What Huntley Residents Wanted Officials to Know – 12

The survey that the Village of Huntley took had pages of citizen comments. Taken as a whole, they give an intriguing picture of what people think. 62% of those who took the survey were from Sun City, so keep that in mind.

For safety reasons, walking and bike trails really belong in parks & other recreational areas rather than mixing them with vehicle traffic. Too often I’ve encountered bicyclists who show absolutely zero awareness of the traffic around them or rules of the road. These folks are using bikes for sport, not to get to work, so keep them off the roads.

I wish you would do better snow removal in Sun City instead of piling all that snow in front of driveways over and over. I’d rather you didn’t come down if I have to go out there over and over and over. Bring the damn snow to the corner and pile it up there instead of making it so damn hard on us.

One-third of respondents was Metra service in Huntley.

One-third of respondents want Metra service in Huntley.

I would like to see Huntley encourage indpendently owned, unique, non chain restaurants. Don’t recreate Randall Road and Schaumburg-make Huntley a one of a kind experience. Play up the small town v
alues and sense of community.

We need a Metra train stop in Huntley

My comment on garbage collection is that the service is great but we do not have recycle cans…only bins. they are messy, difficult to handle and not big enough.

Sun City has sidewalks and I drive everywhere else. Downtown historical buildings can be kept if they are made
attractive and provide public service. Need improvement at city hall with regard to customer service smiles and welcoming visitors! Concerned that we choose appropriate businesses to come to Huntley. Do not favor gambling!!!

Here are the survey results on keeping historic buildings.

Here are the survey results on keeping historic buildings.

Rather than promoting sprawl and traffic along the Rt. 47 corridor, we need to focus on retaining the character of our Village through the redevelopment and improvement of downtown, including revamp
ing and repurposing the empty building and lot along the tracks.

Please maintain the historical aspect of “old” Huntley! Keep the mill even if you don’t find an immediate solution to its use. You’ll find one eventually.

I didn’t know videos are available of the village board mtgs.

Would like to see downtown more modern and up to date. New post office or at least fix up these old buildings.
Other cities are doing this!

Need sidewalks east of Fire Station. Residents of Deer Path are riding in motorized wheelchairs going against traffic down Regency Pkwy. Only old time residents are interested in refurbishing down town. Do not use tax payers money for historical projects. Appears to be considerable, beyond normal ageing, damage to cement curbs. I would blame it on poor snowplowing techniques. Perhaps professional seminar or “plow guide” adjustments would help. Should help to save precious taxpayer money on repairs.

We love living in Sun City

When are you going to stop speeding in Sun City????

I would live for there to be a downtown area with shops and restaurants like Geneva or Naperville-obviously smaller in scale.

Sun City

Sun City

For the money Huntley gets from Sun City little is down!!!

I am very disappointed in the Farmer’s Market this year.

A balance between a small town feeling and sustainable retail and light manufacturing would be ideal.
Unless downtown gets leveled, thereby opening up lots for new ventures, there is no reason to invest down there.

The square is too small to do anything with, the buildings are outdated and very shabby looking. There are no worth while businesses downtown, and the neon slot machine sign in the village inn window is very tacky, and sets a poor

We who live on the Briar Hill neighborhood 37, would feel significantly safer if we saw more police presence, not just after dark but all day.

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More tomorrow.

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