“We Need to Infiltrate the Republican Party,” Joe Walsh Says – Part 4

Former Congressman Joe Walsh got around to practical politics in the concluding part of his Town Hall Meeting at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake last Saturday.

“We need to infiltrate the Republican Party,” Walsh said.

“Run for Precinct Committeeman.”

Joe Walsh at Saturday's Town Hall Meeting in Crystal Lake.

Joe Walsh at Saturday’s Town Hall Meeting in Crystal Lake.

He pointed out that it only took ten signatures to get on the ballot and he thought even he could get find that many people.

[If I could insert my advice when talking about Precinct Committeeman candidacies, I suggest that people get at least twenty signatures. That’s two petition sheets. They have to be numbered and stapled together. Otherwise, they are subject to challenge and winning an election by knocking one’s opponent off the ballot is the easiest way to victory. A Statement of Candidacy has to be filed, too. Both petitions and Candidacy Statement must be notarized.

[How do you know if you should run? If you haven’t seen your Precinct Committeeman in the last two years, you should run.  (Precinct Committeemen are elected by local residents in all counties but Cook.)

[The primary job of a Precinct Committeeman is to get candidates elected. The best was to do that is to knock on doors and give your pitch. so, if your Precinct Committeeman hasn’t knocked on your door, improvement is called for.

[In McHenry County, you can see who the Precinct Committeemen are by going to this page on the County Clerk’s web site. If your precinct has a name with the word “appt” after it, there’s a decent chance the person does not live in the precinct. To check or to find out what precinct you live in, type in the address on this page. Petitions and Statements of Candidacy can be downloaded from here. There is also a Loyalty Oath, but is optional, having been declared unconstitutional, but never repealed.]

“You’ll be amazed at how you can turn around the Republican Party,” Walsh said, pointing to Will County’s where Tea Party adherents have taken control.

He also advised, “Vote with your dollars.”

More tomorrow.


“We Need to Infiltrate the Republican Party,” Joe Walsh Says – Part 4 — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for the explanation.

    I always wondered who these elusive precinct committeemen were. I’ve never seen one.

    Nobody’s ever knocked on my door.

    I don’t know any of their names or how they got their jobs.

    Now I know.

  2. This was a great town hall meeting.

    I really grateful to Cal for this blog to inform everyone of so many different government issues.

    We have to take our country back from the groundfloor up.

  3. It was a great Joe Walsh show Saturday.

    I hope he was able to wake up some long time Republicans, and put the establishment GOP on notice.

    My Republican precinct committeeman has been in place since 2000.

    The only time she made rounds was in 2008 — when I ran against her for the office and got trounced by a 3-1 margin, even after a mailer, unheard of for a precinct committeeman race.

    I guess people weren’t ready for peace, freedom, and prosperity then.

    I hope they are now, after getting a better idea of the alternative being offered.

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