Sheriff Candidates’ Presence in the Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Parade

The Johnsburg High School Jay Hawks marched in front of the politicians.

Johnsburg’s Saufen und Spiel Parade was last Sunday.

Parade entries by politicians are something like tea leaves to a fortune teller.

Sometimes they give a view of the future.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s race is the most prominent local contest coming up next year.

The two sides in the Republican Primary are backed by the two most prominent law enforcement officials in the county.

Retiring Sheriff Keith Nygren’s choice is Undersheriff Andy Zinke of Woodstock and State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s favorite is retired Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim, a twenty-year Cary resident.

There is also independent candidate Jim Harrison, who was the only candidate to show up in the Lake in the Hills Parade over Labor Day Weekend.

I attended the parade to see what they would present their candidacies Johnsburg residents.

The first Sheriff’s candidate to appear was Bill Prim.

Johnsburg Parade volunteers for Bill Prim posed for a pre-parade photo that the Prim campaign provided.

His campaign emailed photos of the lead-up to the parade before I even got home.

Bill Prim greeted Veterans before the parade in Johnsburg.

McHenry County Blog is always happy to receive photos from candidates who are out and about

Here are the area Veterans on an Adams Enterprises trailer.

A truck pulling Prim’s float was the first thing I saw.

The first sighting of a Sheriff’s candidate’s Johnsburg Parade entry was Bill Prim’s float.

I got the photo below of those riding on the float.

There were people riding on the float holding signs and waving at those along Church Street in Johnsburg.

Behind the float were more people walking, some carrying flags.

People were walking along side the float and, here, behind it. Some carried signs; others flags.

Many of the marchers wore Walsh Freedom shirts.

Another pre-parade picture provided by the Bill Prim campaign. Obviously former Congressman Joe Walsh was there, although I did not see him in the procession.

That is a new phenomena for local parades. Former Congressman Joe Walsh is now a WIND talk show host from 5-8 on weekdays.

Then Prim came into sight, marching next to a man wearing a Walsh Freedom shirt with a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag behind him.

Bill Prim walked the parade route.

Prim was shaking hands with folks along the parade route.

Here Bill Prim can be seen greeting Johnsburg residents.

As he walked past, I got the photo below:

Bill Prim as he walked past the camera.

Bill Prim as he walked past the camera.

Behind Prim were other supporters.

Bill Prim supporters followed the float. Here the float is so far ahead that I’m not sure it can be seen.

I kept my eyes open for Zinke, who would be driving a McHenry County Sheriff’s Department vehicle with his name on the side, if he followed past practice.

There was the Sheriff’s Department, I thought.

What I thought was a McHenry County Sheriff’s Department vehical wasn’t.

My camera seized up as I was taking a shot of its approach. When I saw the side, it was owned by SAE Customs, Inc. On the side it said, “Outfitting emergency vehicles.”

Close, but not the Sheriff’s Department.

I kept looking, but there was no entry from the Sheriff’s Department, let alone anything for candidate Zinke.

There also was no presence from Harrison.


Sheriff Candidates’ Presence in the Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Parade — 23 Comments

  1. How much does Primm pay for this publicity??

    I remember a couple of weeks ago when Mr Harrison was the only show and I think your blog only showed a small undersized pic

    This blog is really one sided, no news at all…

    You could probably report for NWH and fit right in

  2. Looks like it was a nice family event.

    Maybe Zinke and Harrison do not care for the sunlight . . .

  3. Cal don’t let the likes of Far4us get you. Most the time you jump the NWH on many events and provide more news. The NWH runs the same stuff for days in row. If there are negative comments about ZINKE in the comments section you’ll notice the article strangely disappears. Maybe is you really want to see it, you can find it by search word.

    I like Harrison and quite honestly I like Prim. I will vote for Prim in the primary because the people at the Sheriff’s Dept (except those with their noses firmly inserted) are saying ABZ Anyone But Zinke.

    Prim has a steam roller going and the Zinke campaign is falling apart.

  4. Cal: Last weekend I traveled to California to attend my nephew’s wedding.

    This is the son of my youngest sister who died from cancer three years ago.

    I felt compelled to attend to represent my sister’s side of the family.

    We added one day on the front end and two on the back side to make a short vacation out of the trip.

    This was the first vacation that Carolyn and I have had in the past 12 years.

    Although Saufen and Spiel is a very nice family event that takes place in my home town, my family obligation was in California last weekend.

    As for your tea leaves … I drink coffee.

  5. It seems that anyone of importance did not attend this parade. I don’t consider former Congressman Joe Walsh important, he is all washed up. Also where was Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi?

  6. I agree with fukoku, where are the pictures of other parade entries?

    You said in your post ‘more was to come,’ i didn’t expect that to mean you would ONLY cover bill prims’s campaign.

    Should we consider that last post an in kind contribution?

  7. Ah, most informed Sum and Fuk —

    If you would have look at Cal’s earlier posts, you would see the rest of the parade.

    He had a lot of pictures and he divided them into two articles.

    Odd that you missed that.

  8. As I stated, no one of importance did attend this parade.

    However, the kids occupying their time by climbing on the Johnsburg Middle School sign was a good photo.

  9. ‘fukoku” = Kim Zinke..

    Bill Prim was the most important candidate there..

    Justin is right, Prim has a steam roller, and Zinke’s campaign is falling apart.

    In fact, it is more than falling apart, it is in crumbles from Bill Prim’s steam roller.

    Where was Judge Gordon Graham?

    Oh sorry forgot, he had a date with the TV shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    As for Lou Bianchi, to his credit he was doing his job.

    Which is a lot more than I can say for Zinke and Nygren…

    They are mostly likely in Judge Gordon Grahams chambers watching the same TV shows.

    After all, isn’t it Nygren who decides how they split the money they earn from watching those shows?… Yes it is…

  10. Fukcuckoo, Joe Walsh who is not even in office has more supporters than your loser husband.

    Couldn’t Andy find his magnetic car sign on Sunday or was his middle finger sore.

    And Lou Bianchi has more people attend his dinner on a non-election year than your hubby will get votes in the primary.

    Jimbo, either you are totally full of it about not taking a vacation in 12 years or you are a really crappy broke a$$ lawyer/crappy husband. I bet her previous husband at least took her on vacation.

  11. Have you noticed that at least Jim Harrison has the balls to enter into this blog discussion and use his name.

    Where is Zinke?

    Where is Prim?

    Sounds reasonable that missing the Johnsburg parade to attend a wedding of a nephew of his deceased sister was the right thing to do.

    What was Zinke’s excuse?

    Lose the magnetic sign?

    How about Bill Prim?

    Are you recycling Walsh t-shirts or is this a new campaign strategy to fly someone else’s banner?

  12. Here we go with the female bashing by the Prim camp. Like I said earlier, no news here!! Glad to hear Mr. Harrison made the right choice, what a stand up guy!!! Hope you and your wife had a wonderful time…

  13. So the overt support of the paid advertiser has become predictable. We all get where the spin on this race will fall no matter the event.

    It’s equally predictable that such an article will contain the usual suspects targeting the opposing candidates wife and/or other females involved in the opposing campaign.

    Just can’t figure out if the knee jerk reaction to drag the female relatives of the opposing candidate or campaign supporters is just some kind of weird obsession of many in the Prim crowd or if it actually could turn into something dangerous at some point. Kind of surprised how many supporters of Prim campaign have stood silently and watched it escalate. I for one hope that this is just a new normal where the families of local candidates become fair game. It just isn’t right, and many should take a long look at their Wives, Daughters, and Sisters and what level of slime it would be acceptable for them to catch if you choose to become active. This level of ugliness aimed at a family of a candidate has never before been acceptable in McHenry County and it would be a true shame if we let it become acceptable behavior.

  14. And its not just one of you either…its multiple people taking aim and both opposing candidates wives…you have taken aim at the kids, the daughter of a campaign supporter, extended family females… and not a single Prim supporter as yet said “wait maybe their is a line with being obsessed with attacking other candidates family’s”…it just escalates right into taking shots at Harrison involving his wife also. You guys are purely disgusting.

  15. It must be nice that the Prim campaign can have their wives, sisters and kids walk in a parade and be active in the process without having them become targets of internet bully’s and stalkers.

    Unfortunately the actions (and inaction’s) of those supporting Mr. Prim have left many in both the Zinke and Harrison camps wary of letting their family attend events or walk in parades so as not to be added to the list of targets or to have there photos used to try to get a reaction by being posted to some of the uglier Prim supporter sites that oftentimes get linked here.

    Do feel safe Prim supporters no one else in this county is apt to stoop to the level of targeting your families and if some moron was to try we would not sit idly by.

  16. Maybe the issues are not enough for these haters. Who was married to whom twenty years ago. Life goes on. I have relatives I sure don’t approve of, but you can’t choose relatives. (except your wife)

    Ok Kim has a potty mouth and has a sister that is in porn. Hillary Clinton berates the Secret Service agencts like a truck stop whore and look where she is. Bill Clinton sure has his history with the women. I don’t think voters care. I think voters here are more interested in who will clean up the mess at the Sheriff’s department. End the morale issues and endless lawsuits.

    Choices? A guy that already has shown he can’t keep the lid on an investigation if it involved his political backers and sells out the citizens by letting trucks destroy roads as long as they contribute to his campaign.

    Maybe a guy that basically ignores heavy handed cops beat hand cuffed prisoners. That will save us more lawsuits ( insert rolling eyes here)

    How about this. Someone that fights for the RIGHTS of employees and teaches employee law to other lawyers or law students. Someone that has some honest ethics.

    I’ll sit this primary out and wait for the big show and vote for Harrison.

  17. WOW! Mr. Corruption’s paid mules are out in force tonight.

    Hey mules, it was a nice day today, did you wash your boss’s car?

  18. Stalker Duncan are you also promoting Zane Seipler blog?

    Well, Duncan, I read this blog once and it was terribly constructed as I struggled to understand his chicken scratch.

    You may have forgotten, or you are trying to forget that Zane Seipler was terminated for violating the department’s general orders when he lied under oath, which U.S. District Judge Kapala called your friend’s testimony a “fabricated narrative that conveniently explained what had transpired.”

    Your friend, Zane Seipler’s credibility has been clearly obliterated as yours for being a paid mule for Mr. Corruption to harass people like me that support our new become McHenry County Sheriff, “Andrew Zinke”.

  19. Fukoku” = STALKER Kim Zinke.. Hey Kim I want to hear more about the knife incident at the Mchenry County Sheriffs Department….…. It is just a matter of time before certain people start facing consequences for what they have done to the tax payers of this Mchenry County. My guess it that it will probably make the National News.

    They will be watching “Lets Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” in a federal prison cell, right next to Greg Pyle

    …. –Read about the real political fixers in t Mchenry County.. Can’t wait until the people can download documents from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations, for their viewing pleasure…

    ….—get the truth about Kim and Andy Zinke…He is just exercising his right to free speech.

  20. Cal,

    I have got to ask is your “more to come” comment in reference to your support of Mr. Prim? (In which case I salute your honesty, as that would be a rare candid response from such a “news” site)

    Or is it a response indicating that we should all expect there to be “more to come” in the disturbing trend of the targeting the families? (in which case I am disgusted)

  21. More to come with regard to the Johnsburg Parade was what I meant.

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