Zinke Leads Prim in Cash on Hand by $14,400 in Sheriff’s Race

Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren shake hands.

Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren

McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Andy Zinke showed fund raising prowess during the third quarter of 2013.

He reported raising $33,971.50 in cash and in-kind contributions.

Zinke’s, endorsed by his boss Sheriff Keith Nygren, outraised his opponent Bill Prim, supported by State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, by $31,472.11.

Prim took in just $2,439.39.

In the cash on hand contest, Zinke had $33,693.76, while Prim ended the quarter with $19,310.94.

  • $12,308.50 – International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150, Countryside (in-kind, signs)
  • $2,000 – Vinnie Foglia, V.P., Sage Products, Barrington
  • $2,000 – Gary Rabine, CEO, Rabine Group, Spring Grove
  • $1,850 – Donley’s Banquets & Wild West Town, Union, In-Kind Contribution (Donley’s Banquets & Wild West Town)
  • $1,000 – Christopher Bennett, V.P., Vice-President, Althoff Industries
  • $1,000 – Breh Sales LTD, Harwood Heights
  • $1,000 – Kenneth G. Cabay, Director, Cabay & Company Inc., Lake in the Hills
  • $1,000 – Scott Cabay, Scott, V.P., Cabay & Company, Crystal Lake
  • $1,000 – John Cederlund, CEO, Team REIL, Inc, Union
  • $1,000 – Richard L. Duchossois, Chairman, The Duchossois Group, Inc., Barrington
  • $1,000 – William LeFew, Harvard Owner, American Family Insurance
  • $1,000 – Kurt Moders, President, Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping, Algonquin
  • $1,000 – Pat Morehead, President, KRW Insurance, Crystal Lake
  • $300 – Larry Geske, Lakewood
  • $300 – James Potthast, Woodstock
  • $300 – Security Consultants Alarm Company, Richmond
  • $250 – American Community Bank & Trust
  • $250 – Brian McAdow, Woodstock
  • $250 – Michael Piraino, South Barrington
  • $200 – Josh Howell, Cary
  • $160 – Michael Lesperance, Lakemoor
Lou Bianchi and Bill Prim

Lou Bianchi and Bill Prim

Prim’s contributions over $150 for the quarter follow:

  • $524.39 – Eileen Marhoefer, Crystal Lake ($174.39 in-kind)
  • $500 – Donald C. Stinespring & Associates, Richmond
  • $500 – Mickey Schuch, Woodstock
  • $300 -Joe Franzone, Richmond
  • $200 – Charles Ruth, Charles, Woodstock

Expenditures for the two follow:

  • Zinke – $12,819.62
  • Prim – $19,123.40

Since the end of the filing period, Zinke reported receiving $1,061.23 from Citizens To Elect Sheriff Nygren.

Nygren reported the closing of his committee in mid-September, so it is strange that Zinke would be reporting receiving the contribution a month later.

Prim has a fund raiser next Thursday at the Crystal Lake Country Club from 5:30-7:30.  The invitation is here.

The cost is $40 a person, $50 a couple.


Zinke Leads Prim in Cash on Hand by $14,400 in Sheriff’s Race — 36 Comments

  1. The games will only continue with Zinke in office..

    If we want change it won’t happen with Zinke.

    Lets not forget the Rita Corporation fiasco, the F bomb his wife Kim ZInke dropped a public parade….and more…..

    So, far his campaign has been a public relations Catastrophe.

    Change begins with Bill Prim…


  2. Do you remember that old saying that a “photo is worth a thousands words?”

    This photo of Lou Bianchi and Bill Who says it all.

    Just look at the stress and the look of defeat on Lou Bianchi face as his goofy puppet is bewildered.

    Undersheriff Andrew Zinke has this election in the bag.

  3. Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler, how do you support yourself?

    You need to get a JOB!

    You cannot rely on the commission of that book of crap that you are trying to sell at http://www.mchenrycounty1981.com. This book is just not selling.

  4. “Fukoku”= Kim Zinke.

    Andy Zinke does not have the election in the bag….

    Time to get rid of the likes of Zinke and Nygren.

    It’s just a matter of time before the lid comes off of everything and the truth is revealed…..

    That picture of Keith and Andy is most certainly worth a thousand words.

    That is not a clean handshake.

    In fact, they are smiling because both of them are fat and happy..

    We all know what some of the members of the International Unions of Operating Engineers, local 150 have been up to.

    Tell the public Andy, is it true that not only do you have to pay to play in Illinois, you have to pay to keep your business operating?

    Not accusing, of course, Just asking.

    Take a look folks at the real story: http://www.mchenrycounty1981.com

  5. ‘Fukoku” = Kim Zinke my job is none of your business.

    My life is none of your business.

    If you think my life is your business, you are a stalker….

    Now you think I am Paul Scharff.

    You are so pathetic…

    How long did Andy and Keith think they could continue to operate their “BIG FAT CHARADE” in Mchenry County?

    The tax payers now know who they really are and they have said enough is enough, time to bring in Bill Prim.


    Take a look folks and you can see what Keith and Andy have really been up to..

    They are not the men they would like everyone to think they are…

    See the comments under each and every story.

    We bring you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

  6. Northwest Herald has joined the Nygren and Zinke Circus….

    The tax payers need to standup and fight for their Government in Mchenry County and say no more to “POLITICAL CHARADES” Time to get rid of Zinke and Nygren and they can take the Northwest Herald with them….

    Cancel your Newspaper Subscriptions with the Northwest Herald. When you call to cancel make sure you tell them why.

    We the tax payers will no longer tolerate and support the unethical behavior of our politicians with the backing of our local Newspaper. Come on people, we could change history in Mchenry County FOREVER.

    If you want to be part of the bandwagon to create positive change, here is your chance…

    It’s time for a “NON VIOLENT” protest…..

    Calling all citizens from Mchenry County.

    Time to “BOYCOTT THE NORTHWEST HERALD” Ghandi would have called it “Non Violent Protest”

    Remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott, in which African Americans refused to ride city buses in Montgomery Alabama to protest segregated seating?

    As a result, the United States Supreme Court ordered Montgomery to integrate the bus system.

    Come on Mchenry County how about it?

    Cancel your newspaper subscriptions and buy the Tribune….

    Kevin Lyons will have plenty of time to play his favorite game of cards with “DA BOYS”

  7. There you go again with that baby talk.

    Just look at your comments, its baby talk.

    Also, on top of all that, you are a pathetic lying piece of crap.

    And do everyone a favor and SHUT UP!!

  8. Fukoku, last night at 11:43pm you said “Fukoku Kyohei has left the building”, well I said then and I will say again, Pyle was escorted out and you should walk not run, out of that building.

    Now you are back?

  9. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke. Get a grip Kim we don’t want to hear anymore of your vile language. And, we clearly do not want another knife incident. The last one didn’t end well..

    If you want some truth reading, Kim, just go to this link, and make sure you look at the comments which are located at the bottom of the articles. The articles are very thorough. Now get going and start reading….


  10. anotherwatcher, how would like me to reply to your idiotic comment?

  11. You are really desperate Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler in trying to sell that book of crap.

    It would be a great deal easier to earn money if you just get a JOB.

  12. A statement of another lie by Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler:

    Duncan McHenry posted at 5:43pm. At 5:43pm I was in Apple Creek subdivision circulating Bill Prim petitions.
    Andy Zinke can confirm this.

    He stood there and watched while his neighbors signed our petitions.

    The facts:

    Once again I have evidence that Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler is a LIAR!

    Undersheriff Andrew Zinke was in the McHenry County College auditorium during this time for the Heroin education event.

    I know this for a fact because I was THERE!!!!!!!!!!

    Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler you are a pathetic lying piece of crap.

    All your problems started with your lies, haven’t YOU learn yet?

    Take a real good look at yourself and ask yourself “was it worth it?”

    Just look at yourself, you are jobless, your career is over in law enforcement, you are in financial ruins, and you are known to be a liar supported by a statement from U.S. District Judge Kapala.

    U.S. District Judge Kapala called your testimony a “fabricated narrative that conveniently explained what had transpired.”

  13. Fukoku, in response to your 4:02 question, you do not have to respond, a motivational speaker you will not be.

    But if you follow the money to Zinke and Pyle, that will be enough for me.

    It could be a long walk.

  14. “Fukoku”= Kim Zinke

    You apparently are still hallucinating because Zane is not Duncan and Duncan is not Zane..

    You really need to get in touch with reality….

    Now don’t be pulling any knives on anyone.


  15. A statement by Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler:

    “My job is none of your business. My life is none of your business. If you think my life is your business, you are a stalker…. Now you think I am Paul Scharff.”

    Let us examine this statement closely, shall we?

    First thing’s first, you do not have a JOB or even a life.

    It’s obvious that you make your comments 24/7 on this blog and your blog.

    You have claimed that you are self-employed. If this claim were true, your business would be a complete failure, because of all the time you spend on your blog and this blog. Therefore, that means you have no business and NO JOB.

    You are absolutely correct that your business is none of my business. However, why do you have your BIG nose is everyone else’s business?

    Now we come to being a stalker.

    What should we call your regularly repeated behavior towards Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife?

    It’s obvious that you know Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife and could it be that you have some sick fantasy about her?

    Are you growing tired of your Mamasita?

    Is this the real reason why you loathe Undersheriff Andrew Zinke so much, because of your fantasy about his wife?

    And last, NO, I don’t think you are Paul Scharff.

    I stated that you are trying to sell this book of crap to make an income.

    I know you will reply with your babbling baby talk and idiotic comments of lies, but I do understand this is your life here on this blog.

  16. “Fukoku”= Kim Zinke..

    Stop trying to twist the facts Kim..

    The article posted was about “Zinke Leads Prim in Cash on Hand by $14,400 in Sheriff’s Race”

    If you read the title it is not about you or Zane Seipler…

    It doesn’t matter what my job is.

    This is about politics and your husbands failure as a candidate in the Sheriffs race…

    By the way, you didn’t your husband any favors when you dropped the f bomb at a public parade in front of families, children and others…

    The article is not about you or me.

    Your agenda is apparently to twist the facts and to discredit me through psychobabble.

    My agenda is to expose the truth about Mchenry County politics, lead by Keith Nygren and Andy Zinke and that is exactly what I intend to continue doing…

    The public deserves the truth whether you like it or not.

    What they do with the information is their own personal choice and you do not have control over that and either do I.

    However, It is hoped that our tax payers will get out on election day and choose the better candidate which is Bill Prim….

    If the community is to ever have hope of bringing Mchenry County back to the home town Government it once was, Keith Nygren and Andy Zinke both need to go…

    http://www.mchenrycounty1981.com Please read the comments at the end of each story…

  17. Fukoku, your comment above at 6:40 on the 18th is disgusting!

    A fantasy about Kim Zinke . . . you must want to give her some credit for a potty mouth, and making the election process about sex.

    We want clean government, honesty, and ethics.

    If you are trying to pimp her out, do it some where else, please.

    Vote for Bill Prim.

  18. Our version of Mayberry is much funnier than any TV reruns.

    But why is ‘Otis” in this picture shaking hands with ‘Barney’?

  19. Man, it is just only October, and all of the back and forth in these comments on the McHenry County sheriff’s race.

    For the backers of both Zinke and Prim, how are you doing with your Republican precinct committeeman recruitment?

    While the money is important for each person to get their message out, who has the REAL ground game (no, not parade marchers) who will pound the pavement this winter?

    Precinct committeeman filings Nov. 25 through Dec. 2 will go a long way to determine who wins the sheriff’s race, determining which one is the Prim committeeman, and which one is the Zinke committeeman candidate.

  20. Cal needs to stop the two person game of ping pong.

    Apparently Kim Zinke and Zane Seipler dominate this blog .

    The screen band for Kim speaks volumes!

  21. Last night when I read your comment you made at 7:19, I could not respond back because I was laughing hysterically at your comments.

    Particularly one comment that you made Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler is:

    “Your agenda is apparently to twist the facts and to discredit me through psychobabble.”

    You are notorious for twisting the facts and to discredit others through psychobabble on your blog and this blog.

    I am really stunned and it is impossible for me to put into words a response.

    I am really that shocked.


  22. “Fukoku”= Kim Zinke

    The more you talk Kim, the more you truly look like a lunatic…

    It has been said that Andy doesn’t leave his home because he is embarrassed and can’t accept the backlash from the public…

    That’s what happens when you run a campaign that is a complete catastrophe.

    He should be embarrassed for himself and for you Kim…

    The political signs for his campaign are laying all over your garage…..

    Word travels fast Kim and everyone now knows about the Nygren and Zinke Circus that has been at the Sheriffs office for years.


  23. If anyone knows that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke does not leave his home, then it would be you who knows, Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler.

    Are you hoping to get a glimpse at his wife, Sicko?

    Are you growing tired of your Mamasita?

  24. ‘Fukoku” = Kim Zinke….

    Kim, Andy will lose the election and you have no one to blame but yourself.

    You really hate Zane that’s for sure…

    The only thing Zane has done is hold you accountable…

    Keep talking Kim you are doing nothing but demoralizing Andy Zinke’s campaign..

    No wonder he is too embarrassed to leave the house because of your behavior on and off the internet… Further, he embarrassed himself when he gave his finger at a public parade..

    He is the laughing stock of Mchenry County and so are you…..

    Now get along Kim and go watch your favorite TV shows “Lets Make a Deal” and The Price is Right”

  25. Fukoku, let us stay on the topic . . . what do you know about that Union 150, where do they work.

    This article was about money and where it came from.

    Now if you want to advertise Kim Zinke, this is the wrong forum, unless you are still trying to pimp her out.

    If so, take it to California and she can work with her sister.

  26. How would like me to reply to your idiotic comment anotherwatcher?

  27. Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler, how do you support yourself?

    You need to get a JOB!

  28. ‘Fukoku” = Kim Zinke.. Is that all you got?

    Pretty sad…

    Kim you just don’t want anyone to invalidate your daily nonsense….

    You are mad because you know that what I have to say about the Nygren and Zinke Circus is accurate….

    And, you ?

    Well everyone knows you have no credible arguments Kim Zinke and you are just one more side show attraction for their Circus……..

    So sad there will be no more parades this year for you and Andy to make big fools of yourselves…..

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