Ailing Attorney Postpones Former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeant Greg Pyle’s Plea Agreement

Photo taken by the Boone County Sheriff when Greg Pyle's hair was considerably longer than it was today.

Photo taken by the Boone County Sheriff when Greg Pyle’s hair was considerably longer than it was today.

Today former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeant Greg Pyle was in the Rockford Federal Courtroom of Frederick Kapala

A week ago, his lawyer showed, but Pyle didn’t.

His attorney announced that a plea agreement was in the works.

The Judge allowed a two week delay.

When Pyle entered the courtroom Friday, he was wearing a shirt with alternating horizontal orange and white stripes.

Printed on the back was “BOONE COUNTY JAIL.”

Unlike the report of a previous court appearance, Pyle now  has a haircut so short one could see the white of his skin.   It looked like the buzz haircuts that local barbers and beauticians give participants in St. Baldrick’s Day fundraisers for pediatric cancer research.

Pyle’s face was also shaven.

But his attorney was sick and substitute Kris Carpenter asked for another continuance.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Love agreed to it.

As he walked out of the room after Judge Kapala allowed a two week delay, Pyle’s head was bowed, his arms hung in front of him with hands clasped.

He looked either resigned or contrite.

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Ailing Attorney Postpones Former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeant Greg Pyle’s Plea Agreement — 14 Comments

  1. I would say contrite, he was sending another message to the McHenry county Sheriffs Department.

    He went from long hair and bible in his hand to clean cut?

    Many questions for someone to look in to.

  2. After I looked over this article again, maybe Pyle decided to come clean, and it made his Attorney ill.

    Watch out McHenry County Sheriff’s Department!! We can only hope.

  3. He is making deals and the players of corruption will soon face the judicial system…

    There will be no more “Lets Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    The games of corruption will no longer be available to the players. of those games..

    Can’t wait until that first domino goes tumbling down…

    Many people in Mchenry County have waited for this day for a long time….

    Justice will prevail….

  4. Anyone that thinks the MCSO conspired with Pyle in his sick perverted actions is just throwing political BS against the wall to see what will stick.

  5. Andy Zinke called Greg Pyles sexual abuse a “DOMESTIC ISSURE”

    It can hardly be called a domestic issue.. it is a fact that there are other custody cases whereby sexual abuse was proven and it was also called a “Domestic Issue”

    The children were returned to the abusive parent after there was absolute proof of sexual abuse…

    There appears to be “A CULTURE OF ACCEPTANCE” by the people in charge of MCSO and perhaps some of the judges…..



  6. I am no fan of Zinke but the MCSO does not determine custody of children.

    That would be DCFS.

    I tend to agree with the previous post that nobody at the MCSO was aware of this or they would have personally cuffed him up.

    Maybe Zinke is a royal putz but I think this probably blindsided him.

    I’m sure they knew he was Sir Pumpkin or what ever the blog name was.

    That favored Nygren so they ignored it.

  7. Justin– MCSO does not determine custody cases.

    However, they do influence them..

    And, when they had the opportunity to cuff him they refused.

    That is a fact.

    As for Glenn this is not political BS, it is about doing the right thing..

  8. Justin, ask Harrison what goes on at the Sheriff’s Department, regarding personal behavior and the States Attorney’s Office, during the Pack days.

  9. Maybe you should enlighten us.

    I’ve seen Harrison once in five years so maybe you should show the cards face up.

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