Fox River Grove Castle Tours Continue Despite New Ordinance

This "Castle For Sale" sign

This “Castle For Sale” sign says the price is $1 million or is $10 million.  “All persons entering this property represent that he or she is a potential buyer of this property.”

For the second time, the Fox River Grove Village Board has passed an ordinance to assuage the neighbors who don’t like people coming to see the Bettendorf Castle, one of only two tourist attractions in the town.

(The other, of course, is the Norge Ski Jump, which is part of McHenry County Blog’s masthead.)

But, the lawyers who drafted the language left an exception for those who were conducting tours in an attempt to sell their homes.

So, what was posted in front of the castle today when a tour group came to call?

A “For Sale” sign.

Looks like it is back to the drawing board for the Village Board.

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