What Huntley Residents Wanted Officials to Know – 11

The survey that the Village of Huntley took had pages of citizen comments. Taken as a whole, they give an intriguing picture of what people think. 62% of those who took the survey were from Sun City, so keep that in mind.

Would like to see a lowered speed limit on rt. 47 starting at walmart going North Well run Village.

Great place to live. Rate of growth causes unavoidable problems.

I would like to see more upscale stores and resturants in the Village. Aldi is not an example of what I would like to see.

Living in Huntley is the ideal place to be for our family. However rising real estate taxes caused by the school district 158 cause us a great concern as to the affordability of our future here, especially since we have no ability to utilized any part of it.

Ronda Goldman from Sun City won election to the Huntley Village Board last spring.

Ronda Goldman from Sun City won election to the Huntley Village Board last spring.

We are so delighted with Ms. Goldman’s recent appointment and feel she will be a real asset to the village and a great representative of Sun City

I live in Sun City and maybe there should be a special lane on the road’s for Golf Carts to get to and from the shopping areas.

To date the Village of Huntley has yet to do anything about the fractured 911 services between the HPD and HFPD. We need to get in sync before someone is killed. How many times do I have to complain before someone will do something?

Police should patrol streets for speeding cars in South Wind subdivsion and install stop signs on ALL 4 way intersections to avoid accidents for people who are not familiar with 4 way intersections that ONLY have 2 way stops. Very dangerous in the South Wind subdivision Seen lots of horn blowing in this subdivision.

You keep pushing for the downtown redevelopment which is ludicrous since it is such a small area of decrepit buildings. with no place to park! Yet you overlook repairing or replacing crumbling curbs that your snowplows destroyed over the last few years I have lived here.

Village needs more businesses. Property taxes are ridiculous.

I would like to see the village reach out to Google or Verizon as an alternative to Comcast/ATT as service providers in the area. We’re growing and it should be easy to sell the new customer base (especially with the new hospital).  You can also re-do the town square so it still looks “old-timey”, but also has modern ammenities.

I believe that the Huntley Board & Community Services are doing a great job in attracting new businesses which hopefully will reduce property taxes as well as making Huntley one of

the safest places to live. Keep up the excellent work.

Overall the village does a good job communicating and notifying the public, on the internet. Jim Sura jasura@msn.com

Keep up the good work. Thank you!

Do something about the Trafic lights at Main and 47 to allow more time for east west traffic. (very important)  I would like to see the snow plows not pile all the snow at the end of the driveways. We live across from a park and they could easily push it over there where it would not block a
driveway. It is frustrating when you finish shoveling & they pile all the snow back at the end of the driveway from around the corner.

All of these items are of interest and important; however, my property tax bill is completely out of line with the new value of my house. I do not want to see any type of increase in my property tax bill or creation of any other bill/fee, etc.. in order to assist the Village of Huntley in accomplishing any of the items listed within this survey.


People want office, research and light industrial development near the Tollway interchange.

People want office, research and light industrial development near the Tollway interchange.

Will the construction/mess ever end??? Very little thought given to inconvenience to residents. Speed limit/stoplight/stop sign enforcement lacking. Police cars as bad as regular speeders, etc. Cross walk and other signs lacking community wide. Been here 14 years and it gets worse yearly!!!!! local governments are too many and a real joke. No need.

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