Dan Duffy Endorses Bruce Rauner for Governor

A press release from State Senator Dan Duffy:

Elect a Professional

Dan Duffy

Dan Duffy

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

Illinois is hurting. Four of our last nine governors have gone to prison. Our $100 billion dollar pension liability is the worst in the nation and, on top of that, we owe billions more in unpaid bills. Jobs are leaving, taxes are rising, and the once great Land of Lincoln is in turmoil.

There is a solution, hire a professional.

Bruce Rauner is a professional and he is running for governor. He is the father of six children and a self-made man having built a successful private equity investment company. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in economics from Dartmouth, received his MBA from Harvard, and is a financial expert.

He has spent decades giving back to the community and is now willing to serve his state down in Springfield. He has the exact experience we need at this critical time. Imagine what Rauner could accomplish as governor.

Governor Quinn has proven he simply cannot get the job done.

Over the years, I have served in the state senate with the other candidates running for governor and Bill Brady, Kirk Dillard and Dan Rutherford are good people who have represented our state well for many years.

Dan Rutherford is arguably the most effective grass roots campaigner in Illinois and has been a dedicated statesman.

However, our state is in dire need of a leader who has the ability and experience to transform our finances and bring jobs back to this state.

Rauner is the only person running for governor with that kind of experience.

As a business man, Rauner was required to work with many elected officials.

Those experiences helped him develop important relationships with leaders from both sides of the political aisle and will help him be a more effective governor.

This will be a welcoming change from the current dysfunctional, divisive leadership in Springfield.

I have been advised to play it politically safe and not to publicly express my opinion.

After all, Rauner is an outsider and I serve in the state capitol with everybody else in the governor’s race.

However, Illinois is a political and financial disaster; it is time we all speak up.

The 2014 governor’s election is going to make or break this state.

We now have the unique opportunity to make a bold choice and rebuild our reputation in the nation. It is time we elect a new kind of leader in this state.

A leader who is not a career politician and understands how to operate a successful business, balance a budget, and create jobs. Now is the time to elect Bruce Rauner.


Dan Duffy Endorses Bruce Rauner for Governor — 3 Comments

  1. I trust Senator Duffy’s opinion.

    This is possibly the most important election in the State of Illinois.

    I think it’s important that we unify behind the right candidate and really change things in Springfield

  2. This Duffy say’s hire a “professional”.

    But “professional” what are we being asked to hire?

    I’m just any schmuck on the street, but I questioned this candidacy a few weeks back on Cal’s Blog, simply on the basis, that he’s made his fortune, “investing” Public Pensions.

    Well it seems my suspicions have some traction out there.

    I read in Crain’s that Rauner had current jailbird Levine (characterized as Blago’s Ringleader), on his payroll to the tune of $25 K a month, to get him Public Pension business.

    Read the Oct 14th article for the full version.

    Like I said last month on this blog.

    I not thrilled with the prospect of someone that’s made his fortune, ‘investing’ other peoples money.

    These character’s don’t create wealth, but rather skim off the top.

    Or do you think that $25 K they pay a Levine and the fortune Rauner made off of Public Pensions, just fell off some money tree?

    This Duffy is now suspect, as far as I’m concerned now.

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