What Huntley Residents Wanted Officials to Know – 10

The survey that the Village of Huntley took had pages of citizen comments. Taken as a whole, they give an intriguing picture of what people think. 62% of those who took the survey were from Sun City, so keep that in mind.

We need some resturants and grocery stores. We do not like Jameson’s – too expensive – bad steaks bad service and the manager is only looking for the $$$$. Sammy’s, Village Inn and Parkside are very good.

Private businesses need to clean litter from there parking lots and landscaping. Way to much litter…like at Walmart.  Had heard a lot of negative response to how dirty it is. Huntley needs to make sure our Village is litter free. We pay enough taxes for a litter free community. Also replace dead trees and pines in Village limits

I think the village should consider investing in red light/stp sign cameras. We’re sick of people not yielding to pedestrians in cross walks and or not stopping before turning right. We’ve almost been hit numerous times when we clearly had the right of way.

Mayor Sass, Dave Johnson and Trustees have been doing a great job. The full interchange at 90/47 is a major step in bringing more development to Huntley. Their work to bring the Centegra Hospital was outstanding.

how about a dog park.

  1. I would like email newsletter notification when a new business opens up to help them get started.
  2. Would like some of the older structures repaired, painted. Many parts of rt 47 look very run down and unappealing.

I live on Cold Springs and you snow plow way too much in a given storm While I was shovelling one time, the plows went by 8 times in an hour. Also, the plowing doesn’t help me by pushing all the snow back into my driveway. You better find a more effective way to clear the streets. Other cities have ways to do this. Please investigate it and help me.

“Cop-on-Bike” should warn when approaching older people from behind on path or sidewalk–almost caused injury to people walking on path, and then SHOWED NO CONCERN!! . . . more like a “Thug-on-Bike.” Teach them some common manners.

All in all, moving to Huntley was a good choice

We have had a number of robberies in Sun City in the last year and a half what are we doing to solve these crimes. I think it would be a better use of the police for them to spend time patrolling the neighborhood slowly rather than sitting near stop signs waiting for someone to fail to COMPLETELY come to a stop.

I live in Sun City and am very disappointed that I have to register in Hampshire for things like the library and the water park on main street. I want to have the same service and recreational offerings as a Huntley citizen, without paying non-resident fees. We should consider doing away with townships in order to accomplish this goal.

overall we are very happy with the village and how it is functioning

Tax Man raised taxesProperty taxes for schools are 58 % of my high tax bill. Why can’t communities such as Sun City which sends virtually no children to primary and high schools be put into a special category with a reduced rate for the school portion, perhaps 50%? It seems only fair. Someone needs to petition lawmakers to amend the law to give us “old folk” a break.

Police seem to rarely stop severe speeders on Sun City Blvd, but lay traps all along Kreutzer, seems like daily to trap residents in that speed trap of 35MPH, at least one officer rude and condescending. Rarely see a police vehicle on Sun City streets unless they are responding to an issue. Need more restaurants and shopping to compete w Algonquin

Keep growing and bringing more interesting events

Wood like to see more restaurants on 47 and more stores at the outlet center.

Bring more businesses to this area. Too many business space is vacant… focus on bringing new business and attractive architecture to our area. Make this a place people want to be while both working and living.]Bike paths were a topic of the Huntley survey. Bike paths were a topic of the Huntley survey.[/caption]

Personal feelings on a bike path, make bikes buy a license to help pay for it. Most money for bike paths come from tax payers and or motor fuel tax. Start having bike riders help pay for the extra’s.

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More tomorrow.

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