Rutherford Promises Longer Notice Before Institutional Closures

A press release from State Treasurer Dan Rutherford in his role as candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor:

Rutherford, as Governor, will implement Strategic Planning for Major State Facilities

Springfield –Illinois State Treasurer and GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Rutherford announced he would put in place strategic, long range planning for Illinois’ major state facility assets as Governor of Illinois.

“We saw Governors Blagojevich and Quinn abruptly announce closure of major state facilities with no plan in place. It was not long range and it was not strategic.

“Their actions negatively affected the lives of the hard working men and women at those facilities and the businesses in the communities like

Dan Rutherford

Dan Rutherford

  • Tamms
  • Vandalia
  • Pontiac
  • Jacksonville
  • Dwight
  • Murphysboro
  • Rockford
  • Lincoln
  • Joliet

It affected state services and the residents of those facilities,” said Rutherford.

“This type of abrupt action would not occur under my Governorship.”

As Governor, Rutherford would have his state agency directors develop a plan for each major facility, whether it was a correctional center, mental health or developmental services facility.

He equates his strategy to what is used with the Illinois Department of Transportation Five Year Plan for road and bridge construction.

Rutherford added,

“Each state asset should be evaluated and a determination made as to how it fits into the overall mission of service needs.

“If a state asset can be deployed for better or alternative use, then it should be planned for and transitioned; no bombshell announcements like the Blagojevich and Quinn actions.”

“The population in our correctional facilities is dramatically overcrowded.

“There are 49,000 inmates in a system designed for 32,000.

“This is not safe for the employees or those incarcerated.

“Proper planning needs to be in place. As Governor I will see that it is.”

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