Public Health & Human Resources Committee Rejects Mental Health 708 Board Budget

Wish I hadn’t made an appointment with our plumber this morning.

The 708 Mental Health Board budget was considered by the McHenry County Board’s Public Health and Human Resources Committee.

The County Board has the right under State Statutes to approve or reject the 708 Board’s budget.

In the first time of which I am aware, the Committee rejected the Mental Health Board’s budget.

Three voted against the budget, John Hammerand, Donna Kurtz and Mike Walkup.

Voting in favor were Mary McCann and Paula Yensen.

Sandy Salgado and Anna May Miller attended the meeting but left before the roll call.

Interim Executive Director Todd Schroll contested whether or not committee approval was required.

Brought up was the apparent loss of something less than $1.4 million of reimbursements from the Social Security because tardy presentation of bills.

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