Pat Quinn Follows Dan Walker’s Example on Bonding Furniture

Chicago Sun-Times Capitol reporter Dave McKenney reported Sunday that Governor Pat Quinn’s Capital Development Board has decided to sell bonds to finance furniture.

“That’s a financing deal most homeowners looking for a new living room or bedroom set never would be able to secure from their lenders. And what exactly would the furniture will look like after two decades–even if it’s still in use–is anyone’s guess.”

Used furniture wasn't good enough for the State Capitol.

Used furniture wasn’t good enough for the State Capitol.

Or one might think that this is just plain stupid.

That’s what I thought when Governor Dan Walker’s people came to the Appropriations Committee on which I served in the mid-1970’s and we discovered that he was planning to buy picnic tables with bond money.

How stupid!

We killed the idea.

Now it comes out that Governor Pat Quinn is following in the footsteps of the man whom he helped elected Governor in 1972.

It was stupid idea then and it still is.

My district office furniture, by the way came from state surplus property. It was quite good enough for government work.


Pat Quinn Follows Dan Walker’s Example on Bonding Furniture — 2 Comments

  1. Quinn has not yet landed in prison, but mimicking the likes of Dan Walker, and Quinn’s own stupidity, should put him right up there as a candidate for Oxford, and I don’t mean England.

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