Prosecution of Special Prosecutor Thomas McQueen, Quest Officials for Indirect Contempt of Court Goes to Trial December 18th

Ekl, Terry looking left talkingAttorney’s for McHenry County Special Prosecutor Thomas McQueen and Quest investigators will go to trial for indirect contempt of court on December 18th.

The basis of the indirect contempt charges include McQueen’s and the investigators’ making false statements in court, repeated failure to comply with court orders requiring them to turn over witness statements and willfully failing to turn over exculpatory evidence.

In Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge Joseph McGraw’s courtroom today motions to allow appeals of the Court’s decisions were denied, as was another attempt to obtain someone to prosecute the case other than Terry Ekl.

Ekl was McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s lawyer when McQueen and Henry Tonigan, appointed by McHenry County Judge Gordon Graham, unsuccessfully prosecuted Bianchi and several of his employees.

Both attempts to convict Bianchi of criminal charges ended in directed verdicts, that is, were found wanting by Judge McGraw prior to the defense putting on any witnesses.

Ekl will be presenting the evidence in Judge McGraw’s courtroom pro bono, that is, he will not be paid for his services.

The defense has requested three days for the trial. Ekl says his side of the case will take four hours to present.

Coincidentally, Bianchi has a fund raiser tonight at the Boulder Ridge Country Club in Lake in the Hills. It runs from 5-8. The price is $75 each or $125 per couple.


Prosecution of Special Prosecutor Thomas McQueen, Quest Officials for Indirect Contempt of Court Goes to Trial December 18th — 12 Comments

  1. Thomas McQueen is an incompetent lawyer who was interested in this case for two reasons:

    1) The Nygren/Graham/Lowery/Linder team wanted to destroy people politically who were not their allies nor complicit in the political hierarchy led by Nygren

    2) He thought it was an easy way to bilk the system and get paid for mediocre work.

    Knowing the cases were frauds from the beginning, he had to hide evidence, distort the truth, and release grand jury testimony illegally to keep the case and media pressure on the defendants.

    McQueen is incompetent, a criminal, and a political hack who did what Nygren and Lowery told him to do.

    Now he has to pay the price.

  2. Amen “CLM” You put that into perspective…We all know Bianchi was falsely prosecuted…..Nygren, Judge Graham, Lowery and Linder should all be prosecuted for trying to railroad Bianchi…..The tax payers should know how their hard earned money is being spent. They should also know that if they can railroad a Prosecutor who chooses not to play the political games, they can bring false charges against anyone…The Gary Gauger case should be a stark reminder of that fact….Unfortunately, most people do not want to be involved until something happens to them and they suddenly find themselves a part of the judicial system of Mchenry County…We can create change when we cast votes appropriately…It is time for the tax payers to become engaged and become knowledgable about the daily events in Mchenry County Government. There will never be change unless people like Thomas Mcqueen are held accountable for their actions. And, the tax payers also have the responsibility to help make that happen…

  3. The above two commenters are right on target!

    Nygren and Lowery are thugs who are political enemies of Bianchi. They were upset Mr. Bianchi didn’t play along with their rules, i.e. the SA shouldn’t prosecute their pals and should aggressively prosecute their enemies….just how Gary Pack carried water for them for years.

    So Nygren and Lowery (with Linder) conjure up this BS to “indict” Bianchi. But they need a dolt judge to play along – “Judge Graham will do it, he will do anything we tell him.” So judge Graham, rather than being a man and telling the thuggish officers to forget this witch hunt, he plays along because that what he’s done all his life.

    But judge Graham then had a dilemma. What loser team of lawyers would be willing to risk their careers to be “special prosecutors” and fall for this sham? Well Tonigan and McQueen had professional careers that were financially and professionally in a free fall and they figured this was and easy way to make a buck (CLM is SO RIGHT on that one) and remain employed.

    As the cases developed, it was obviously an absolute joke. So, they corroborated to withhold evidence, come up with a second indictment, leak info to a complicit press to create this evolving fiasco. The house of cards collapsed and Tonigan realized it first. He wanted out when he knew the ship was sunk, but McQueen was too stupid.

    Lowery, Lind, and Nygren are the real bad guys in all of this. And the press? What a joke, they called for Bianchi’s resignation – remember? They also printed stories based on illegal release Grand Jury testimony from Linder and Lowery – KNOWING that was grossly illegal – and then they had the gall to refer to these criminal thugs as “sources close to the NW Herald” rather than reveal the illegal leak from law enforcement (which would be a serious crime).

    The County Board looked the other way.

    The more you think about it, you realize how aweful these thugs are. This evil, I believe, is the primary reason Ekl is doing this “pro-bono”.

  4. Linder never really had any ethical or moral compass and that’s why he got Lowery hired

  5. Oh come on people, Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi was falsely prosecuted? What a JOKE, the support by Taylor Street Boys paid the way to Mr. Corruption freedom.

  6. “FUKOKU” Everyone knows your a nut and you make no sense. Your darn right Lou Bianchi was falsely prosecuted. And, the fact that you continue to defend guilty people only demonstrates your goal to hold onto the current regime…..You are nothing but one of those evil thugs. Thomas McQueen deserves to spend years in jail. Where is his moral compass? It is only a matter of time before, Nygren, Lowery, and Linder have to pay for their crimes….They may think they are above the law. They are not.

  7. “FUKOKU”, though your name is hilarious, you are either a dolt or your are “one of them.” Your name could imply either, 🙂

    To suggest Bianchi is “Mr. Corruption” is so outlandish that I bet upon review, the suggestion would make even you laugh.

    Mr. Bianchi could have come right back and tried the same legal indictment scam that was directed toward him on Nygren…..on a few issues. But despite being attacked, Bianchi didn’t want to seek revenge at the cost of the taxpayer.

    Lowery, Graham, and Linder are just as guilty as Nygren and McQueen. Duncan is right. Tonigan has already paid. The newspapers should pay too, as they were complicit in all this. All you have to do to prove that would be to read the email correspondence between the Sheriff’s office, the CLPD, and the NW Herald. Is someone doing their homework?

  8. Yesterday evening at Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi’s fund raiser at the Boulder Ridge Country Club in Lake in the Hills, a Priest had a few kind words for Mr. Corruption. This Priest made a point during his speech stating that Mr. Corruption was one of the most ethical people he knows.

    If you need a Priest to come to your fund raiser to make this statement, it is obvious that this attempt is to camouflage the truth. Anyone using a Priest is the real evil snake out there.

  9. “Fukoku” The more you talk the less credibility you have and the more you sound just down right ridiculous.. Bianchi is “INNOCENT” I was made an offer to pay off a judge, and I can guarantee the tax payers of Mchenry County that Lou Bianchi has never been in the corruption game. Though, I know who has been part of the game in the past and who is still in the game….Go take your medication “Fukoku” and return to the Cuckoos nest where you belong………

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