What Huntley Residents Wanted Officials to Know – 6

The survey that the Village of Huntley took had pages of citizen comments. Taken as a whole, they give an intriguing picture of what people think. 62% of those who took the survey were from Sun City, so keep that in mind.

More bike/pedestrian paths so people not living in Sun City stop using Sun City’s.

This village needs low income/new project housing. Most of the people who work in the Village at new businesses can not afford to live here. They are driving in from Crystal Lake, for the most part. Lighten up slightly, on the building codes for residential reuse of older homes to be able to split up more easily. Allow no frills construction.

I’m new and do find this a very nice place to live in and I’m sure we will see much expansion outside our Sun City in ths future.

development along 47 is good AS LONG AS there is LOTS OF THOUGHT as to traffic flow and parking!  ON RT47 AT SUN CITY AND FREEMAN=NEED ANOTHER CAR WASH, RESTAURANTS, AND GAS STATIONS.

On the importance of preserving historical buildings-just because its old it does not deserve to be saved. If its ugly or in disrepair (the cost outweighs the potential use) it should not be kept. One of the huge problems downtown is parking and it needs to somehow be addressed without putting a big ugly lot right up front on Main St..

public transportation and sidewalks are the most important concern for seniors and people with disabilities . Also Huntley needs some more upscale shopping and restaurants to attract people intot he village. Jamesons has helped and many people from outside Huntley say they come here to eat. If they come here to eat they may also do other shopp I didn’t know that you can watch meetings online, thanks
Huntley Survey Snow Removalfirst plow paths in winter is along Halugus road and Main Streets. Second what is going to be done with all the trees that residents paid for that look like crap examples are plenty in the Heritage subdivision see Middletown Lane most seem to be maple trees. Sorry a third thing is the vlllage needs to plow the cul de sac’s sooner I wait hours

  1. 1. Is there any way to OPT OUT of receiving printed materials from Huntley. Although I like the calendar, I don’t feel it’s worth the expense to the village for printing–same with the newsletters.
  2. 2. Get rid of the fireworks display–a lot of money for little payoff. Traffic is so terrible that it sucks the fun out of it all.

Overall I feel the Village is doing a good job. Would like to see a higher level
of maintenance in the kids play area. It gets a lot of use and we use it a lot of our grandchildren. Sun City resident.

Find balance between economic development along 47 and retaining rural feel/history leave some land/farming its important that children grow up with appreciation for land.

With the continuing house break-ins, the last one where the owner confronted a woman in her house and gave infomation about the car including part of the license plate and only read about it in the Sunday with no follow up from the police dept., I feel less safe. We need police patrol on village streets not just traffic stops. Get the criminals!

Huntley Survey Police SatisfactionI have heard in some communities if you are 65 or older they have a special snow removal service. After they plow the street another plow comes by and clears the wall of snow at the bottom of the driveway. How fantastic is that.

We are new residents and have been very happy with our decision. The development of professional jobs in the area is important to us as the commute into Chicago is difficult.
We could use a nice sit-down restaurant at 47/Reed area, such as Carrabba’s, Weber Grill–or even a Panera or Noodles. (Also, Centegra hospital staff and exec’s will want a nice restaurant/bar nearby once the hospital is up and running.) Speaking of Centegra, please make sure they complete landscaping commitments along Reed. Not bare minimum!

Need to bring hotel(s) to Huntley.  Please follow through with the excellent suggestion to erect a 2–or-4 face street clock downtown.  Please retain historical buildings. No such thing as a charming town without them.  An Arby’s restaurant would be nice.  Gas station on the north end of town would help.

It is too hard to cross RT 47. They should have a bike path and bridge to get across it.

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More tomorrow.


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