District 155 Lawyer’s Explanation for Ignoring City Zoning Laws — 6 Comments

  1. Because the board and superintendent were not transparent they are now wasting taxpayer dollars on cya lawyer letters.

  2. By the way, another example of a public education entity refusing to work with a local village, the College of DuPage refused to work with the Village of Glenn Ellyn regarding signs.

  3. District 155=Grafton Township.

    Dr. Johnnie already lawyering up.

    Come on CL, go get ’em.

    The pictures of those bleachers towering over the neighbors yard tell the only story that needs to be told.

    Stand up for the residents.

  4. What a joke! A lawyer’s paradise. School property – the “premise” that the State owns the property?

    To heck with the “premise”.

    Who is the legal owner of the real property?

    Look at your property tax bill.

    The necessary building permits from the ROE?


    The big question has to be, how did those bleachers get built to the present state of completion, without this hitting the news?

    The City of Crystal Lake should have acted immediately, with full legal and court action, and not “played nice.”

    A stop-work order was either correctly issued and delivered, or it wasn’t.

    Who’s right?

    Shepley or Puma.

    No one will believe for two seconds that the bleachers’ height will lowered or that they will be moved nine feet.

    Shame on the School District for thumbing its collective nose at the property owners behind the school. ADA compliant?

    Nice try.

    D-155 just wanted more seating capacity and blew $1,200,000 to get it.

  5. CL started the legal war and wanted a response to their multiple letters.

    You dimwits demanded responses, and now you complain about “lawyering up”?

    They are doing exactly what they are supposed to do – seek expect legal opinion.

    I’m surprised you didn’t complain about unsafe bleachers first!

    Cal, did your kid sit in those old bleachers?

    Would you want him to, so you can get it publicized here?

  6. is a good reference for this issue.

    Sorry CL, but it appears as though the SD is going to win this one, although the bad feelings and press may lose the sitting school board some votes–there’s no real issue.

    There’s a wealth of precedent, including the fact SD’s don’t have to abide by the Fire Code (yes, the Fire Code…which is just one of the very few reasons Regional School Superintendent’s exist) –so aesthetics be damned…the legacy building continues and the bleachers shall rise.

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