Glenda Miller Announces Endorsements for McHenry County Treasurer

A press release from McHenry County Treasurer candidate Glenda Miller:

“Centsible” Choice for County Treasurer

Glenda Miller, currently Chief Deputy McHenry County Treasurer and Republican candidate for County Treasurer garnered several endorsements in the past week.

Miller, 57, recently announced her candidacy for McHenry County Treasurer, after serving 17 years as Chief Deputy Treasurer.

Glenda Miller

Glenda Miller

Bill LeFew

Bill LeFew

Retiring County Treasurer Bill LeFew fully supports Glenda’s candidacy.

“Glenda has the training, knowledge, experience and ethics needed to do the job.  No one else comes close.  I am proud to endorse her candidacy for County Treasurer,” said LeFew. Four McHenry County Mayors recently endorsed Glenda:

  • Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley
  • Harvard Mayor Jay Nolan
  • Marengo Mayor Don Lockhart
  • Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager

“In our roles as municipal officials, we have had ample opportunities to work with Glenda in her current capacity,” the four said in a statement. “We know her to be extremely competent, honest and responsive to both taxpayers and public agency constituencies.”

Lake County Treasurer, Bob Skidmore, also endorsed Miller by saying,

“I hope the people of McHenry County realize how fortunate they are to have a candidate like Glenda Miller running for County Treasurer.  Glenda recently earned an MBA from Aurora University and has a thorough understand of how the Treasurer’s office should operate.  Glenda has demonstrated to me the two most important characteristics of a good elected official, strong financial leadership skills and compassion for and understanding of those she serves.”

Miller promised to wage a vigorous campaign throughout the entire County.

She states,

“I will do all I can to bring all Republicans together to support the sound fiscal policies that have been characteristic of McHenry County government.  I also hope to win the support of Democrats and Independents.”

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