Zinke Fund Raiser Sunday — 54 Comments

  1. Zinke is touting that Dan Rutherford is going to be a special guest at his fundraiser.

    Wasn’t Rutherford a special guest at Prim’s fundraiser?

    Can’t make up his mind on who to support?

    Rutherford just lost my vote.

    Any politician that goes a Zinke event loses my vote.

  2. Any politician that supports Zinke after the Rita Corporation fiasco needs to do their homework on Mchenry County…

    A lot needs to be changed and that is not going to happen with Zinke…

    We do not want shipments of marijuana shipped into our County.

    That truck was tracked from Mexico to Crystal Lake Illinois by the DEA..

    Zinke notified Brian Goode the owner and President of Rita Corporation, about the ongoing investigation.

    Zinke told Sergeant John Koziol “I told Brian everything”

    Not only is Zinke a public relations catastrophe, during his bid for Sheriff, what he did during the Rita Corporation fiasco was not ethical and clearly not in the best interest of the community of Mchenry County….

    We do not want to raise our kids in a drug infested community..and we do not want massive shipments of drugs unloaded here……

  3. Oh yes the “Rita Controversy”…

    How dare a police officer bring in a witness and evidence without first asking a lower ranked officer if it is OK with him.

    The real travesty is that in order to advance a political agenda the potential witness’s name was made public at all.

    I get the political targeting, but when you step back and apply some logic to your argument it would be kind of like saying hypothetically that Bill must be a drug dealer because his new set of Ray Ban’s were in the same fed ex truck as Zane’s steroid delivery.

  4. ‘buteriously” No one takes you seriously.

    Your rationalization doesn’t make sense..

    Everyone knows you are one of the officers Andy Zinke has guarding and patrolling the blogs everyday to review what people are saying about him…..

    Sergeant John Koziol never expected that Zinke would disclose any information to Brian Goode Regarding Rita Corporation, or the truckload of marijuana brought into Mchenry County, specifically Crystal Lake..

    In fact Sergeant John Koziol had a reasonable expectation that Zinke would not disclose any information…

    Law enforcement 101…

    Zinke’s actions are not even remotely related to Ray Bans in a fed ex truck, because of a drug dealer.

    Wrong comparison..Bad comparison.

    Which, is nothing more than your feeble attempt to rationalize and excuse Andy Zinke’s behavior.

    There is no excuse, and Andy Zinke is not a victim, by any stretch of the imagination..

    Here we go again Andy’s victim card..

  5. A policeman can’t flip off someone from a police vehicle during a 4th of July parade in broad daylight and win an election.

    Zinke committed the ultimate caught on film blunder.

  6. Duncan…I know you Prim guys like to do the whole Saul Alinsky attacking the messenger and demonize the opposition thing…but you are once again incorrect in your assumption of who I am or where I work.

    Your stating that you know who I am is simply more dishonesty on your part.

    You are a broken record about trying to make the Rita corporation and the Goode family into some kind of Cartel boogeymen.

    Both the Rita Corporation and the Goode’s are solid members of our community and do not deserve you implications and mud slinging.

    Zinke brought in a witness and evidence in an openly disclosed manner to the lower ranking officer.

    Your guy on the other hand publicly outed that witness and the investigation as part of what appears to be a politically motivated temper tantrum.

    It is a frightening thing that the Prim camp seems to be championing the public outing of this investigation and the witness as a cheap way to try to score some political points.

    It could have very well put people at risk.

  7. Any politician that supports Andrew Zinke after the Rita Corporation fiasco knows it was all BS.

  8. butseriously and fukoku, you two are really night hawks . . . creeping around at that time is questionable!

    I know it takes lots of energy to justify stupid, but that is what creepers do.

  9. Thats right it takes a lot of energy to justify stupid..

    Andy Zinke has several of his guys monitoring the blogs so they can keep track of what everyone is saying about him….

    There was nothing ethical about what went on with Rita Corporation…

    There was nothing right about Andy Zinke giving Cal the finger at a public parade.

    And, there was nothing right about Kim Zinke dropping the f bomb at the same parade in front of families, kids the elderly.

    We all know Andy and Kim have claimed their victim cards.

    But that just demonstrates how childish they really are.

    And, for that matter, he should not be sheriff, because he acts like a child and not an adult.

    They both have a lot of growing up to do…

  10. I much very disagree with “butseriouslynow”.

    Your opinion that Zinke was NOT out of line by inserting himself in this DEA investigation is really flawed.

    I know you want to defend your guy but your statement “How dare a police officer bring in a witness and evidence without first asking a lower ranked officer if it is OK with him.”

    POLITICS….nothing more.

    Zinke was only concerned with appearances and wanted to make sure his campaign manager was covered.

    Sgt. Koziol was the one in charge of this investigation along with the DEA.

    Zinke was 100% out of line when he became involved.

    Zinke was wrong speaking to Goode.

    I am not saying Goode was involved, but when you assert that a police officer (Zinke) bring in a witness and evidence without first asking a lower ranked officer if it is OK with him, shows that Zinke is micro managing investigations for political fallout.

    Since when does the Undersheriff become the one-on-one investigator?

    All of a sudden Zinke is intimately involved?

    YES but only because of WHO was involved.

    Nothing more.

    Zinke should have let the investigation evolve.

    A sad state of affairs.

    I will never support Zinke for the political moves he has made within the department.

    No truck weight enforcement out in the western part of the county because Zinke is afraid to piss off the rich GOP farm base and high profile grain truckers or Dean Foods.

    Screw the semi trucks avoiding the State roads and State scales by going around the scales on our local roads destroying to township and county roads.

    Nope let the roads fall apart becuase Zinke puts politics ahead of getting real police work done.

    For the record I am not in the Prim camp.

    I do however talk with many deputies at the Sheriff’s Department and hear the horror stories of political problems he has caused making sure his loyal base in on the department is taken care of and everyome else is intimidated.

    The low morale there speaks volumes.

    I will support anyone but Zinke.

    I think anyone that is currently in political office and supports Zinke is really on thin ice.

    I would never want my name showing up on the list of contributors for someone with less than credible integrity

  11. Dear In The Know, butseriouslynow, Fukoku,

    You are helping trolls defer the conversation/narrative on this blog from politics to petty name calling.

    Can we please stop feeding the trolls?

    Their insatiable appetite for everything and anything that mirrors exactly what they believe creates a thin layer of Teflon around their pre-frontal cortex effectively leading to symptoms of confusion, denial, rage, anger and general name calling when confronted with conflicting view points without sources.

    The solution is simple, however, don’t address their poorly thought out talking points; instead of telling Duncan that Zinke wasn’t flicking off people, or that he wasn’t operating outside of the law when he told his friend about the investigation into Rita.

    Instead, lets provide Duncan with sources backing up our arguments.

    What this may lead him to do is investigate his opinions and provide sources as well for his ideas.

    When he actually goes online and attempts to find juicy sources to back up his arguments, his sausage fingers will begin to sweat and tremble with rage as only illegitimate sources (blogs) will corroborate his poorly researched views and maybe he will come out of his insulated, crammed, and angry media bubble into an enlightened world of clear thinking, and fact based arguments.

    So, in summary, lets stop feeding trolls by addressing their name calling, finger pointing, and general lack of common courtesy and begin a new era on the McHenry County Blog of fact-checking and provide sources to our talking points.

    What do you think Duncan? Scared to maybe learn something? 🙂 😛

    -Sum Ting Wong

  12. butseriouslynow; I told you before that you’re wasting your time trying to have an intelligent conversation with Duncan-McHenry or any of the other “one hit wonders” that are stuck on Rita, et al.

    Since the DEA, State’s Attorney, and the SAG’s office couldn’t or didn’t find anything wrong, they just don’t want to admit that no one else agrees with them or their assertions.

    You’re welcome to keep trying, but it’s a little like trying to herad cats-going nowhere fast.

  13. sumtingwong, so many words, once again to justify bad judgments, on the part of the creepers.

    I have read the comments and find the more you say, rains more on the Zinke parade.

    Find another job!!!

  14. Have already checked the facts and stand by my opinions about Zinke, Nygren and corruption in Mchenry County.

    I have lived in this County since 1977…

    I have personally been made an offer to pay off a judge for custody.

    There were several witnesses to that transaction in a lawyers office.

    You wont change my opinion…

    You can keep justifying Andy Zinke’s actions, but there is no excuse……….

    And, all you are doing is twisting the facts to fit your needs…

    How many officers are patrolling the blogs for Keth Nygren and Andy Zinke?

    Our tax payers should not be paying police officers to patrol blogs for Andy and Keith, that is not what they are being paid for……

    Let’s just wait and see what the next public fiasco Zinke displays at some parade or some political event.

    He can’t even handle Political campaigning 101..

    Again, he is a public relations catastrophe..

  15. Sum tin wong and butseriouslynow..

    This election was over before it really started,once the Walrus said he wanted the Clown to replace him.

    That was the worst enforcement Zinke Clown could ever ask for.

    The rest of Zinke Political suicide was brought on my himself, and his wife representing him. Between those two, they single handled destroyed their small wet dream of becoming Sheriff.

    Zinke is a liar. No libel here, just stating the facts,..Try and poke me with that stick, and see the bite

    I will put in what ever little hope he thinks he has.

    I can guarantee you that your pal the Clown and his side act wife does not want to piss me off.

    No threats, just the facts.

    On the other hand, I can honestly say that Mr. Prim has the qualities,knowledge,training,and correct mind set to take the McHenry County Sheriffs Office to what it should be….

    The Deputies and Correctional Officers need to come to work each day without the fear and threats and intimidation anymore.

    I did not know Mr. Prim.

    I listened to him, saw him, saw the public yelling his name and thanking him along the parade routes.

    I listened as I heard the Deputies speak about how they put that vest on, and go to work each day, trying to keep their mind set where it needs to be to protect us, and them .

    They do not need to work in fear..

    They need not to worry about if Zinke and Nygren are going to stab them in the back, ..the men and woman of McHenry County Sheriffs Office risk their lives every day for us, and how do we thank them ?…

    I can guarantee you that Mr. Prim will make their lives feel like they can work again, treat the public in a more professional way, and let these men and woman go home to their families each night after the shift is over.

    Go ahead and make my day, push that stick towards me

  16. And the man crush continues!!!

    Duncan lives and breathes the Zinkes.

    Once again its Friday night, go live a little, Duncan!!

    Can’t wait to see you Sunday!!

    What will you be wearing??

    A ZINKE FOR SHERIFF t-shirt??

    i hope!

  17. My t shirt will say “SAY NO TO CORRUPTION VOTE FOR BILL PRIM”

    No more circus attractions, like Andy the Clown………

    Good Bye to the likes of Stinky Zinke and Tyrant Nygren..

    Andy doesn’t even know how to put a sign on straight, though he does know how to straighten that middle finger..

    Does he at least know how to tie his shoes? Doubt it.

  18. You are SO correct Sum Ting Wong, these trolls, especially Duncan and Pamela Whitson led to petty name calling because they can’t justify their own stupidity.

    Duncan tries SO hard to sound like he is someone of importance that he makes himself look more foolish each time he posts a statement.

    As for Pamela Whitson, well there is real idiotic intelligence for us all to read.

    The real problem here for all this hateful behavior is because for years the Teflon Sheriff Keith Nygren has been unbeatable.

    Now that he is retiring, this is the only chance the Taylor Street Boys have to bring in their corrupted control and is failing as honesty and sincerity is prevailing.

    Undersheriff Andrew Zinke will become the new McHenry County Sheriff and you trolls can’t stop him and you all know it.


  19. Duncan I heard the only clown’s in town is from the Prim’s Circus with Mr. Corruption himself; Louis Bianchi leading you clown’s blowing his whistle to the path of corruption.

  20. Pay no attention to “Fukoku” “Sum ting wong” ‘butseriouslynow”

    They are Mchenry County Sheriffs officers trying to gain points with Zinke.

    They are all patrolling the blogs for Zinke….


  21. Duncan, I would think that any Politician, Dan Rutherford, might want to see the comments Zinke’s men from the Sheriff’s Dept. are saying.

    Maybe these guys need some publicity.

  22. I can only hope the people visiting this blog pay attention to what Duncan has to say, because they will learn what I have learned that Andrew Zinke is the only choice for our new Sheriff for McHenry County.

    We appreciate your support Duncan as you turn everyone away from Prim with your bizarre imagination.

    I also could only wish that politicians, such as Dan Rutherford would come to this blog and read for themselves how unintelligent the Prim supporters are in their child play games.

    Unfortunately, I think they already know how Chicago politics and corruption works.

  23. Zinke’s fundraiser on Sunday, should be a great RODEO, can’t wait to see who is there.

  24. “Fukoku” you are a complete “CUCKOO”

    Zinke is the wrong choice for Sheriff and he clearly demonstrated that when he gave his middle finger to Cal at the parade.

    Zinke further cemented his loss for bid for sheriff, when his wife dropped the F bomb at the same parade in front of families, kids and others…

    Hey. the fun is just beginning, because it is only a matter of time before the complete Nygren, Zinke story is revealed to the public….

    You might want to put your running shoes on now Fukoku…

    Like everything else Andy Zinke does, that fundraiser will be a Circus and Zinke the Clown will be the main attraction..

    I want to know how many people show up at this fundraiser.

    I hear Zinke is demanding that all of his employees make an appearance…

    Appearance by coercion Hmmmmmmmmm

    His campaign becomes more and more “PATHETIC” with each and every passing day and or political event…

    Sure hope he knows how to put the signs on straight…

    Thanks Justin for shedding light on how the Sheriffs Department is really run by Nygren and Zinke..

    The Mchenry County Sheriffs Department is a very ‘OPPRESSIVE ENVIRONMENT” for officers to work for.

    That is, if the officers are not a part of the Nygren Zinke entourage…..

    It only takes a few to ruin it for the rest.

    Just because they have some unethical officers who abuse their power, does not mean all the Sheriffs officers are unethical…

    Believe it or not officers exist that believe in doing what is right…

  25. adj: Consistent-

    Zinke has shown time and time again why he should, and will not be Sheriff.

    Starting with :

    September 18, 2004. …Do you really want me to continue filling in the blanks?..Fukoko

    I asked you before, just respond yes to me, and I will light this blog up with very interesting facts.

    I will be there tomorrow at the rodeo for the clown.

    I counted 9 people at the last turn out for him, with zero -0-0-0-0-0-0- zero 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 deputies.

    I counted 112 at Prims last turn out with 17 Deputies…17-17-17-17-17-17-17…

    The deputies and correctional officers want Mr. Prim to be their leader..

    The public wants Mr. Prim to be the next Sheriff….

    Nygren has no idea who he wants anymore since he can’t remember where 2200 N Seminary is anymore.

    See you tomorrow, with my camera.

  26. Hey, I want some “very interesting facts”.

    What happened on September 18, 2004.

    Send it to me!!

    If its good I’ll make it public.

  27. Duncan; second time I’ve seen you reference

    I know the book, and I’ve read it cover to cover.

    I’m more curious; are you mearly useing this obvious “hit” in Lakemoor book as a slam on Zinke and MCSO, or, and I hope you’re not, the author of this book?

    IF you’re the author, it tends to help me understand your anger.

    Since I knew the male victim, you become a little more understandable.

  28. I sure hope Fukoku isn’t a deputy, because this hilarious exchange we had on Facebook might result in some unpleasantness;

    Conversation started July 26

    John Lovaas
    Hi, it looks like the name on this timeline isn’t a real name. Here’s info on how to change your name:

    August 1

    Fukoku Kyōhei
    Greetings, my name is real to only my friends and family.

    John Lovaas
    Thank you; I’ll forward this to Facebook staff- Facebook does not allow profiles with false names.

    Fukoku Kyōhei
    Ki o tsukete, buk-korosu!

    For those keeping score, ‘Ki o tsukete, buk-korosu’ translates as ‘be care- you’ll be beaten to death’.

    That’s how law enforcement is translating it, anyway…

  29. EDIT: ‘be careful’, not ‘be care’. My apologies to Fukoku Kyohei, Andrew Zinke supporter, for the misquote.

  30. The Anti Sheriffs Department tin foil hat crowd is getting a bit hard to follow…

    So if I follow this thread correctly all commenters in support of Zinke are just loyal Deputies but no Deputies support Zinke…Hmmm…going to take a while to follow that bit of “logic”.

    I get you guys want to keep the politics at the personal attack level as opposed to issues but could you at least have some consistency in your conspiracy theories?

  31. John Lovaas is correct.

    This bizarre individual hunts me down in Facebook and sends me a message to harass me.

    Can you believe this, that this sick individual takes the time to research and only to find me on Facebook to threaten me because I support and defend Andrew Zinke.

    It’s obvious that Lovaas has psychological problems and needs some serious immediate help, don’t you all agree?

    Is there a Doctor in the house?

    Lovaas needs your help NOW!

  32. No Fukoku You are the real “NUT” here…

    Facebook is a public domain and John Lovass is right about you…

    You Zinke supporters always find a way to put a twist on the truth.

    You are the one that needs medication.

    Though, you cant cure someone with medication that lacks ethical behavior and goes around threatening other people….

    You can’t be cured..

    The Zinke camp is just as “Pathetic” as Zinke…

    This blog is not meant for people like you to intimidate and threaten others.

    This blog is a public platform used for people to say what they think..

    Thank You John Lovass for stating the facts…….

  33. It really shows us all how stupid you really are Duncan; I threatened NO ONE on this blog fool.

    As for your friend Lovass, he is a sicko stalker.

    Thank you Duncan for supporting Criminal Stalking.

  34. Fukoku, you are starting to sound more like Greg Pyle . . . could it be?

  35. Yes “Fukoku” is a Pyle supporter.

    The only criminal sicko stalker is you Fukoku…

    Be careful about throwing false accusations at John Lovass me or anyone else…

    If you think you wont have to face any consequences for your behavior, just because you are a Zinke supporter, you are wrong…

    Oh thats right, Zinke doesn’t believe in consequences especially for himself…

    Thats why he gave Cal the finger, because he knew no one would hold him accountable…….

    I know all about case fixing, false arrests and more….

    There are a lot of falsely accused and falsely arrested people, who will soon have their cases overturned…

    Thats how it starts, people like you. throwing falsely accusations of Criminal Stalking….

    Go back to the “Cuckoos Nest Fukoku”

    That is where you belong…..

  36. Hey Fukoku, where is Nygren and Zinkes favorite Judge Gordon Graham?

    He usually makes his rounds at all the parades.

    Whats the matter is he having a difficult time facing the people of Mchenry County?

    What does he have to hide?

    Does he have anything to hide?

    In fact, he has not made a public appearance since I started talking about him on this blog..

    What’s the matter Gordon Graham not feeling well these days?

    Everyone will soon know the whole story..

    So sit back and watch at a Mchenry County Theatre near you.

    Don’t worry Fukoku, no one will forget about you either..because the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God, will soon be revealed…….

    Don’t forget that everything you say will be used against you in a court of law.


  37. The real idiot is you Fukoku…

    Not only are you an idiot, you are a “Nut Case” Trying to cause Hysteria about John Loavass and making false accusations and trying to turn a situation into something it is not.

    That clearly shows you have some deep seated problems..

  38. That’s a joke coming from you of all people in regards to false accusations and trying to turn a situation into something it is not.

    YOU and Loavass need some serious immediate help.

  39. Fukoku, I have mentioned before, you sound very much like Greg Pyle, no comment from you on that . . . and you think Lovass and Duncan need serious help?

  40. Anotherwatcher, I have obviously no clue who Greg Pyle is.

    I have been falsely accused of being several different people in this blog and not one of you have been correct.

    It would be impossible for any of you to find my true identity because I am no one of great importance or in the circle that you all think I am in.

    I simply express my support for the right candidate for Sheriff, Andrew Zinke.

  41. “Fukoku” Just because you use a swear word in a different language does not make it right….

    Let me guess you have some sort of logic of rationalization for your behavior.

    Yep you are definitely from the Zinke camp.

  42. Fukoku-

    The Interwebs must be a frightening machine to you- or perhaps when you took part in sleepovers with Greg Pyle, Greg impressed you with the power of it all.

    No need to stalk you- you are all over Andy Zinke’s Facebook page. You make be surprised to learn that when you “Like” something on Facebook, your “name” appears next to the image or post you “Like”.

    That’s how I “found” you. As to your actual identity- law enforcement is addressing that. OF course, your Japanophilia has already outed you to others…

    Thank you for the actionable material that you’ve posted here- today’s phrase that pays is “hoisted by one’s own petard”.

  43. I understand your tricks now Loavass, you visit Andrew Zinke’s Facebook to find his supporters so you can stalk them as you have done to me.

  44. “Fukoku” You are sounding ridiculous again….. You are making baseless threats. You Fukoku are the real danger to society, because you are the real nut….. BYE ANDY…..You have destroyed your chances to be elected Sheriff of Mchenry County…Have to say job well done with that finger of yours and your wife’s potty mouth….. And, now you threaten John Lovass…Boy this Andy Circus never ends. Told you, stay tuned for one of Andy’s next antics already in process. Here we go again and again and again.

  45. Duncan, I like the way you think. Fukoku will never understand logic, only emotion, I have always thought you can not discuss logic with nonsense, and Fukoku has a problem with his repeated nonsense.

  46. Fukoku, If you are trying to sound important, put it away. I think we all know you can not make sense out of nonsense, enough said!!!!

  47. You got me anotherwatcher, I am trying so hard to sound important that I made a statement that you would never be able to understand. Aren’t you the bright one?

    As for enough said, come on, we all know that you can’t stop flapping your gums off.

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