Prim Points to 35% Increase in Sheriff’s Budget over 5 Years, Pledges Cuts

A press release from Bill Prim, running for the Republican nomination for Sheriff against Undersheriff Andy Zinke:


Republican candidate for Sheriff Bill Prim Tuesday questioned the reasons for a ballooning Sheriff’s Office budget over recent years and vowed to make cuts in top administrative personnel immediately upon taking office.

The cuts would not impact police services and would in fact make way for an uptick in the number of deputies on the street, Prim said.

Prim noted that the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office budget has increased more than 35% over the past five years, by far the largest amount (in dollars) of any county department.

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

“Do taxpayers notice more than $8 million in improved service over five years ago?” Prim asked.

“I doubt it.

“What they do notice is their increased property tax bills.”

The Sheriff’s Office spent $24,540,322 in fiscal year 2008.

By fiscal year 2012, that annual amount had ballooned to $33,188,495, an increase of $8.6 million, more than 35%.

Over the same period, the number of full-time employees jumped from 394 to 407.

“Inflation is under control, other county departments have not only failed to rise over that same time period, but 10 of them have actually gone down, and yet year after year the Sheriff’s administration comes to the taxpayers for more of their hard-earned dollars,” Prim said.

“It’s time we dialed the spending machine way down, and a good place to start is at the top.”

Administrative activity currently associated with

  • CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies), and
  • the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

either is unnecessary and wasteful or could be better handled elsewhere in county government, for instance.

“Eliminating top-level administration for these two items alone could save the county more than $200,000 per year in salary, benefits and ancillary costs,” Prim said.

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The Northwest Herald Editor said that it was time to start talking about issues in the Sheriff’s race. It will be interesting if the issue of economy in government makes its paper.


Prim Points to 35% Increase in Sheriff’s Budget over 5 Years, Pledges Cuts — 19 Comments

  1. A small price to pay over the past 5 years to keep our county safe and free from corruption.

    It’s obvious if Bill Who became Sheriff our county would be unsafe and the doors of corruption would be wide opened.

    STOP Corruption and join the fight against Corruption in our county by voting for Undersheriff Andrew Zinke for Sheriff.

    Read and learn about our next elected Sheriff, Undersheriff Andrew Zinke at

  2. Fuko..whatever, than were in agreement.

    Contact the County and instruct them your footing the bill from here on out.

    Or are you just one more of the legion of idiots, clamoring for more services and Gov. handholding, as long as someone else foots the bill?

  3. Fukoku. Please explain why the MCSO needs a business manager paid over $100,000 plus her county car to go to Rockford and a legal affairs lawyer at over $100,000 keep “our county safe and free from corruption “.

    Both are unneeded and disliked by many

  4. Back to the article – 35% increase in 5 years is unacceptable.

    Administration cuts is good place to start.

  5. My crystal ball makes a prediction.

    ALL OF A SUDDEN – you will read articles about Zinke confiscating drug assets in the Northwest Herald.

    Prim gets appointed by the Illinois Crime Commission McHenry County Representative to the Heroin Task Force.

    Northwest Herald will not print it and inform the public.

    Wiz bam!

    ALL OF A SUDDEN the Northwest Herald does a Zinke puff piece about his heroin task force.

    Bill Prim has had many years experience in fighting the battles.

    He has done it in pretty hairy circumstances and succeeded.

    This county has grown rapidly and brought with it many issues.

    We need someone with the EXPERIENCE and training.

    Prim runs circles around Zinke.

    Prim – Right Man at the Right Time.

  6. Some of you have made some excellent points, with the exception of Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler’s comment that the voices in his head that he calls “Da Boys” forces him to make worthless stupid babbling comments?

    I personally do not place a price tag on security as it comes to my family’s safety.

    I do agree there is waste in all government agencies, such as our schools in this county.

    As for explaining why the Sheriff’s Department needs a business manager and a legal affairs lawyer Uptohere, I don’t have the answer to your question.

    I do not work for the Sheriff’s Department as you do, so I have no clue why they are needed.

    As for comparing Kane County to McHenry County, there is no contest as the crime rate in Kane County is far greater than the crime rate in our county.

  7. One of the things that drive up the Sheriff’s budget is crime that results from heroin addiction.

    If we eliminate agencies that are trying to provide no hassle treatment to young people who are just entering into addiction where there is still a fair chance to have a positive impact, we will eventually see crime rates go up and need more law enforcement, courtrooms, jail cells etc.

  8. fuk – No surprise that you would use Kane County- isn’t that where Kim Zinke works??

    The population of Kane County is at 524,000. McHenry 308,000.

    Larger populations have more crime. DUH!

  9. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke…Hmmmmm Kane County…

    You see folks Kim Zinke knows a lot about Kane County. After her break down moment at the Mchenry County Sheriffs Department she obtained employment in Kane County..

    You know the knife incident?

    That is why “Fukoku”= Kim Zinke so easily rattled off the comparison of Mchenry County crime rate vs Kane County crime rate….

    You have been busted Kim Zinke……..

    You suck as a Detective Kim Zinke..

    Which further proves there is no place for you and Andy Zinke in the law enforcement community including Mchenry or Kane County.

    Bye Andy…………..

  10. You are such an idiot Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler.

    No wonder why you failed as a law enforcement officer.

    Not only do I have family and friends that live in Kane County, I have had rental property in Kane County since the late 1980’s.

    The only thing that you busted was a blood vessel in your brain from the voices you are hearing that you call the “Da Boys.”

    You are truly a putz!

  11. “Fukoku”= Kim Zinke Ok the Kane County Assessors office should be able to verify land records under “Fukoku” or Kim Zinke…We will verify…

  12. Not another one of your worthless stupid threats again Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler?

    I hope this is not going to be like the repeated worthless crap like the knife incident?

    Did you ever file for a FOIA for Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife employment file that you stated you will do on 11/03/2013, under the post “Another Leak from the Sheriff’s Department to the NWH?”

  13. Do you have any idea how stupid your comment makes you sound?

  14. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke… Kim don’t you have some fliers or posters to put up for your husband.

    You could be doing something productive for his campaign instead of sitting in front of your computer and making a fool of yourself when you lie… it only makes the whole Zinke family look more and more unethical…..

    More Zinke family antics to come guaranteed…..

  15. Drum roll please…………………

    “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke……….Wrote—>>>

    “Not only do I have family and friends that live in Kane County, I have had rental property in Kane County since the late 1980’s.”

    A search was done in Kane County to verify Kim’s claim that she has rental property in Kane County….

    And, the Kane County Assessors office was contacted to verify her claim…

    There is no property in Kane County owned by Kim Zinke, Kim Furst, or Fukoku Kyohei..

    However, there is property owned by a Matthew Furst and there is another property owned Fred and Carolyn Zinke…..

    Kim Zinke you are a “CERTIFIABLE LIAR” This proves only further that Kim and Andy Zinke should be no where near the Mchenry County Sheriffs Department..

    Told you Andy, you should have put a muzzle on your wife weeks ago..

  16. Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler.

    You are a Certified Dumb A$$!

    I have my investment property in a Land Trust stupid.

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