Republican Jerry Dietz Announces Intention to Take on Lake County Incumbent Democrat Sam Yingling

An announcement from Gerry Dietz that he is running against Democrat Sam Yingling in the 62nd State Rep. District:

Gerald (Jerry) Dietz, 44 announced today that he would seek the Republican nomination for 62nd State Representative District

Jerry Dietz

Jerry Dietz

My name is Gerald (Jerry) Dietz I am seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for the office of State Representative of  the 62nd District.

Being a State Representative for the district I live in, I will represent the constituents that are being affected by some of the highest taxes in the state.

I have dedicated my life to public service and I know how to represent the people I have lived with my entire life.

I am a lifelong Lake County resident and Republican and I will bring the Republican party’s conservative values and hard work ethic with me to this office.

I will stand up and say what needs to be said in Springfield.

The people of the 62nd have had enough of the same old politics.

We need someone to represent us and who knows how the people of the 62nd are feeling and want representing.

When elected to the Illinois House: I will fight for

  • pension reform
  • property tax reform
  • jobs and
  • education

These issues are the core to Illinois’s problems.

All these issues are tied to one another.

If we don’t fix the pension issue, we will lose the trust and credibility with all of our teachers and government workers. This will affect our schools and teachers, which directly affects us locally with our extremely high property taxes.

I will lead where others in my district are failing and I will fight for everybody.

My over 20 years of service to our community on behalf of taxpayers and families has given me insight into the concerns, challenges and issues we all face.

I know what it will take to bring reform to Illinois.

Our next 62nd State Representative needs to be someone who has proven that they can serve the people of our great State.

Legislative Priorities

  1. Creating good-paying jobs in the District
  3. Pension reform
  4. Property Taxes
  5. Cleaning up state government and making it more transparent
  6. Stopping pay-to-play politics
  7. Getting the state budget back on track to ensure that important services are available and accessible for seniors, veterans, and people living with disabilities.
  8. Life Dedicated to Public Service
  • Practicing Attorney representing governmental bodies with a concentrated practice in municipal law, municipal prosecution, special districts, library and fire districts. I have represented the government in all aspects of the law ranging from administrative law, labor law, prosecution, to general corporate municipal law.
  • Former Chairman of the Lake County Community Development Commission.  I have served on the commission since 1996. The Commission is responsible for overseeing local administration of the Federal Community Development Block Grant Program, HOME Investment Partnerships Program, and the Emergency Shelter Grant Program and other Homeless Assistance programs. The Commission prepares the Consolidated Housing and Community Development Plan by identifying community needs, setting priorities, and establishing goals. The Lake County Community Development Commissioners are nominated by the county board chairman and approved by the Lake County Board.
  • President of the Board of Directors of the Round Lake Beach Cultural and Civic Center Foundation, a not-for-profit organization created to enhance and encourage arts appreciation and civic participation throughout the Greater Round Lake Area.
  • Volunteer firefighter/paramedic/Lieutenant with the Greater Round Lake Area Fire Protection District I have dedicated most of my adult life to serving as a volunteer firefighter/paramedic achieving the rank of Lieutenant with the Greater Round Lake Area Fire Protection District. I have also written and lectured on the Legalities of Emergency Management. I have taught classes for the Northwest Lake County Fire Training Cooperative, including teaching their EMT’s medical, legal, and ethical issues facing an EMT.
  • Treasurer of Friends of the Round Lake Library Board

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