County Supt. of Schools Urges Woodstock Police Monitoring to Protect Children

Leslie Schermerhorn

Leslie Schermerhorn

This comment from Regional Superintendent of Schools Leslie Schermerhorn appeared under the story about the stabbing in Woodstock:

This incident occurred near three Woodstock schools.

My guess is the stabbing was drug related.

Children walk by this area every day, to and from school.

Our police need to closely monitor this neighborhood and the apartment complexes associated with it!

You can see a map of the neighborhood below:

The scene of the death was south of the Courthouse in Woodstock.

The scene of the death was south of the Courthouse in Woodstock.


County Supt. of Schools Urges Woodstock Police Monitoring to Protect Children — 12 Comments

  1. Leslie,

    If you’re interested in the kids, look no further than the teachers at the public schools. They have the high rate of child abuse and the rates have not changed over the decades.

  2. School District 47 has had their problems with child abuse . . . does anyone remember their history?

  3. If we eliminated the unnecessary position of Reg. Sup., the savings in that bloated salary and bennies, would pay for 5 additional officers to combat all those Woodstock crime lords.

    You see Leslie, ‘It’s for the Kids’.

  4. Leslie, you had better know your history for McHenry County, Daddy might help you. You could be opening up a can of worms . . .

  5. Her father was a judge.

    I would like to know what she is getting paid.

    How about a resume Leslie to backup that salary?

    Would like a copy please..

  6. Since when is thias the responsibility of the Regional Superintendent of Schools??

    I must say we went from Gene Gagleion who was never ever in his office to Joe Williams with a history of violating “No tresspassing laws and home school rights of peopel like me and my family” to this women all of a sudden into everything.

    I like her desire but i don’t support these positions as they are very expensive for the tax payer and they don’t accomplish anything for the kids or citizen..

    They have no real value and can be used inappropriately like Joe Willaims to bully families and break the law.

    I am far more concerned by what goes on in the public schools than than children walking home in Woodstock.

  7. Cynthia Allen Schenk…You are absolutely correct…

    Their perceived power has no boundaries.

    I homeschooled, and they tried to bully us as well…

    My child was removed from the public school because of abuse.

    They teach the kids to accept personal responsibility, when they don’t enforce it with the teachers.

    Not all teachers are abusive.

    However, there are abusive teachers in the district and there is no accountability for them.

    This is nothing more than attempt to help Leslie Schermerhorn appear professional and interested in the kids…

    Instead of, addressing issues that belong to the Woodstock Police Department, you may want to address the issues taking place within your own Schools.

    We would like to see your resume Leslie.

  8. Leslie, I hope you are reading all the comments. When we parents saw what was going on in the public school system (Government Schools) we instructed the children if there was an abusive situation, to leave school and go straight to the police dept. and call Mom or Dad.

    If there are drug problems in that area of town, could it be because of the Dare Program?

    If I lived in those apartments, I would form a group and make a call on you questioning your ethics and possible racism.

  9. Her father Judge Thomas Schermerhorn should have been removed from the bench.

    Now he enjoys a cushy retirement because of the tax payers…

    That is so wrong, The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in that family..

    Neither of them could win a popularity contest.

  10. Duncan, I think we all know who her father is . . . you are right, but she has no business labeling people in that apartment complex.

    She is there for damage control within the educational establishment.

    I think it is about time for accountability.

    I sure hope someone calls her out on this!

  11. Call her out on this?


    The Regional Superintendent’s job is to ensure safety in our schools.

    An incident that may cause harm to a student walking to school is absolutely within the realm of the Regional Superintendent’s office. Read the job description.

    Her reply was the same reply you’d get from any concerned citizen in the county (which on top of her position, she IS).

    If an incident occurs involving a student, who do you think will be one of the first to be held responsible?

    The Regional Superintendent will! It’s so easy for you guys to sit on your stool and criticize.

    BTW, her father has been off the bench for 15 years.

    How could he possibly have anything to do with her qualifications for the job? Her resume is impressive, undergraduate degree, two post secondary degrees as well as a law degree, cum laude (her resume and law school grades are public information and have appeared on this blog before. Google them – if you can figure out how).

    A classroom teacher, administrator in CPS, lawyer graduating with honors.

    You have any of that?

    I think you’re intimidated by powerful women.

    Your own insecurities.

    She’s only held the position for a year.

    How can she possibly be responsible for past abuse by teachers?

  12. Fred, you are wrong and I do not agree with you..

    These overpaid public enemies in the public school systes are finding reasons for themselves to exist and taking away parental rights from people and families.

    They are behind a good portion of family breakdown.

    And i can assure you a strong women is not the least intimidated by anyone from the public school sector Where the bottom 20% of grade point average graduates find a job after they exhaust all other attempts to find employment.

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