New Republican Precinct Committeemen in Nunda Township

When the GOP Precinct Committeemen in Nunda Township spoke at their annual picnic, two looked for volunteers to take over their jobs.

Both Mary Donner and Joe Gottemoller explained that they did not live in the precinct in which they served and would welcome residents to take over the job.

Donner serves in Nunda 4 and Gottemoller is in Nunda 24.

Recent appointments follow:

  • Nunda 3 – Angela Koscavage. She is the newly-elected Township Clerk.
    Nunda 6 – John McCrory, Jr.
    Nunda 20 – Catherine Williams

There some new appointees in Grafton and Greenwood Townships, too:

  • Grafton 22 – J.R. Westberg
    Grafton 24 – Nick Hanson
    Greenwood 4 – Steven Reick

McHenry County’s largest township, Algonquin, has 22 empty precincts.

There have been no appointments since last fall’s election.

Nunda GOP Committeemen 8-13 (1)

From left to right, Mark Daniel, Nick Provenzano, John McCrory, Joe Gottemoller, James Becker, Barb Wheeler, Mary McClellan, Mary Alger and Mary Donner.


New Republican Precinct Committeemen in Nunda Township — 1 Comment

  1. Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country.

    Make this line more than a typing exercise.

    2014 will be here soon and we need involvement now.

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