South High School Bleacher Neighbor Writes Paper on Greek God’s New Throne

The following was written by Becca Gurba, a student at South High School, for one of her classes.

The Monster of District 155

The birth of Hera’s son, Ares, was just the beginning of Zeus’s troubles.

Never had he paid mind to his son, God of war. Until one day, Ares became sick and disgusted with the ruler of the Gods.

“Why should he be the ruler?” He thought outloud while walking the paths of Mount Olympus with his loving mother, Hera.

“I have just as much power as he does, just as much strength. I should rise above him and his rules.”

Hera listened intently to her son’s rambles about her husband and ruler of the greek gods, Zeus.

The more she heard the more interested she got with Ares’s feelings towards his father.

Then she spoke up, “Why do you not do something about it then? Create something, something that will show Zeus just how powerful you are.”

His mother’s words swam inside the god’s head and soon the words formed into an idea.

The young god smiled to himself and, quickly thanking his mother, ran down to the mortal world.

A horrid plan was forming, growing inside of Ares’s mind.

He soon came across a city named after a small lake, Crystal Lake, the name caught his attention and he decided then that he would put his master plan into action.

Finding an old football field, there Ares let his plan unfold.

He began to construct, to create something so vile that Zeus would be repulsed by the mere thought of it.

Ares gathered the metal that had forged itself from his sense of pride, the nails that manifested from the anger that the god felt towards his superior.

And finally, a hammer he was given as a farewell gift from his mother.

The South High School football bleachers under construction.

The South High School football bleachers under construction.

He began to bang the hammer violently against the nails and metal, awakening a sleeping goddess nearby.

Athena, aroused from her slumber to find Ares, her brother, creating a monstrous figure that now loomed over her previously sleeping form.

As the metal object grew larger, she could feel and see less of the sun’s warmth.

She looked around and saw mortals shouting at the god of war to stop this disaster.

The view from west of the stadium seating.

The view from west of the stadium seating.

But Ares paid no mind to them, he was determined to show Zeus that he was above him and could go about his own free will.

But, the fair goddess of wisdom, came forth and spoke to her brother.

“Ares, what are you doing? This is against our father’s authority! He will not approve of you doing such a thing. Can’t you see how upset the humans are? You are taking their sun away and leaving them in the shadow of your… your…Monster.”

But Ares, again, seemed to be ignoring his sister’s words and wisdom.

This angered Athena, and she did the only thing she knew she could do, she fled back to Mount Olympus, in search of Zeus, god of the gods.

There, Athena kneeled before her father, telling him of the giant contraption that Ares had created in order to anger him.

Zeus listened to his daughter as she described how monstrous the creation grew with each passing minute.

His daughter then began to tell him of how it was effecting the mortals, how they began to argue among themselves.

How they had split into

  • those who followed the god of war’s actions
  • those who opposed it and tried to fight,
  • those who simply did not care that a god was taking advantage of how little power they really held.

As Zeus thought about the situation, he started to see the wrong that was being committed by Ares, against him.

Hera spoke up then, angering Zeus further, “Ares is only doing what he believes is best for the mortals. He is bringing them something to enjoy, they should be grateful for his kindness.”

Zeus stood before his wife, “He disobeyed me. Went against my authority as his ruler. Thinking he is above my power and strength.”

Before anyone knew it, he went down to the mortal world to see this creation for himself.

But by then, Ares had finished building it, and he now sat smugly on top, observing what his master piece had done to the humans who tried, unsuccessfully, to get him to stop.

“Ares! You must take this beast down.” Zeus ordered his son.

When Ares looked down at his father, he smirked.

He knew Zeus couldn’t just order him to demolish his creation.

So many humans have already praised him for it, and still were.

“I’m sorry Father, but I can not,” Pointing towards his followers, he proudly said,

“The mortals love it! It gives them much joy as they play their games.”

“But, what about the mortals affected by this thing? Those who can no longer see the sun, those who are suffering greatly from this?”

“That is their own fault for living next to such a glorious creation of mine!” Ares barked down from his seat atop his brand new ‘throne’.

The god of war has his throne, but has provided thrones for the humans, too.

The god of war has his throne, but has provided thrones for the humans who like his project, too.

It was already clear to Zeus that his wife had sided with their son and Athena with himself.

“If you want this to be destroyed, then you must fight me. The god who is victor shall decided if it shall be destroyed, or if it stays.”

Zeus agreed to these terms, but this would lead to an on going battle between the two powerful gods.

A battle that still, to this day, goes on.


South High School Bleacher Neighbor Writes Paper on Greek God’s New Throne — 16 Comments

  1. The gods of Arrogance aka those in the district who created this boondoggle should be terminated and or thrown out of office immediately.

    They spent public bucks on this seemingly not giving a royal fig how it would affect the people nearby.




    They are supposed to SERVE the people, not put them in a giant porta potty and stands prison.

    What were,you thinking people?

    Build stuff like this in your own backyards, oh, sorry, that would blow your sunlight and view to say nothing of smashing your property value.

  2. Well written…

    That’s right, take back our community from the “ARROGANT GOD ALMIGHTY”

    The building of those bleachers was self righteous and self-serving…

    Let the law suits begin.

    Sure hope I get a spot on that jury, because I would sock it to you for millions….

  3. You people are all idiots, and this paper is dumb.

    The school needs those bleachers to support the ever growing fan population.

    Stop bitching because u moved next to a football stadium, what did u expect?

    U want “the warmth of the sun”?

    Go to a park, u lazy retards.

  4. Shut up, you must belong to the Teacher’s Union in one way or another.

  5. ‘shut up” Yep you belong to the teachers union.

    If you think its ok for the bleachers to be there you are wrong and the school district should be sued. Those homeowners should be awarded the value of their homes, mental anguish and more..

    The law suits should be filed for millions of dollars.

    Their lives have been forever changed because of bleachers.

    Hmmm what Do you call individuals who only think of themselves and display a total disregard for rules and other people?

    “NARCISSISTIC AND ANTI SOCIAL” OR “CRIMINALLY MINDED” South High School was built in 1977.

    They have had 35 years to find another place for those bleachers.

    Go get em in court homeowners.

    You have the support and validation from 99% of the people in Mchenry County.

    Take em to the bank and run em dry…..

    How much do you want to bet that the cost of their lawsuits will cost more than the cost of moving those bleachers?

  6. This is an example as business as usual amongst most Illinois public school districts.

    The only difference in this example is you can actually see the bleachers.

    Most of what happens in a school district is not nearly so visible.

    School Boards, Districts, and their meetings are little covered by the press, mainly consisting of district press releases.

    And that doesn’t include the private meetings, phone calls, and emails amongst the administration and between
    the administration and board members where only a board member or two are present, under the quorum cap to require a public meeting.

  7. Well said Mark, and who puts the corrupt officials in office, the Teachers Union, enough said.

  8. This boondoggle is ridiculous, but it could always be worse with what these lunatics in schools come up with and jam down Taxpayers pockets.

    Take the burb next to me, that floated a $120 M Bond to build a 20,000 seat stadium at the cost of $68 M.

    Complete with 40 foot HD Video Screen and towering press box for their high schools version of Friday Night Lights.

    If my town ever try’s to play ‘keep up with the Jones’s’ with a scheme like our neighboring burb.

    I guarantee many of my neighbors and I, have discussed attending the next school board meeting, with tar and feathers in tow.

  9. Texas football at its finest – where the answer to everything is a gun and an oil well on every homestead.

    “She” forgot the part about the Zeus citing Ares for a building code violation and wasting precious “Ambrosia” by involving Nemesis, Greek Goddess of Law, and Dike, Goddess of Justice.

    Or maybe those characters return for the sequel, “Greek Gods: If You Build It, They Will Sue”.

  10. Let’s keep in mind that this was written by a high school student.

    No need to get nasty.

    She did an excellent job writing this & is very courageous for making it public.

    In addition, nobody moved next to a “Football Stadium”, they moved next to a high school football field on the visitors side.

    There is no “ever growing fan population” because the school’s attendance is down & will continue to go down as CL is not growing any larger like Huntley is.

    The board members of D155 just wanted to “keep up with the Jones” and build themselves these monsters so they could say ours is bigger than yours.

    I’d also say “shut up” is not a member of the Teacher’s Union as most of the real teachers are not happy with the bleachers either.

    From the comments it sounds more like a child stated that.

    Any adult would hopefully make a more intelligent comment.

  11. jgkm6, good comment, but you must realize the teachers will not stand with you, the UNION will back the Administration.

    We are going to see many Unionized Teachers commenting, it is not about the children, it all about wanting more and bigger.

    As far as enrollment declining . . . why do you think they want to push the illegals into the system.

    More Money???

    Welcome to the South Side.

    Take a stand.

  12. Sorry Rod, no ‘oil wells.

    We do outdoor kitchens and salt water swimming pools now.

    Guns yes.

    Hollywood warned us of a potential Zombie invasion.

    Illinois Politicians proved the threat is real.

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