Kane County Scores Another One for the Taxpayers

Into my computer popped the following press release from Kane County Auditor Terry Hunt:

Score Another One for the Taxpayers

Terry Hunt

Terry Hunt

Cal Skinner certainly knows how to get a reader’s attention.

The headline of his recent article in the McHenry County Blog was “Lombard Board Votes for First Property Tax Freeze in Over Twenty Years”.

The author went on to state that this action “has managed to stop the continual growth of the Lombard tax levy – at least for this year.

“Score one for the taxpayers!”

That is good news indeed.

Here is some even better news, so let’s score another one for the taxpayers.

In Kane County the entire County Board – under the leadership of Chairman Chris Lauzen – has been working with the Budget Committee,

Finance Director Joe Onzick, other department heads and every countywide elected official to develop the Kane County budget for fiscal year 2014.

During the entire process there was never a doubt as to whether the Kane County budget for 2014 would result in a frozen property tax levy.

From the very first budget meetings through the completed draft version of the budget, there was always one consistently uncompromising parameter – the Kane County aggregate property tax levy would not be increased.

On November 12th, the County Board is scheduled to vote on that budget.

If the budget is approved in its current form for fiscal year 2014, it will actually mark the third successive year that the Kane County tax levies will have been frozen.

As is shown on the accompanying chart, not only has Kane County managed to stop the growth of the tax levy, but through the collective work of many, promises made to the taxpayers of Kane County have become promises kept.

The history of the Kane County levy for the last decade.

The history of the Kane County levy for the last decade.

Score another one for the taxpayers.

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This was one of the campaign promises of Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen.

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