What Huntley Residents Wanted Officials to Know – 9

The survey that the Village of Huntley took had pages of citizen comments. Taken as a whole, they give an intriguing picture of what people think. 62% of those who took the survey were from Sun City, so keep that in mind.

We still feel safe most of the time in Sun City, but we feel the police have not solved our break-ins to our satisfaction . Sue Blotch

  1. There is not much in downtown Huntley to attract visitors.
  2. Historical structures should only be preserved if practical and useful to do so, not just for preservation’s sake. Being old (except for people) does not necessarily make something valuable.
  3. We need some stores so we can spend less time & money on Randall Rd.
At least one resident doesn't think old buildings should be saved just because they are oldl

At least one resident doesn’t think old buildings should be saved just because they are oldl

We are pleased with Huntley’s development and direction under the stewardship of its political appointees and its staff. thank you for keeping it the Friendly Village with Country Charm. It is a pleasure living here, the Henley’s on Brookwood.

I would use the online bill payment system if it did not include a service charge.

62% do not pay on-line.

62% do not pay on-line.

I want more restaurants near town, i.e. Panera Bread would be excellant!

The police need to patrol more and spend less time writing traffic tickets

I think Huntley has done an amazing job coping with the huge population explosion brought on by Sun City…a quiet little dairy town has weathered the changes very well and continues to do so.

It would be benficial if the garbage can ordinance would be enforced. The neighborhood looks like white trash with every other house storing their garbage cans out front of the house/garage, or on the side of the house. I put mine away and follow the ordinance.

We enjoy living in Huntley, but see the importance of growth. Would love to see an Outback or similar type of restaurant in Huntley.

Most people in Huntley are not exactly newcomers.

Most people in Huntley are not exactly newcomers.

Know little to nothing about the Huntley Website or any other local communications; we are new to the area and found out from our neighbors! Most communications received was advertising from local restaurants; little about the surrounding community except library! A packet was handed out about Sun City & one from our Realtor!

Public Works is fantastic! My wife reported a buckled sidewalk on a Thursday and a crew removed the old the next Tuesday! The whole job was completed by Thursday!

I think the State of Illinois stuck it to the VOH by placing Toll Booths at the I90 & 47 exits and entrances and not only that, they are IPASS only. It will be very difficult to attract business because of this situation.

We just moved here in May and are very happy! Would love to see the downtown area more developed so that shopping downtown Huntley could be more of an event.

I know that the village asks that we shop “locally” in Huntley. The only place that I can shop locally is Walmart, Jewel and Walgreens. Other than that, I need to do most of my shopping and entertainment on Randall Road. Most of the retail businesses in Huntley useless (Tabacco Hut for one)…..The Huntley Outlet Mall has hardly anything in it.

As being a retired Chicago Policeman I do not like the way the Huntley police lay-in-wait for motorists to speed on our streets. As in Sun City, there are enough bad drivers that commit violations that are never caught because the police are parked on a side street hoping to catch 7 or 8 mile an hour speeders.  In my opinion, police are intimidating – for example, police on bikes looking into cars while stopped at the 47/Main St. stoplight – instead of building up our trust. I do not have a positive image of them.  Our youth have nothing to do in Huntley — a bowling center and movie theater is a great idea! Bored kids get in trouble.

A Portello restaurant would be nice

Beautification committee needs to do a lot of work. How about some trees in the middle grass sections of Rt. 47 & in parkways on Rt. 47.

It is pleasant living.

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