Foglias Give Zinke Ten Grand — 12 Comments

  1. Nygrens son works there I believe as Director of Sales…

    They have loading docks there…

    No accusations…..

    Just saying…..

  2. Wow!

    Ten grand from a couple of rich morons that don’t even live in the county.

    That’s almost as much as I spend on prescription meds in a month.

    Maybe hubby will let me buy a new ginsu knife set.

    We may have enough money to make that movie with my sis and the mule now.

  3. Ha Ha..what a waste of $10,000 that is.

    When Stinky gets his butt beat in March, will he give the $10,000 back to them ?

    Or will he be like his dad The Walrus and spend it for Wine and Scotch in Southern Florida,
    Or the 300 pounds of cheese the Walrus consumed over over 3 month time in Minnaqua .

  4. This is only the beginning as the Zinke Army is on the march to stomp out the threat of corruption at the borders of our county led by Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi and his puppet Generals, such as Bill Who.

  5. ‘Fukoku”= Kim Zinke you have incredible delusions and illusions Kim…

    Zinke has no intention of stomping out corruption.

    The games are over for Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren….

    Getting rid of corruption starts with ethical leadership and that means Bill Prim..

    SO far, the only individuals in the Sheriffs race watching “Let’s Make a Deal” and ‘The Price is Right” is Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren…

  6. I heard that Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi and his puppet Bill Who enjoy watching their favorite television show together, which reminds them of Bill Who’s campaign.

    “Mission: Impossible.”

  7. Is there a candidate for sheriff that is not a puppet and/or corrupt?

    If that is not possible, who is the lesser evil?

  8. Drum roll please…………………

    “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke……….Wrote—>>>

    “Not only do I have family and friends that live in Kane County, I have had rental property in Kane County since the late 1980’s.”

    A search was done in Kane County to verify Kim’s claim that she has rental property in Kane County….

    And, the Kane County Assessors office was contacted to verify her claim…

    There is no property in Kane County owned by Kim Zinke, Kim Furst, or Fukoku Kyohei..

    However, there is property owned by a Matthew Furst and there is another property owned Fred and Carolyn Zinke…..

    Kim Zinke you are a “CERTIFIABLE LIAR” This proves only further that Kim and Andy Zinke should be no where near the Mchenry County Sheriffs Department..

    Told you Andy, you should have put a muzzle on your wife weeks ago..

  9. Fuko..

    You stated “The Zinke Army is on the March “…..

    I saw them marching, but you should let the 5 person army know that they are marching in the wrong direction..

    They are following the Clown, which has only one direction on his compass, to hell.

    July 01, 1997 -The Mchenry County Sheriffs Office reports…………………………. after receiving this information, did Deputy Zinke do with this information?…

    on July01 1997 reports indicate that this ……………………………………. came from a truck in Southern Texas, with a destination of Crystal Lake iL for a business……..

    hum ?…..

    Could this person be appointed on the MCSO Merit Commission ?

    Stinky Zinke had a poker chip in his pocket ….

    He wanted to cash in on this poker chip for a promotion….

    I just wonder who in the heck he could cash this in with ?……..

    Do we know anybody on the Merit Commission that “OWES A FAVOR TO STINKY ZINKE ?…

    If so, who could that be ?

    But wait, years later another almost identical situation develops..

    The time Narcotics Sgt Koziol reports to his Command staff, and guess what….


    So Fuko, that so called zinke army is going to be left out in the frigid extreme cold with out boots on, while Mr. Prim is driving the tank right through the center of the Nygren-Zinke corruption tactics , along with the thousand’s of Prim army supporters.

  10. Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler. You are a Certified Dumb A$$!

    I have my investment property in a Land Trust stupid.

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