Joe Gottemoller Sets Fund Raiser

On the letterhead the following supporters are listed:   Aaron Shepley        Mayor Crystal Lake Pamela Althoff        State Senator James Berquist Jim Condon Steve Cuda      Former Mayor McHenry Ralph Dawson      Crystal Lake Council David Gervais Lee Jennings      Nunda Twp Supervisor Thomas & Lisa Loftus Jerome Majewski Bob Miller      Twp. Highway Comm. Roger Naylor      Coral Twp Supervisor Mike Pauly Fred Roediger Barbara Wheeler      State Rep. Candidate Thomas Zanck

On the letterhead the following supporters are listed:
Aaron Shepley,
Mayor Crystal Lake,
Pamela Althoff,
State Senator,
James Berquist,
Jim Condon,
Steve Cuda,
Former Mayor McHenry,
Ralph Dawson,
Crystal Lake Council,
David Gervais,
Lee Jennings,
Nunda Twp Supervisor,
Thomas & Lisa Loftus,
Jerome Majewski,
Bob Miller,
Twp. Highway Comm.,
Roger Naylor,
Coral Twp Supervisor,
Mike Pauly,
Fred Roediger,
Barbara Wheeler,
State Rep. Candidate, and
Thomas Zanck.

McHenry County Board member Joe Gottemoller, just elected last November, is one of the people who drew a two-year term.

In preparation for a Republican Primary Election, Gottemoller has scheduled a 1776 fund raiser on Columbus Day, October 14th , from 5-7:30.

The letter he sent requesting contributions is below:

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend my fundraiser on Columbus Day, October 14th, from 5-7:30 P.M. at the 1776 Restaurant in Crystal Lake.

Owner, Andy Andresky, will be serving a variety of his signature appetizers and desserts paired with wine and beer that he has hand selected for the occasion.

I realize the election season seems to have just ended, however, as one of the board members who drew a two-year term, my re-election campaign for the March 2014 primary starts just nine months after being sworn into office.

I am facing competition in my race for McHenry County Board Member District Three and need your support to win.

As a newly elected board member, I have hit the ground running working hard to protect homeowners and encourage job creation. Here are three important issues that I have been working on:

Joe Gottemoller

Joe Gottemoller

  • As Chairman of the Planning and Development committee, I have been meeting almost weekly with the committee to review the draft of the County’s proposed Unified Development Ordinance.
  • In keeping with my original campaign pledge to help homeowners, I along with a majority of the board, voted against raising property taxes.  As a result this year the property tax levy will remain flat.
  • I made the motion that passed to put the popular election of the McHenry County Board Chairman up for a referendum on next March’s ballot.

Your support makes it possible for me to continue to serve the people of McHenry County as a County Board Member. The enclosed Sponsor Card lists several ways you can help. Please make any checks payable to Citizens for Joe Gottemoller. The card and your check can be returned in the enclosed, self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Thank you in advance for your help. I look forward to seeing you the evening of October 14, 2013 at 1776.

I promise you an evening of delicious fare and drinks along with great company and lively conversations.


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