Crystal Lake City Councilman-Banker Jeff Thorsen Throws Hat in the Ring for County Treasurer

A press release from Jeff Thorsen:


Jeff Thorsen

Jeff Thorsen

Jeffrey T. Thorsen announces his candidacy for the Republican Nomination for McHenry County Treasurer in the Republican Primary on March 18, 2014.

Thorsen, a lifelong resident of McHenry County, is a 5 term member of the Crystal Lake City Council.

With an MBA from Northern Illinois University, Thorsen has made his career in the McHenry County banking industry for over 25 years.

Thorsen points to his credentials as a private sector outsider, a proven civic leader, and a dedicated non-profit volunteer with a record of fiscal responsibility. In his words,

“The record of my conservative fiscal objectives is well documented and available for all to see on the City of Crystal Lake’s website (

“I have stood firm and many times prevailed in avoiding backdoor referendums, tax levy increases, and not so well thought out objectives of other taxing bodies within the City’s taxing district.”

When asked why he is running for Treasurer, Thorsen responded,

“The Treasurer’s office has at least two customer bases.

“Foremost is the public that counts on the office to provide accurate and timely disclosure, billing, and ease of collection of their real property tax liabilities.

“However, the Treasurer’s office is equally obligated to accurately account for and reflect the recipients of those tax receipts as required by state statute and deliver those dollars in a timely manner.

“I am not confident this has always been the case in the more recent past.”

Thorsen vows to maintain principals of fiscal responsibility.

Thorsen also believes the Treasurer’s office is in a unique position to provide disclosure and access throughout McHenry County.

Thorsen believes certain disclosures are not presently available to taxpayers. He states,

“It is my belief that the public can be better informed as to where their tax dollars go, and the general fiscal health of all units of government.”

Jeff is a trusted and experienced banker who can capably manage the county’s assets.

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Already announced for the office is Chief Deputy Treasurer Glenda Miller.


Crystal Lake City Councilman-Banker Jeff Thorsen Throws Hat in the Ring for County Treasurer — 10 Comments

  1. Great alternative to “business as usual”.

    He is professionally well-qualified.

    He is a dedicated and honorable public servant.

    Not afraid to go against the grain.

    I recommend that McHenry County voters support the candidacy of Jeff Thorsen.

  2. Absolutely. Glenda Miller is a nice person BUT she was First Deputy Treasurer under Bill (two hours a day) LeFew.

    LeFew took the County for a royal ride.

    Stayed long enough to grab his rich IMRF pension and then bye bye.

    According to people in the office, he was only there at most two hours a day then was at his Harvard Insurance Office.

    INher credit Glenda did the lions share of the work.

    Maybe that is worth an attagirl, but I still fear her connections to the entrenched GOP especially Nygren’s cronies.

  3. I have to agree with you Justin on this one. What concerns me though is you think Harrison is not part of that group. History is important or the same ol will repeat itself.

    Harrison has a history!

  4. Mr.Thorsen is a man of courage who never hides his feelings or opinions on sensitive tops using false ‘screen names.’

    Mr. Thorsen is obviously a transparent man in both his fiduciary duties to his job, his city and I would believe this character trait would carry over to his job as an elected public official if elected.

    All the best to you Mr. Thorsen. Thanks for being one of the few that aren’t afraid to put their name on what they believe in.

  5. I thought we are talking about the Treasurer’s Office and you guys spin it back to Prim Harrison and Zinke.

  6. Justin, it is not spin . . . history in McHenry County is important and they are all tied together.

  7. Jeff Thorsen is an individual who will use his head and his heart to make the right decisions, run the office with high standards, and be an advocate for the county to be a good steward of our resources.

    His work with Crystal Lake city council and our county’s 708 Mental Health board shows his commitment to this.

    Please support Jeff now in his current servant duties and next year for his candidacy for McHenry County Treasurer.

  8. @anotherwatcher…..BTW I’d vote for Prim before Zinke any day of the week. I think Prim has it way over Zinke without question. Yes my preference is Harrison mainly because I know he has a sound legal background and has personal integrity. Harrison is honest and would be the catalyst for positive change. ZINKE has shown he has zilch in the integrity/honesty department. The jury is out on Prim. I keep hearing the allegations launched by Zinke’s group and know his people SAY they have dirt on him but I will wait for the dust to settle.

    Anyway you slice it you don’t need to be the round’um up, shoot it out type Sheriff. Lake and Cook both have Sheriff’s that are lawyers. The top guy needs to be more thoughtful. Zinke seems to have that shoot first, take no prisoners attitude. He is Prim’s best supporter. Look at how he runs over the rights of employees. His protect the ranch at all expense, stop investigations, transfer people so they can’t make any arrests of contributors. Of course the infamous sink the investigation, protect my campaign manager… Sadly I doubt Goode knew anything about this, but Andy sure blew it all out of the water with his damn the torpedoes attitude. We very badly need a new guy in charge and it ain’t ZINKE.

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