Joe Walsh Announces Endorsements, Organizes Support

From the Walsh Freedom organization:

Former Congressman Joe Walsh has endorsed the first number of candidates that Walsh Freedom will help support in their 2014 election process.

David McSweeney is a member of the IL House of Representatives from the 52nd District. Representative McSweeney has a House resolution opposing a graduated income tax HR241 that has 46 co-sponsors, needing only 2 more. David McSweeney has an exemplary record for voting conservative.

Bill Prim is the Republican Candidate for McHenry County Sheriff. He is a 27-year professional police officer and police commander. He is known and respected regionally and nationally for his work on law enforcement task forces.

Jeri Atelson has declared her candidacy for the Republican nomination for Lake Country Treasurer. Jeri is a CPA from Mundelein. She intends to freeze the budget in the Treasurer’s Office and has pledged not to take a taxpayer-funded pension.

Andrew Gasser is a candidate for McHenry County Board. He is a retired U.S. Air Force officer. He is running for integrity, fiscal responsibility, and transparency for the county board.

Dr. Barbara Bellar is running for Cook County Commissioner District 17. She is a Veteran Major; United States Army Reserve IMA Unit, physician and Addiction Medicine Specialist, and a licensed attorney in Illinois. She has a resolute commitment to conservative values. Barbara’s life has been a life of service in law, medicine, ethics, military, religion and education.

Peter Breen is running for Illinois State Rep. in the 48th District. He has been a trustee since 2011. Mr. Breen is an attorney with the Thomas Moore Society.  He is determined to uphold the planks of the ILGOP platform and force the party to hold to it’s principles.

Charlene Foss-Eggemann is running for Maine Township Committeeman. Charlene will work hard and long to resurrect the Republican Party in Maine Township.

Our goal right now is to help these candidates with their petition signatures.

We are organizing to walk for

  • Bill Prim
  • David McSweeney
  • Andrew Gasser

on Saturday September 14th. We will meet at McHenry County College, Luecht Conference Center, 8900 Route 14 at 12:30 (Joe has a townhall there at 11:00 and we will be walking after his townhall. Joe will be walking for these candidates as well.) Please wear your Walsh Freedom t-shirt!

Also on Saturday September 14th, Walsh Freedom will have volunteers at the Southwest Suburban Republican Picnic, 8901 West 123rd Street in Palos Park gathering petition signatures for Dr. Barbara Bellar.

On Saturday September 21st Walsh Freedom will be walking for petition signatures for Jeri Atelson and Charlene Foss-Eggemann.

Those walking for Jeri Atelson will meet at 10:00am in the parking lot at the Republican Federation Headquarters, 320 Peterson Road in Libertyville. Please wear your Walsh Freedom t-shirts.

Those walking for Charlene Foss-Eggemann will be meeting in the Roselle area at 11:00am. Location is to be determined.

These candidates are Americans who care about our Freedom and Liberty.

This is a call to action for our Walsh Freedom Army. If you are able to help walk for petition signatures please call Barb Babbey at 847-804-2112 or email


Joe Walsh Announces Endorsements, Organizes Support — 2 Comments

  1. Seriously, does anyone really care who former Congressman Joe Walsh is endorsing?

    Joe Walsh is all Walshed up.

    And what is this Walsh Freedom Army?

    I heard that it is an army of deadbeat Fathers that don’t want to take responsibility and pay their child support.

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