenities.


    People around me as well as myself were taken aback.

    An elderly couple called one of the Prim people over to them to shake their hand and thank them for handling the incident well.

    It cannot be denied.

    Acting like the victims, the Zinke’s are looking even more foolish.

  51. I was personally present on Dole Avenue when the Crystal Parade was going by.

    I personally heard Mrs. Zinke scream out obscenities.

    Many as well as myself were shocked, offended and taken aback.

    An elderly couple called one of the Prim marchers over and shook his hand.


    The Zinke’s trying to portray themselves as victims is an effort to deflect and it does not come off well.

  52. To be fair Mark he isn’t being accused of flipping off the community, just an individual who was involved in targeting his family for personal attacks. Even if true, many in the community would feel the same way. If true, it would seem to be a calm reaction to me. Certainly seems calm, controlled and downright relaxed in the pictures. I am still waiting to see the pictures where he seems in the rage many are implying. Doesn’t even seem to glance in the direction.

  53. Interesting thread. More people commenting on “leaving his family out of the race” rather than being concerned about the lack of character we have IN the office! (those must be the family members themselves) because serious posters will be more concerned about improprieties of the one in office, than those of his family members.

  54. Wow, all I can say is there are a lot of posters here going out on a limb regarding “NOT TARGETING FAMILY of CANDIDATES”. My guess is the family themselves have multiple handles, and the sheriffs officers have nothing better to do than to post in Zinke’s defense. As far as the officers go, what DO they have to fear by getting a new Sheriff?????

    First rule in Life is “You ARE the Company You Keep”. That being said: If the families and especially the spouses of a candidate are less than dignified, you can bet the candidate is too.

    I think Zink has more to worry about than whether people on this thread noticed his wife behaving in an unbecoming manner.

    Why all the fuss about his low brow family members?? (I’m not talking children ) Like the obscenity dropping wife and porn working sis-in-law.

    Both have chosen to get their hands dirty in the race.

    Now deal with the fact that you’ll be called out for your choices and indiscretions.

    Simple as that.

    Something tells me they’ve been called much worse, so why so offended that citizens are shedding light on your obscene behaviors?

    I don’t get it?

    You’re obviously on here posting…. so do help us understand.

    OR DON’T.

    We don’t really care.
    What we should care about is what’s in the sheriffs dept.

    And know it must be cleaned up!

    “That’s the night that the lights went out in Georgia” comes to mind when I think of this redneck rat-pack running this county.

  55. As this thread as gotten so long, I thought I would take a deep breath and read it from the beginning.

    Upon a bit of reflection I am embarrassed for our community. We are actually having a debate on if it is acceptable to target a political candidates family. How can that even be a debate civilized people have?

    Sorry I was drawn into it by going back and forth on the details, who reacted in what way, and what levels of targeting the family is cool.

    It is wrong. I for one won’t be drawn into debating the details anymore. Show some class, show who you are, and leave the family alone. The boundries keep getting stretched. First it was OK to go after the spouse, then the spouses family, and then the kids. None of it is acceptable. It isn’t a gray line, it isn’t a slippery slope, it is simply wrong.

  56. Karenena,

    Thank you for the perfect example of someone claiming not to be targeting family, then spending the rest of the post throwing mud at family.

    You are targeting the family, and it is not acceptable to many. You do take care to try to exclude the children out of this, yet on the couple of posts that mentioned Zinke’s kids and pointing out the name of the daughter of a Zinke supporter not a single Prim supporter spoke up. It was just meant with more justification.

    Perhaps you are right in that “you are the company you keep”, and that is exactly why it will never be acceptable to me if family is dragged in. I don’t care if it is Zinke, Prim, the nasty stuff said about the Palin family, or if some jerk would take shots at Jack Franks wife or kids. It is not something I can condone regardless of party or candidate.

  57. Serious. I don’t think anyone believes Andy was flipping off the parade crowd.

    He was giving Cal the finger everyone else saw it and it shows Andy’s lack of good judgement, which is very relative to the election.

    The fact that he did it combined with lying about what he did are only several reasons he should not be considered as sheriff.

    Quit defending his stupid decisions.

    You seem to be suggesting that Andy can do as he pleases because comments were made about family.

    Despite the comments, he and his wife are both cops and know you can’t react in public the way they did. Be interesting to see what her department thinks of her outrageous public spectacles.

    Most departments would probably suspend an officer if they behaved that way.

    If Andy expects to hold public office, he better get a much thicker skin

  58. Uptohere…I will be honest I don’t care much what happens between Cal and Zinke. As long as their are no threats and the families are left out.

    They are both big boys and in the political arena.

    My message is simple, I don’t care much how people reacted as long as no one was threatened or injured. For me it starts and ends with the family being dragged in.

    It is not cool.

    I will pay attention to the other issues, but this silliness about the how the family reacted to being targeted is a non starter.

    Just don’t target the family and you won’t have to worry about your feelings being hurt when someone let’s you know it isn’t cool.

    Isn’t there an actual issue we can talk about, or is the family be ok to target or not thing all there is?

    Just leave the families out.

  59. Serious, guess you missed my point.

    I agree and have said before that family’s should be off limits.

    Despite what others might have said, I agree with your point about kids , in laws etc, but Kim inserted herself and made a public idiot of herself and deserves what she gets when acting that way in public

  60. ‘aretheyserious” is from the Zinke camp- He is just trying to defend Zinke and his wife and does not think they should be accountable for anything..

    Anyone that debates with him is wasting their breath because he is not being objective…

    He makes no sense…

  61. Zane has another web blog, and we’re supposed to believe it/him?

    Truely he has ALL the answers; must be why he’s not working there anymore.

    Your basic “disgruntled past employee”

  62. AZsupporter, what you have at the Sheriff’s Dept., is a SNAFU. Enough said.

  63. AZ – the question is, why isn’t Kim Zinke not working at the Sheriff’s Office any more??

    Nygren’s lawyer said it best – this case against Zane will work out like the last one.

    In the last case Zane WON and got his job back!!

  64. AZsupporter, if you don’t know the term SNAFU . . . it is a old military term used during WW1 and WW2 . . . this could be why the Zinke finger flies and Kim has a potty mouth.

  65. Not only do I know SNAFU, I also know FUBAR.

    Do you?

    Didn’t know Zinke’s wife worked there; don’t care either.

    I do know Zane did, and doesn’t now.

    I seriously doubt that he’ll get the job back there, nor at any other police agency.

    I wouldn’t trust him to tell me the sun came up this morning, let alone be another cop somewhere.

    This from the few cops in the county I do know at other agencies.

  66. Do believe that Zane has reason to subpoena “azsupporter” Zanes attorney should be asking “azsupporter” to explain in detail…

    Right ZInke?

  67. I will win my job back, again.

    Those guys said I would lose last time and they had more on me then.

    First thing on the agenda is getting the Zinke/Rita file.

    I think the Pyle files will be at the top of the list too.

    Firing me again opens up the avenue for all those subpoenas and there is nothing they can do about it.

    I can’t wait till the arbitration.

    It is going to be so much more fun than last time.

    As for “AZ”, who cares what he says.

    He is irrelevant.

    Can’t make a difference in anything, being an anonymous commentor.

    He would never have the courage to confront me with his opinions man to man.

    None of Nygren’s clowns would.

    That is the nature of cowards.

  68. Let the games begin……….

    Go get em Zane!………

    As for Zinke and Nygren it appears that they have opened the doors for litigation that could very well expose who they really are……

    Can’t wait…

  69. I have a friend who was standing there at the parade when KZ yelled profanities.

    Unbelievable that they are denying it, when there were so many witnesses.

    The Zinke’s are showing their true colors.

    The Sheriff’s office needs some major housecleaning, and putting Zinke in there would be more of the same.

  70. Good luck to ya Zane-glad to hear your pockets aren’t empty yet, and you can still afford legal help.

    Obviously you don’t need the job back at MCSO, since those with unlimited funds (from whomever) have no need of a job that someone else can probably do, and who can actually use the money to support his/her family.

  71. “azsupporter” Don’t you have something better to do besides “DAMAGE CONTROL” for the Zinke Camp……

    Get Grip…..

    It’s not working…..

    Andy and Kim Zinke are Guilty…..Guilty……Guilty…..

    Rod Blagojevich thought he was invincible to..Now where is he?……


    Though, the tax payers will still be paying for his shenanigans long after he is done with parole………

    The tax payers are on to you and I think they have had enough……..

    Go to:

  72. I wouldn’t call it damage control.

    I’d call it I read the reports from the paper, and some of the stuff on these “blogs” and am having a good time rubbing everyone’s nose in the FACTS that nothing becomes of many of your complaints, even after they’ve been checked out, reported upon, investigated by the State’s Attorney, the DEA, and apparently the FED’s or FBI or whomever Duncan or Scott “talked” to; and your constant whinning about not winning your complaints, and how everyone is corrupt and a fraud and how unfair everything is when no one listens to your whinning.

    Zane is the only one who has won “something” at least once, and I’ll give him that.

    Other tha that, you’re all just entertainment to me, and anyone else not on the pariona medication.

    Have a nice day

  73. “azsupporter” Whatever Andy Zinke…

    Go back to your circus, where you belong..

    After all, you apparently are the main attraction.

    Your boys call you “Andy the Clown”..

    Whats this I hear you are demanding that your employees be at the next parade and political event to support you.

    That is because you don’t have any volunteers or political supporters.


    The truth will eventually be provided to the the tax payers of this community…………

    When charges are finally brought, I will there for every single court date to make sure the participants spend some serious time in prison……….

    You think you have all of the answers and you don’t.

  74. The guys from the Sheriffs Department monitoring the blogs for Andy Zinke are Duane, Jim, Andy, and Don.

    Get back to work.

    The tax payers are not paying you to monitor the blogs….

    Now get going………..

  75. Cool!

    Now I’m Andy Zinke!

    My kids are gonna have to change the initials on their bath towels, and they’re gonna be pissed!

    Retirement is wonderful!!

    I get to read all this bulls__t and laugh!

    Thank you all for the fun!

  76. “azsupporter” You can’t even keep your story straight.

    Your kids are going to request new towels, but you are retired?

    Retired people usually do not have kids…

    Which goes to show you are a liar…

    If it walks like a nut, its a nut.

    If it acts like a nut, its a nut….

    You really need to go take your medication………

    Hurry up move along…….

  77. I see; so I should tell my adult children that they don’t exist because Duncan Scott says so?

    Retired people USUALLY have grown-up kids, some of which MAY have the same last name as mine.

    As President Regan said, “There you go again”, thinking

  78. “LIAR” Not with their own towels at their parents home with their initials on them, if they are grown…………”LIAR”…….. “LIAR ……..”LIAR” …

    And you work at the Mchenry County Sheriffs Department?


  79. Do you have a life Duncan??

    just wondering.

    You go on and on and on and on.


  80. Oh my Gosh another Mchenry County Sheriffs officer guarding the blogs for Zinke!….

    Don’t you have some traffic tickets to write or maybe some false arrests to make?…

    Talk about getting a life…

    “There you go again, thinking” Don’t think Reagan would have liked you using his quote in this blog…

    You might want to find another one…..Hitler has some good ones.

    Give it a try.

  81. I’m sure you won’t believe me, but I’m not a cop.

    Just wondering what all the fascination is about.

    I’ve never read a blog, where they keep repeating the same shit over and over again.

    You have to admit you are a little obsessed with the Zinke’s, don’t you think?

    Maybe its a man crush??

    Just wondering what all the hype is?

  82. ‘timetogiveitup” Who do you think you are telling me what I can or cannot do?…..

    “There you go again, thinking”….

    Those were not my words.

    They were Reagans words and “azsupporter’ seems to think they are on loan (from President Reagan) and they are not….

    Stop acting like you control everything.

    In some social circles they would call it acting like a “Control Freak”

    You do not decide what I do or do not do……………

    Hurry up and move along……….

  83. Clearly its a man crush! :)I love it!

    Why would I move along?

    Pissing you off is more fun!

  84. You wish………So is that why you are on the blog to P…sss me off? …

    Please do not drop the f-bomb on me…

    And, don’t take any lessons from Andy Zinke regarding that finger of his either..

    Yep Andy and Kim Zinke upset a lot of people at the parade…..N

    ow Now don’t go playing the victim card. Andy already claimed it…………

  85. Duncan, you’re the only one on here allllll the time.

    You’re hilarious!!

    I won’t drop the f-bomb, not my style.

    I just love your obsession with this race.

  86. timetogiveitup; I told you this would be fun!!

    Duncan’s OCD is flairing up again, and now there are TWO of us who

    a) don’t have adult children, and

    b) “work” for the sheriff’s dept., and

    c) are amazed at some of the laughable posts here in support of ABZ (anyone but Zinke).

    Hung up on Mrs. Zinke and what someone told him she may or may not have said (if she did, I have to meet this lady!) and actually believe Zinke would drive down a parade route INTENTIONALLY flipping the crowd the “bird”!

    Some people just can’t be helped, even by medication.

  87. “azsupporter” Don’t you have to go create some more lies about your children and some towels with initials on them?….

    Oh that’s right you said you are retired….


    You wouldn’t know how to tell the truth, even if it were sitting right in front of your face…

    You have clearly lost all credibility after this story….

  88. “azsupporter’

    Quote you happen to think Reagan loaned you.

    “There you go again, thinking”

    Yep that says it all about you………

  89. Ok; once again, for the super slow.

    I’m retired.

    I have adult children.

    They live in their own homes.

    Some of the children have the same last name as I.

    That last name is not Zinke, as Duncan claims; however, IF Duncan was correct, my children WOULD have to change their initials on THEIR bath towels from their real last name, to Duncan’s idea, Z.


    If I agreed with Duncan, and the rest of you all did too, then we’d ALL BE WRONG TOGETHER!

    Therefore, I believe that 95-96 posts on this one STUPID blog story is enough.

  90. “azsupporter” As you quoted from President Ronald Reagan “There you go again, thinking” … You sure are going out of your way to convince everyone that you have at least a little bit of integrity…….


  91. Hey Duncan! Did you survive the blog being down?

    I bet you were bitin’ at the bit to get back on here.

    I hope you did something nonZinke for a change…..heehee!


    The plot will only thicken. Stay tuned at a Mchenry County Government theatre near you.

    Or, near Andy Zinke for that matter…..

    Stay tuned for his next circus act at a parade or political event…

    More to come…….


    As for Keith Nygren, don’t bother, he has business to attend to on his cell phone….

    Hey Keith, hope the weather is nice in Wisconsin or Florida or wherever you are…..

    Sure hope the boys at the Mchenry County Sheriffs department have you on speed dial, when Andy loses the election….

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